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So much of his life has been passed within sight of some of the western mountains and within sound of the busy hum of western industry that Mr. Jacobs feels himself to be a typical Californian in everything except the accident of birth. The vast resources of our commonwealth have awakened his admiration. The business possibilities he believes to be unsurpassed by those of any section of the United States. The climate offers further inducements to residential permanency. All in all, the country possesses exceptional charm, and he has not been dilatory in recognizing its attractions. Since he was brought to the coast during his early childhood he has resided in Yolo and Sacramento counties, has received their educational ad- vantages, enjoyed the friendship of many of their most worthy citizens and has become an important factor in commercial affairs in the village of Folsom, where he has his home.

A number of successive generations of the Jacobs family lived in New York City. Samuel Jacobs, who was born in the eastern metropolis, received his education there and entered into its business circles. Through diligent application and energetic mastery of business details he rose in the commercial world until he was widely known and respected as the head of an extensive wholesale house. The failure of his health caused him to retire from the many activities that had engaged his attention. Accompanied by his wife and son, Julius S., he came to California in 1884, in the hope of being physically benefited by the change. However, the hope was not des- tined to be fulfilled, and in that year, 1884, his death left the family alone on the western coast. Friends had given them of help and sympathy in their bereavement, and they had become attached to their surroundings. No return was made to the east, and Mrs. Jacobs still resides in Sacramento. She was a native of New York, and bore the maiden name of Anna Gratz.

From New York City, where he was born April 2, 1882, Julius S. Jacobs was brought to California at the age of two years. His early recollections are of Yolo county, where he attended the Woodland grammar and high school. At the age of seventeen years he completed the course of high school study and took up the task of earning a livelihood. Various occupations have since then engaged his attention. For seven years he held an important position as clerk to one of the justices of the supreme court. Of recent years he has acted as manager of the grocery business owned by Senator Philip C. Cohn, of Folsom. In this responsible post he has proved efficient and trustworthy, resourceful and energetic. Among the business men of Folsom his standing is high, and his credit is excellent in the banking institutions of the country. Wherever he is known, there he is also honored and esteemed. By his marriage, December 27, 1906, to Miss Dora Fannie Cohn (who is the daughter of Senator P. C. Cohn, she being a native of Sacramento county), he has two daughters, Alice and Dorothy. Politically he votes with the Republican party. In fraternal connections he holds membership with Sacramento Lodge No. 6, B. P. O. E., Washington Lodge No. 20, F. & A. M., in Sacramento, the Knights of Pythias and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows at Folsom and the Eagles at Sacramento. Among the members of all of these organizations, as among the people in business circles, he has an established reputation for trust- worthiness and honesty as well as for the kindred business qualifications that ensure commercial progress. 

History of Sacramento County, California
Biographical Sketches of The Leading Men and Women of the County Who Have Been Identified With Its Growth and Development from the Early Days to the Present
History By: William L. Willis
Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, California (1913)

Transcribed by Peggy Hooper 2011