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HENRY G. KLUSMAN. Cucamonga is a word that suggests orange groves and vineyards, and perhaps one of the most highly developed horticultural sections of the world. This development is the result of years of patient labor and the expenditure of much capital, and in that development the character of men has been tested. Among those who stood the test in the days of toil and hardship one is Henry G. Klusman, a strong, able and respected man in the community today.  

Henry G. Klusman is one of four brothers who came out of Germany, and all achieved more than an ordinary degree of success. He was born January 31, 1875, son of William and Johanna Klusman, who spent their lives as farmers in Germany. Henry G. Klusman acquired a common school education and early determined that his lot should be cast in free America without the necessity of enforced military service. At the age of sixteen he came to America, and there were no stops on the way for any length of time until he had reached Cucamonga. Here he went to work in the old Havens vineyards at $15.CW a month and board. He had no knowledge of English, but he exercised the skill and strength of his hands to toil through the daylight hours in the vineyards, and frequently worked into the night and on Sundays in the winery. About two years later he secured employment on an adjoining ranch at $25.00 a month and board. Out of his savings he made his first purchase in 1896 of forty acres of wild land, at $12.50 an acre. He set this to vines, and his first crop of grapes he delivered to the Guasti Winery, hauling them through the deep sand and getting $6.00 a ton, $2.00 in cash and $1.00 a month until paid. Mr. Klusman kept this vineyard until 1915, when he sold it for $125.00 an acre.  

In 1900 he bought the four acre tract on Turner Street in Cucamonga, where he has his home today. He set this to oranges and has built a modern home. About fifteen years ago he established a plant for the manufacture of concrete irrigation pipe, and. he has developed this into a flourishing and important industry, the capacity now being 2,000 feet daily. Employment is given to twenty people in the concrete pipe yards.  

In San Francisco January 1, 1902, he married Miss Olga Forester, who was born at Eau Claire, Wisconsin, July 8, 1883. They have four children: Emma, born November 25, 1902, now grown to a most engaging young lady, a graduate of the Chaffey Union High School; Henry W., born January 15, 1905, already an active aid in his father's business; Catherine, born January 10, 1907, a student in the Chaffey Union High School; and Vivian, born May 25, 1909, who has about completed her grammar school work.  

Mr. Klusman is a member of Upland Lodge No. 98, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and in politics is a democrat. When he came to America on borrowed money, $360.00, which it cost him to reach Cucamonga, the work of his early years was to repay this fund. Persistent application has brought him its due rewards, and in character and citizenship he stands one of the leading men of Cucamonga and one who deserves a great deal of the credit for redeeming this desert to unexampled productiveness.

History of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties 
By: John Brown, Jr., Editor for San Bernardino County 
And James Boyd, Editor for Riverside County 
With selected biography of actors and witnesses of the period 
of growth and achievement.
Volume III, the Western Historical Association, 1922, 
The Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago, ILL

Transcribed by Peggy Hooper 2011