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This fund raiser was ended by Points For Profit on 10/01/2009.

The EGS participlates in the Points for Profit Program. This program is offering EGS a large amount of points just for checking out their online newsletter. Each month you can read the newsletter. Submit your name, your club name (Escondido Genealogical Society) and a valid e-mail address and EGS will be awarded 50,000 points. You can also get your friends, neighbors and other family members with a valid e-mail address to check in and their points will be awarded to us - they just have to enter Escondido Genealogical Society as the club name.

Please follow the steps below to read the newsletter.
  Go to
  Choose "Locations" from the menu.
  Click on the state where your program is located.
  Click on your program location. IE - San Diego (North County)
  Find the Newsletter section.
  Click on the picture or on "More Info".
  Now you are ready to read the newsletter.

This is great for those of us who are unable to attend the Points for Profit coffees.

Please save your sales receipts for turn in to Jane Fazio from the following Points for Profit Sponsors: Albertson's, Chevron gas stations, Hometown Buffet, Sav-On drug stores and the San Diego Wild Animal Park, just to name a few.

If you have a 2007 membership to the Wild Animal Park, we can receive points if you furnish us with a Xerox copy of your membership card/s.

EGS earned $390 in 2007
EGS earned $532 in 2009

EGS has earned

so far this year
as of June 1st 2007