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Reliance on his own intelligent judgment and confidence in his own resources are absolutely necessary to the achievement of permanent success, and these qualities have entered largely into the progress made by Mr. Dozier, Jr., in his chosen calling. Possessing large ability, which had been broadened by excellent educational advantages, he entered into avenues of western activity and speedily rose to prominence. This advance represented no prestige of wealth or environment and no aid of adventitious circumstances, but the results obtain- able by devotion to duty, force of will and energy of temperament. During the period of his connection with railway companies he gave skilled service and uniform satisfaction, but eventually the inducements to enter business for himself became so alluring that he resigned the excellent position he then held and in 1911 organized the Dozier Construction Company, of which he since has acted as president and general manager.

The distinction of being a native-born son of California belongs to Mr. Dozier, who was born in Santa Rosa and educated in the grammar and high schools of Los Angeles, also in the University of California, where he took an active part in college activities and athletics and from whose engineering department he was graduated in 1899, with the degree of Bachelor of Science. An opportunity to put into practice the theories acquired in school came to him immediately after graduation, when he went to Santa Barbara as assistant engineer in charge of the construction of the coast line of the Southern Pacific railroad. Until 1901 he continued in that place, after which he became assistant engineer at Los Angeles in charge of the construction of the Pacific .Electric railroad. From 1904 until 1906 he served as chief engineer of the maintenance of way for the Pacific Electric railroad and the Los Angeles Interurban Railway Company. Coming to San Francisco in 1906, he incorporated the Vallejo-Northern Railway Company and as president and chief engineer located and planned the electric system which is now being constructed between San Francisco and Sacramento, but two years later resigned in order to accept a place as assistant general manager of the Northern Electric Railway Company, and with that road he continued until a determination to embark in business independently induced him to tender his resignation.

The Dozier Construction and Engineering Company of Sacramento, organized the summer of 1911 by Mr. Dozier, has made a specialty of reclamation, railroad and concrete construction work. During the brief period that has elapsed since its incorporation the company has received many contracts for the construction and improvement of reclamation districts throughout the Sacramento valley. In addition to the construction of the sewer system in the town of Winters, Yolo county, the new company has located two railroad systems whose combined length will extend from San Francisco to Red Bluff throughout the west side of the Sacramento valley. This company has also recently completed the construction of portions of the electric railroad connecting Sacramento and Woodland, and is at the present time engaged, among other things, in the development of municipal water systems. The Dozier Construction and Engineering Company has recently combined with the Haviland & Tibbetts Engineering Company of San Francisco as Haviland, Dozier and Tibbetts, civil engineers, thereby extending, to a great extent, the scope of its engineering work. With large financial credit and unimpaired commercial footing, the organization appears to be on the threshold of a business career of permanent influence and growing importance, and its labors in the material upbuilding of this part of the state already have assumed proportions greater than presaged in the early visions of the manager and founder.

The marriage of Mr. Dozier and Miss Elizabeth Kinsey was solemnized in Oakland, this state, on New Year's day of 1902, and has been blessed with two children, Elizabeth and Janet. So busy has been the life of Mr. Dozier and so engrossing his enterprises that he has had no leisure for participation in politics and has been connected with public affairs in no manner except through his private business interests. His genial, companionable disposition has found pleasure in social and fraternal activities and he has greatly enjoyed his membership of the Sutter club of Sacramento, at the same time retaining his membership of the Jonathan club of Los Angeles. In addition he holds membership with the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks. Personally he represents the ideal type of western business man, alert, keen and vigorous, quick to discern an opportunity and equally eager to grasp the same, a progressive citizen and true patriot, manifesting in every public measure the spirit which has made California great and which is bringing to her men of action and of thought the regard of the world. 

History of Sacramento County, California
Biographical Sketches of The Leading Men and Women of the County Who Have Been Identified With Its Growth and Development from the Early Days to the Present
History By: William L. Willis
Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, California (1913)

Transcribed by Peggy Hooper 2011