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The commercial activities of Sacramento find an able representative in Harry G. Krebs, who as a native son of the capital city and as a lifelong resident thereof has acquired a breadth of information regarding local resources that is equaled by few and perhaps surpassed by none. The business to which he has given the larger share of his time and which he has developed from insignificance into popularity has a high standing among the establishments of the city. A large stock of paints and of wall paper is kept on hand, the sale of these being increased by the fact that the owner also takes con- tracts for exterior painting and interior decorating. It is the aim of the proprietor to keep in stock a complete assortment of paints and the very latest styles of papers and preparations for interior finishing.

Through being strictly up-to-date in the stock carried and strictly honorable in the methods of conducting business he has won the confidence of a large circle of patrons.

A member of an old family of California and himself a native of Sacramento, born June 9, 1880, Harry G. Krebs was a son of Charles H. and Charlotte Krebs. He received a public-school education in this city, and since leaving school he has devoted his attention to business pursuits. On March 18, 1909, the business, which had been established in 1854 by his father, Charles H. Krebs, and named after him, was incorporated as C. H. Krebs & Co., the officers being, Mrs. Charlotte Krebs, president, F. H. Krebs, vice-president, Harry G. Krebs, treasurer, and Mrs. Alice Avery, secretary. Besides the paint and wall-paper store he has other interests. At this writing he serves as a director in the Del Paso Heights Land Company, which owns adjacent to the city a large tract acquired for subdivision purposes. In addition he is interested in the Camelia Investment Company, Incorporated, which buys and sells real estate and transacts a large business in the line of its specialty. The officers of the company are as follows : A. E. Goddard, president ; Harry G. Krebs, vice-president; and Leroy Bray, secretary.

The marriage of Harry G. Krebs took place January 15, 1908, and united liim with Miss Lillis Swanston, daughter of George Swanston, a wholesale butcher and well-known citizen of Sacramento. There is one son, Harry Swanston Krebs, whose birth occurred March 24, 1909. The Native Sons of the Golden West have in Mr. Krebs an interested worker. In addition he holds membership with Union Lodge No. 58, F. & A. M., Sacramento Chapter No. 3, R. A. M., Sacramento Council No. 1, R. & S. M., Sacramento Commandery No. 2, K. T., Isaac Davis Lodge of Perfection No. 3, in the capital city, and Islam Temple, N. M. S, in San Francisco.

Another influential member of the same family is Franklin H., brother of Harry G. Krebs. Born August 12, 1865, he received a public-school education in Sacramento, where also he attended Atkinson's Business College. For a long period he has been engaged in business in his native city. His marriage took place in Erie, Pa., November 2, 1897, and united him with Miss Hattie E. Avery, by whom he is the father of three children, namely : Charles Henry, born July 23, 1902; Charlotte L., August 31, 1904; and Katherine Alice, October 20, 1907. For years he has been an active worker in the German Lutheran Church, whose every department has felt the impetus of his energetic assistance and whose choir particularly has enjoyed the benefit of his talented participation. The Republican party has received his ballot in all national elections occurring since he attained his majority, and he has kept posted concerning national issues by a close study of current papers and magazines. Like many other sons of the state, he has found pleasure in active participation with the social functions and civic projects under the auspices of the local parlor, Native Sons of the Golden West. 

History of Sacramento County, California
Biographical Sketches of The Leading Men and Women of the County Who Have Been Identified With Its Growth and Development from the Early Days to the Present
History By: William L. Willis
Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, California (1913)

Transcribed by Peggy Hooper 2011