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It is natural that earnest devotion to the welfare of California should characterize Mrs. Fisk, for she has been a resident of the state from her earliest recollections, and here she has led a useful, contented and prosperous existence, exhibiting in the management of her landed interests a capability and energy equaled by few. To her life has presented no opportunity for leisure, but has been a sphere for useful activities, and the oversight of her well-improved homestead and her varied business interests, as well as attending to her social duties and the rearing of her children, has left her little time for leisure. While she is the possessor of ample means, the supervision of the estate left by her husband at his death and the management of her broad interests fill her days with useful activities, although she still has time for the duties and obligations that fall to her as a member of the Tuesday club, besides which she takes an active part in other social functions of Sacramento.

Descended from an old and prominent Norse ancestry, Mrs. Fisk is the daughter of Ole O. and Tobina Lovdol, natives of Arndol, Norway, who immediately after their marriage immigrated to Missouri and located in St. Jose])h, where Mr. Lovdol became a successful merchant tailor. In 1869 he removed with his family on one of the first through overland trains to California, and purchased a farm on Riverside road, later buying additional acres in Sacramento and Yolo counties. He made a specialty of hop growing and was one of the largest as well as a pioneer hop grower of California. He became the owner of over five hundred acres of land, all devoted to the growing of pears, alfalfa and hops. During 1896 he lost his wife, and in 1908 his own demise occurred at the age of eighty-four years. To his descendants he has bequeathed the heritage of an honorable life and tireless industry. Starting as a pioneer, he improved the grain land so that it yielded manifoldly. By his capable management he accumulated a competency and rose to a position of prominence among the hop growers of the state. Of their seven children, only four are living. Of the sons, Thomas B., O. A., William E. and George B. are all deceased excepting O. A. The daughters, besides Mrs. Fisk, are Ovedia, Mrs. F. L. White, and Emma, Mrs. W. E. Beardslee. They both reside in Yolo county.

Mrs. Fisk is herself a native of St. Joseph, Mo., and was two years of age when the family moved to Sacramento. Here she was given the opportunity of attending the grammar and high schools of Sacramento, where she availed herself of the privilege of acquiring a practical education. Mrs. Fisk owns two hundred and sixty acres of very valuable land at Lovdol Station in Yolo county. At her home place on Riverside road she owns fifteen acres which for years was devoted to the raising of hops, but more recently has been put under cultivation to pears. From 1885, when she became the wife of Charles A. Fisk, a native of Toronto, Canada, she was his helpful assistant until his death in 1909, when she succeeded him in the management of the property, and in addition she maintains a wise oversight of the Yolo county tract, which is now in hops and alfalfa. Besides the management of her own interests she is one of the executors, with her two sisters, of the estate of her brother William E. Lovdol, these vast acres in Yolo and Sacramento counties being still intact and operated as an estate. Mrs. Fisk is a stockholder in the Sacramento Valley Trust Company and the Tuesday Club House Association, as well as the Ramie Fiber Company of Berkeley. Four children were born of her marriage, but of these one, Thomas E., died in early life. The daughter, Ethel, now Mrs. H. C. Whitman, resides with her on the ranch, and the oldest son, Charles A., assists her in the care of the place. Ernest is a student in the high school. 

History of Sacramento County, California
Biographical Sketches of The Leading Men and Women of the County Who Have Been Identified With Its Growth and Development from the Early Days to the Present
History By: William L. Willis
Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, California (1913)

Transcribed by Peggy Hooper 2011