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An important business has been developed within the past few years through the energetic and intelligent efforts of Mr. Albright, who although a resident of Sacramento since the summer of 1903 did not embark in business for himself until six years later. The business which he selected was the one with which he was the most familiar and in which he had received skilled instruction during a sojourn in various large eastern cities, viz: the painting of car- riages and automobiles. Adopting a conservative policy lie started iu business in small quarters on Twenty-fourth street, engaging in carriage, wagon and automobile building and repairing, as well as trimming and painting, Imt the trade grew with unexpected rapidity and to provide accommodations for the vehicles in his charge he was forced to double his group space and also to utilize two floors instead of one. With the enlarged space he is now able to store all cars and carriages given to him for painting, and he thus has the facilities desired for prompt and satisfactory work in the line of his specialty.

Prior to his removal to the west Mr. Albright had lived for some years at South Bend, Ind., but he is a native of Crawford county, Ohio, and was born near Bucyrus. His father, who still resides in Ohio, was in former years a man of considerable prominence and as early as 1876 he built flour mills at Berwick, Seneca county, and Holgate, Henry county, which he operated under his personal supervision for a long period of successful business effort. The family is an honored old family of the east and traces its history back to the colonial period. Several generations were identified with the material upbuilding of Pennsylvania. In a small village of that state, Jacob Albright, a great-uncle of Sidney S., established a congregation and erected an edifice known for years as the Al bright Church. The building still stands and is now used by the Evangelical denomination in its religious services.

At the age of sixteen years Sidney S. Albright began to learn the trade of a carriage-painter. From that time to the present he has allowed no outside matters to turn his attention from his chosen occupation. It was always his ambition to learn the trade under the most competent workmen and he therefore considered himself fortunate in serving an apprenticeship in shops famed for the quality of their work. At different times he was employed at his trade in Dayton, Ohio, and Jackson, Mich., as well as New York City, where he had advantages of an exceptional nature along the line of the trade. For six years he was engaged as foreman of the Studebaker paint shop in South Bend, Ind., and from there he re- moved to California, where for six years he was employed as foreman of the painting de]5artment of the carriage shop owned by A. Meister & Sons, finally resigning the position in order that he might begin in business for himself.

While living at South Bend, Ind., Mr. Albright there married Miss Verna Rench in November of 1898, Mrs. Albright being the daughter of a man prominent in public affairs and widely known in Michigan. The family of Mr. and Mrs. Albright consists of two children, Howard S. and Jewell Verne, ten and six years of age respectively. The family attend the services of the Christian Science Church in Sacramento, in which Mr. Albright is a member of the board of directors. Long a thoughtful student of religion, he has found in this church the doctrines that accord with his personal views and he gives to its upbuilding the most devoted effort and most generous assistance. At no time has he been active in politics nor a seeker after official honors, but he keeps well informed regarding national problems and gives the Republican party the influence of his ballot in all general and local elections. 

History of Sacramento County, California
Biographical Sketches of The Leading Men and Women of the County Who Have Been Identified With Its Growth and Development from the Early Days to the Present
History By: William L. Willis
Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, California (1913)

Transcribed by Peggy Hooper 2011