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A native son of the state, Mr. Hutton was born in Solano county November 11, 1874, and there his boyhood and youth were passed. The achievements of maturity bring him into touch with Sacramento county, for it was here that he began to learn the light and power business, here he began at the very bottom of the ladder of success and here he gradually acquired such a thorough comprehension of electricity and such a practical experience with its uses that he rose to a position of influence and responsibility in the specialty now indispensable to the permanent progress of every city and village.

The discovery of gold in California proved the lode-star that attracted Frederick Hutton hither from his native town of Perry, Wyoming county, N. Y., where he had received a common-school education and had already entered upon the task of earning a livelihood. During the summer of 1852 he crossed the plains with a company of Argonauts whose powers of endurance were as great as their hopes were high. Upon arriving in the state he began to mine at Dutch Flat and also engaged in general merchandising. For a considerable period he remained unmarried, but after a time he was united with Miss Charlotte dinger, who was born and reared in Wisconsin. They were residents of Vacaville for many years and there his death occurred in 1898. Later the widow removed to Dixon, where in 1904 her useful existence came to an end. Their son, Frank 0., had been educated in the Vacaville schools and had been trained to habits of self-reliance, industry and intelligent energy, which formed almost his sole capital in the world of affairs.

Upon coming to Sacramento in 1896 Mr. Hutton secured employment as a helper at the plant of the Electric Light and Power Company. Prom the lowliest position in the concern he worked his way forward to a post of trust. During 1906 he came to Folsom as foreman of the Folsom power house of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, which owns adequate water power for the operation of the heavy machinery. Since coming to Folsom he has assisted in the organization of the Folsom Bank, becoming one of the original subscribers. The growth of the bank has proved a helpful factor in the material development of the place.

The marriage of Frank O. Hutton took place at Vacaville, Cal., October 25, 1895, and united him with Miss Myrtle Collins, who was born, reared and educated at that place, being a daughter of W. L. Collins, now a resident of Sacramento. Four children were born of the union, but the eldest, Kenneth, was taken from the home by death when he was only three years of age. The surviving children are Charlotte, William and Jacques. Mr. Hutton has maintained an independence of thought and ballot throughout his maturity and has voted for the men whom he considers best qualified to represent the people, irrespective of their views upon national problems. For some years he has been actively associated with the Fraternal Brotherhood. Movements for the material development of Folsom receive his stanch support and the town has in him and his wife honored residents whose presence promotes the moral, educational and material upbuilding of the community. 

History of Sacramento County, California
Biographical Sketches of The Leading Men and Women of the County Who Have Been Identified With Its Growth and Development from the Early Days to the Present
History By: William L. Willis
Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, California (1913)

Transcribed by Peggy Hooper 2011