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HENRY A. HOSTETLER Since coming to the Upland community seventeen years ago Henry A. Hostetler has studied and learned and has become a highly proficient orange grower, devoting himself to this industry and the work of his grove almost exclusively, allowing outside business interests to go their way without his participation, and has been unusually successful as one of the citrus producers of this section.

Mr. Hostetler was born August 18, 1854, in Somerset County. Pennsylvania. He is of Swiss ancestry. The founder of the American branch of the name was Adam Hostetler, and his descendants through the successive generations were Jacob, Jacob, John, Jacob and Abraham B., father of Henry A. Hostetler. Abraham B. Hostetler was born iii Somerset County, Pennsylvania, August 30, 1826, and died at Waterloo. Iowa, November 19. 1889. On February 19, 1852, he married Rachel Rankin, who was born January 29, 1833, daughter of John C. and Elimina (Kell) Rankin. Abraham B. Hostetler was a minister of the Dunkard Church. Abraham and Rachel Hostetler had a large family of children, named, in order of birth, John R., Henry A., Mary Ellett. George Washington, Arabella Jane, Elmer Lincoln, David Eugene, William Kuhns, Hiram Allen, Martin Birdy, Samuel C, Dora S. and Arthur Ives.

Henry A. Hostetler was thirteen years old when his parents moved to Walterloo [sic], Iowa. Iowa was then a comparatively new state, and his father bought good agricultural land at twenty-five dollars an acre. Mr. Hostetler grew up on his father's farm. He completed the eighth grade in the schools, and his tasks and responsibilities were on the home farm until he was twenty-one. In 1877, after leaving home, he took a course in a seminary at Waterloo, and was awarded a teacher's certificate, though he never used it to teach school. From Iowa Mr. Hostetler eventually moved to York County, Nebraska, and followed farming until he came to California in October, 1904. He soon purchased ten acres at the corner of Eleventh Street and Mountain Avenue at Upland. This was a fine grove of Washington Navel Oranges, and at that time was sixteen years old and in full bearing. It is one of the best groves in this district and has been handled most efficiently by Mr. Hostetler, who gives it his complete time and energy. He has studied the most practical methods of citrus fruit growing, and is regarded as an authority on the care and cultivation of the orchard and the handling and packing of the fruit.

On March 6, 1879, Mr. Hostetler married Mrs. Mary L. (Bice) Mapes, widow of Jacob Mapes, by her first marriage she had two daughters : Mrs. Lovina Cory and Mrs. Florence A. Baker. These daughters were reared and educated by Mr. Hostetler. Mrs. Lovina Cory was born January 25. 1874, and has two children, Lovon, born in Woodbury County, Iowa, August 22 1890, is the wife of Frank Phillips, and they have one son, Edwin Frank Phillips, born November 11, 1918. Oliver D. Cory was also born in Woodbury County, June 7, 1900. Mrs. Florence A. Baker, born July 9, 1876, married on May 9, 1897, C. C. Baker, who was born November 11, 1867. They have five sons and three daughters: Claude Birney, born February 16, 1898, John Leland, December 19, 1899, Lyle Leroy, May 19, 1903, Clarence Enis, May 27, 1905, Florence Lucile, July 12, 1908, Gladys Lovon, March 22, 1910, Cecil Lester, May 21, 1912, and Doris Leota, December 17, 1918. Claude B. Baker married Bertha Lucile Ross, December 10, 1918. John L. Baker married Fern Leota Frame, August 27, 1920, and they have a daughter. Pearl Janet.

The children of Henry A. Hostetler's own marriage were four sons : Arthur Derwin, Rolland Reginald, Elmer Bertram and Roy W. D. Arthur D., who was born May 24, 1880, at Bradshaw, Nebraska, married at Mason City, Iowa, Lura Martha Hutchinson. Their children are: Derwin Hutchinson Hostetler, born March 25, 1904; Dorothea Linde Dix, born August 22, 1905; Marjory Lura, born December 21, 1906; Ilene Lucile, born February 22, 1908; Arthur Gerald, born June 30, 1910; and Enid Mae, born September 15, 1913. The second son of Mr. and Mrs. Hostetler was born June 28, 1883, and died August 27, 1886. The third son, Elmer Bertram, born December 24, 1885, at O'Neill, Nebraska, married, August 28, 1906, Allie May Groner, born May 26, 1886. They have three children, two boys and a girl : Rolland Donald, born January 7, 1908; Elden Lloyd, born May 13, 1912; and Ardys Joyce, born September 27, 1913. The fourth son, Roy W. D., born May 19, 1888, married on July 8, 1908, Grace A. Wiley, born September 17, 1890, and they have three children, all boys; Harold Alton, born October 13, 1909; Verne LeRoy, born October 19, 1911; and Delbert Wiley, born September 7, 1915.

Mrs. Henry A. Hostetler was born in Kansas, January 5, 1858, and was educated in the public schools of Madison County, Iowa.

Mr. and Mrs. Hostetler are active members of the Christian Church at Ontario, and he has always been an advocate and worker for temperance and in the cause of education.


History of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties 
By: John Brown, Jr., Editor for San Bernardino County 
And James Boyd, Editor for Riverside County 
With selected biography of actors and witnesses of the period 
of growth and achievement.
Volume III, the Western Historical Association, 1922, 
The Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago, ILL

Transcribed by Peggy Hooper 2011