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The possibilities available to a man of energy and determination, notwithstanding a handicap of poverty and orphanhood, are revealed in the substantial degree of success and civic prominence of Burton F. Hulings, a leading representative of the realty interests of the Sacramento valley and one of the young business men whose progressive spirit and intelligent energy are promoting the local welfare. His early years were entirely deprived of advantages with the exception of such as he made for himself by his own force of will and painstaking industry. Born at Hamilton, Ohio, January 31, 1871, he lost his father and mother by death when he was only six years of age. On that account the struggle to secure a livelihood was particularly trying. His first work was the carrying of news- papers and in this he did so well that he was able to earn his way through school. With little to encourage him, he nevertheless did not permit himself to become depressed or disheartened. The boundless optimism of youth helped him through many a difficult struggle and enabled him to eventually make a place for himself in the world of affairs.

An eastern experience as a railroad employe enabled Mr. Hulings to secure similar employment when he came west to San Francisco in 1900, at which time he entered the passenger department of the Southern Pacific Railroad. Later he was sent to the capital city to represent the Sacramento Valley Development Association and after- ward went to Oregon to represent the railroad company at the Port- land Exposition. Upon his return to San Francisco he continued in the railroad office in that city until after the great fire, when he came to Sacramento and here he since has engaged in the real-estate business. His special sphere of activity has been in the development of tracts at Orangevale and Fair Oaks, while since October of 1911 he has had a general supervision of the entire improvement of the Hagen grant, taking charge of the planting of fruit orchards and orange groves for non-residents.

At the St. Nicholas hotel in San Francisco, September 4, 1901, occurred the marriage of Burton F. Hulings and Miss Dora Calder. There are two daughters of the union, Doris, born in Alameda, and Minota, born in San Francisco. Mrs. Hulings is a daughter of William and Mary Calder, now of Orangevale, and at one time prominent members of the theatrical profession. Mrs. Calder, who descends from an old English family, has been a popular actress on both sides of the Atlantic ocean, while Mr. Calder not only rose to fame as a theatrical star, but also succeeded as a manager and had charge of the first European tour of Buffalo Bill (Colonel Cody). The Calder family has lived at different times in New York City, London and other leading cities of the world, their choice of a location being necessarily governed by the demands upon them in their professional work. Eventually, after having risen to prominence by his masterly delineation of Rip Van Winkle and other legendary characters, Mr. Calder retired from all professional work and bought a home at Orangevale, where he is now engaged in the raising of fruit. No citizen of the colony has been more helpful in its development than Mr. Calder and his standing in the community is the highest. In his tireless efforts to secure a betterment of conditions at Orangevale he has had the enthusiastic assistance of Mr. Hulings, who himself is not only loyal and patriotic, but also sagacious in plans and capable in counsel. Although not a partisan he gave constant service during the campaign of Governor Johnson and is him- self a staunch Democrat of the progressive type. Fraternally he is connected with the Golden Gate Lodge, F. & A. M., of San Francisco. Through his arduous and untiring efforts a right of way was secured for the trolley service which it is planned to extend from Sacramento to Lake Tahoe and which will be operated under the name of the Sacramento and Sierra Railroad. In religion he is an Episcopalian and a believer in the creed of the denomination, a supporter of its charities and a contributor to its missionary movements. 

History of Sacramento County, California
Biographical Sketches of The Leading Men and Women of the County Who Have Been Identified With Its Growth and Development from the Early Days to the Present
History By: William L. Willis
Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, California (1913)

Transcribed by Peggy Hooper 2011