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Why join the Escondido Genealogical Society? You don't need ancestors that lived in Escondido to join. Like any Genealogical society, EGS gives you a chance to share your research successes and problems. To make acquaintances with people with similar interests and share the excitement of researching our family trees. Sometimes just sharing your research with others will help you or them to solve a difficult research problem.

Share your successes and problems
Share the excitement of researching
Meet people with similar interests
We help each other
We encourage each other
Monthly speakers with expertise in various aspects of genealogy
Share Research Material (Book Loan Program)
Bimonthly newsletter
Yearly journal
Group trips to research centers
A chance to give back

We also welcome people from all over who are researching their ancestors from Escondido to become members. By joining they help us financially with our volunteer work in Escondido genealogy.

The purpose of the Escondido Genealogical Society is to promote interest in genealogy, assist members and others in their research, and provide books, film, and other material for the collection at The Pioneer Room. Membership includes bi-monthly Newsletters and the annual HIDDEN VALLEY JOURNAL. Each member is needed to help your Society in some way. WE GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL GAIN MORE AS YOU PARTICIPATE MORE.

Visit our About Us page to learn more about us.

Please print and fill out the Application Form. Make checks payable to Escondido Genealogical Society and mail to