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Dear New or Prospective Member:

Welcome to the Escondido Genealogical Society! Our purpose is to help and encourage members in their family research. , in the Turrentine Room of the Escondido Public Library. We cannot enter until the library opens at 10:00.

EGS provides books, other materials and volunteers for The Pioneer Room, which contains excellent resources for your research with books, periodicals, microfilm and fiche, computer programs, and archival references. See The Pioneer Room web site for the hours they are open. We often have a member there as a mentor to help researchers use the facilities. Our collection of genealogical resources include a large collection of California materials, local research material and a collection of material from all across the country.

Our goal is to assist members, and others, to make research as successful and exciting as it should be. Our monthly meetings offer guest speakers who are expert in a variety of areas, and who are eager to share their ideas and experiences with us. We publish six newsletters a year, and the annual Hidden Valley Journal, a soft-bound collection of articles of family histories and photos, supplied by our members along with many databases and newspaper articles taken from early Escondido area newspapers. YOUR articles will be most welcome.

If you have ideas for speakers or projects, please pass them along to the officers. We would like to know about your past experience and expertise and hope you will offer this to help us all achieve our goals. As with any organization, the more effort we put in, the more benefits we receive. So WELCOME ABOARD and we wish you success with YOUR family research!


Barbara Wickham, President