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Frank Bondietti

The fact of his long residence upon his ranch speaks more eloquently than can words of Mr. Bondietti's satisfaction with the section of country which he has chosen for his home place, and indicates with equal force that his efforts are bringing satisfactory financial returns. A few miles from Petaluma, on Rural Route No. 5, may be seen the fine looking ranch which he leases, devoted to general farming, dairying and the raising of chickens, altogether forming one of the most thriving and flourishing ranch enterprises in this part of Sonoma county.

Like so many of Sonoma county's citizens, Mr. Bondietti is a native of Switzerland, born in Canton Ticino in 1855, the son of Peter and Mary (Zamoroni) Bondietti, both natives of Switzerland, the former born in 1823. The other children besides Frank comprised in the parental family were Anton, James and the only daughter, Lodovina. She became the wife of Peter Crespini. The eldest son, Anton, married Miss Mary Bianchi, by whom he has two children, Celia and Dante.

Frank Bondietti chose as his wife Miss Clementina Mazzolini, who was born in Switzerland in 1861, the daughter of Joshua Mazzolini and his wife, the latter before her marriage Miss Maria Franzi. Eight children, four sons and four daughters, were born to Mr. And Mrs. Mazzolini as follows: Silvio, Mark, Angilo, Louis, Rosa, Jennie, Amelia and Clementina, Mrs. Bondietti. The eldest of the daughters, Rosa, is the wife of Vincienzo Pedrazzi and the mother of four children, Louis, Mario, Sylvia and Julia. Jennie is the wife of Dominico Vill, by whom she has seven children, three sons and four daughters, Armond, Henry, Robert, Anita, Mary, Olga and Antoinette. Amelia is the wife of John Spich and the mother of five children, Michael, Julia, Mary, Lena and Amelia.

It is now forty years since Mr. Bondietti landed a stranger on the shores of the United States and the same number of years has been passed in California, for he came here direct from the place of landing in the east. At first he worked as a ranch hand in the vicinity of Petaluma, and in so doing acquired the means with which to begin dairying on his own account. He now leases three hundred and eighty-two acres near Petaluma, of which twenty acres are under cultivation, while the remainder is devoted to pasturage for his live-stock, consisting of sixty cows, three horses and twenty hogs. The raising of chickens is also an important feature of the ranch enterprise, his flock consisting of eight hundred chickens at the present time. During the long period of eighteen years that Mr. Bondietti has made his home on this ranch, each year has noted an appreciable change in conditions, and each hear has also brought an increase in the size of his income, all of which goes to prove that he is a conservative, plodding worker, satisfied to begin on a small scale and to rise by steady degrees until the object toward which he is working has been attained. During his residence in this community he has made many stanch friends, who admire his stability of character of persevering energy. In his political belief he is a Republican, and wit his family he is a communicant of the Roman Catholic Church.

History of Sonoma County, California
Biographical Sketches of The Leading Men and Women of the County Who Have Been Identified With Its Growth and Development from the Early Days to the Present
History By: Tom Gregory
Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, California (1911)

Transcribed by Peggy Hooper 2011