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A comparatively brief period has been sufficient to prove that in placing a branch of the Gorham-Revere Rubber Company, No. 917 Sixth street, in Sacramento it has met a decided need in the material progress of the capital city. As a general rubber store, carrying almost anything that is made of rubber, it is the first of its kind. While it is essentially a factory branch and dealing almost entirely with dealers and jobbers, it yet has a retail end which includes auto tires and auto sundries.

This branch of the Gorham-Revere Rubber Company keeps a comparatively large stock of rubber hose, belting, both rubber and leather, and packings for factories, railroad shops and agricultural purposes, in fact, anything in the mechanical line of rubber goods for which there is a common call. It carries also drug sundries, oil clothing, rainproof overcoats and cravenettes, rubber boots and shoes. A complete vulcanizing and tire repair plant is also maintained and operated by William M. Rigdon, an expert in this line who has had a large experience in tire factories.

The manager of this branch, Vactor T. Chambers, of whom a slight biography will follow, is a descendant from an old Southern family and himself the inheritor of qualities that gave the race prominence in the original development of Kentucky. He was born at Covington, that state, April 1, 1886, and had the good fortune to enjoy the excellent educational advantages offered by that cultured southern city. The information thus acquired was supplemented by study in the Cincinnati University. The educational training gained in that institution has been broadened through habits of careful reading and close observation, so that he is the possessor of a comprehensive knowledge valuable in business, in society and in public affairs. Upon leaving the university he was connected with a brokerage business, but after eighteen months he turned his attention to other activities. For one year as manager and for a similar period as receiver, he was connected with the Harrison Water and Light Company, of Harrison, Ohio, from which city in 1907 he came to California. A connection of several months with the advertising department of the Sacramento Bee formed the first business associations of Mr. Chambers in the west and later for one year he served as assistant secretary of the Sacramento Chamber of Commerce under the secretary, A. L. Crane. After severing his connections with that department he became identified with the growth of the Sacramento Builders' Supply Company, a recent but valuable acquisition to the important industries of the city, of which he was assistant manager until April, 1912, when he resigned to establish the Sacramento branch of the Gorham-Revere Rubber Company.

While giving his attention to the business with intelligent and unflagging devotion Mr. Chambers has not held aloof from the social opportunities which the capital city affords. On the other hand he is both prominent and popular in the most select social circles and occupies a leading place in the activities of the University, Sutter and Sacramento Country Clubs, while his skill in tennis has brought him into leadership among the members of the East Side and the McKinley Park Tennis Clubs. In addition he retains membership with the Sigma Chi Fraternity of the Cincinnati University. 

History of Sacramento County, California
Biographical Sketches of The Leading Men and Women of the County Who Have Been Identified With Its Growth and Development from the Early Days to the Present
History By: William L. Willis
Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, California (1913)

Transcribed by Peggy Hooper 2011