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One of the benefits of joining a genealogy society is that the members help each other in their research. Towards that goal, the EGS recently started a Intra Society Book Loan Program among members. The file linked to below contains a list of genealogy books that our members have and are willing to temporarily loan to other members.

Actually, it is more than a book loan program because the list contains other medium besides books. Some of these are magazines and CD's.

The actual loaning and returning of the book is left to members themselves to arrange. To contact another member, you can use the "Contact Info" column. Or if need be you can contact for that contact information. The contact information will only be given to confirmed Escondido Genealogical Society members.

Click here to view the Book List

If you are a member and have books, magazines, or CD's of a genealogical nature that you are willing to loan to other members, you can bring the list to the next meeting or email it to