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ERNEST OMERIA AMES. There are very few persons who are not interested in the public schools, for the majority of them have acquired a part if not all of their educational training from them; many have children who are pupils, or prospective ones, and those who have no direct connection with the system are beneficiaries from these schools because in them are, and have been, educated the people with whom they are associated. Without the training of the public schools present-day civilization would not be possible. It was not until the public school system was properly inaugurated that the people began to emerge from the dusk of ignorance into the bright light of knowledge. There are many ramifications and details with reference to the conduct of a number of schools in any of the cities of the country. Not only is it necessary to provide excellent instructors and courses of study, but even more important than these are the buildings in which the children are housed for so many hours. If they are not kept in the best of repair and provided with adequate equipment the health, and many times the lives, of the children suffer, and, therefore, those in authority are exceedingly careful with reference to the kind of man they place in a position of importance to see that the proper means are taken to insure the welfare of the pupils. Since 1903 this very responsible position with reference to the public schools of San Bernardino has been filled by Ernest Omeria Ames, the efficient and experienced city supervisor of public school buildings.  

Ernest Omeria Ames was born in San Bernardino, February 2, 1860, and there he acquired his education as a pupil in the public schools of his native city. Going into the contracting business, he carried it on very successfully until 1903, when he was induced to assume the responsibilities of his present position, and he now has the following schools under supervision : The four buildings, attended by from 700 to 800 pupils, comprising the San Bernardino High School, the F Street Grammar and Technical, the Base Line Grammar, the Fourth Street Grammar, the Highland Avenue, the I Street, the Meadowbrook, the Metcalf, the Mount Vernon, the Ramona, the Terrace and the Urbita. Mr. Ames has grown up with his work, and it would not be easy to replace him. He has the responsibility of seeing that all of the city school buildings are kept in proper repair, necessitating a regular inspection of all of the buildings so as to insure a proper and prompt attention to all details.

History of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties 
By: John Brown, Jr., Editor for San Bernardino County 
And James Boyd, Editor for Riverside County 
With selected biography of actors and witnesses of the period 
of growth and achievement.
Volume III, the Western Historical Association, 1922, 
The Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago, ILL

Transcribed by Peggy Hooper 2011