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This fund raiser was ended by Family Tree Magazine on 09/01/2008.

If you have always considered getting a subscription to Family Tree Magazine but never have, here is one more reason to do it. If you use the EGS web site to order the subscription, $6 of your first year’s subscription will go to EGS. Family Tree Magazine brings you the inspiration and information you need to discover, preserve, and celebrate your family’s unique history. It regularly provides expert tips and the latest research tools. In every issue, you’ll discover how to:
• gather facts fast using birth certificates, phone directories, census records, courthouse files and all new research tools!
• break through brick walls with exclusive tips to jump-start your research!
• find and use the best genealogical software programs and Web sites around.
• preserve your family’s memories and keepsakes for future generations.
• explore other aspects of genealogy, from historical travel to ethnic heritage.
…and much more!
I have had a subscription to Family Tree Magazine since it first came out. Once a year, they come out with their list of the 101 best web sites for doing research. A must read for any genealogy researcher, new to genealogy or has been doing it for many years.

The EGS participates in Federation of Genealogical Societies' (FGS) Family Tree Magazine Fund Raiser Program. This program allows EGS members and friends to subscribe to Family Tree Magazine and FTM will donate half of the $24 subscription fee - $6 will go directly to EGS and the other $6 to FGS.

We have the choice of the following 3 banners. Click on any one of them to Subscibe to FTM and help EGS at the same time.

For more information on the program, read the FGS Fundrasiser Introduction Letter, FAQ and Handout.