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The horticultural possibilities of the Fair Oaks district have been tested thoroughly and successfully by Mr. Levering since first he came to this locality. Recently he completed one of the finest residences in the district, a two-story frame building fitted with every modern convenience, arranged so as to reflect the refined tastes of its owners. The attractive appearance of the house is heightened through its excellent location on a well-chosen natural building site which affords a fine view of the entire settlement.

A study of the life of C. D. Levering shows that he belongs to an honored pioneer family of the east and was born at Sparta, Wis., September 15, 1861. At an early age he accompanied his parents to Iowa and settled upon a tract of raw farming land in Polk county, where he received a common-school education and learned the rudiments of agriculture. His opportunities were very meagre. Indeed, what he has and what he is may be attributed to his own determination, energy and sagacity, rather than to any special advantages surrounding his boyhood. When he started out to earn his own way in the world he took up the lumber business and for about three years he engaged in that work in Iowa, his home and his headquarters being at Wiota, Cass county, during the period of his interests in that industry.

At the time of the celebrated opening of Oklahoma to settlers in April of 1889 Mr. Levering was in the territory and experienced all of the excitement incident to the famous rush. Later he purchased a claim of one hundred and sixty acres near Omega, Kingfisher county. It was no slight task to clear and improve the property, but eventually be bad transformed the raw acreage into a valuable farm provided with all the appurtenances to modern agriculture. The raising of stock proved his principal source of income and be became widely known as a dealer in purebred Poland-China hogs. Other stock was to be found on his place, but his specialty for years continued to be hogs of the breed named.

Not long after he had commenced the improvement of the farm Mr. Levering brought a bride to the new home. Returning to Cass county, Iowa, be there married February 20, 1893, Miss Eva Burnette, who was born, reared and educated in that county and there engaged in teaching school for a few years. Her health was unfavorably affected by the Oklahoma climate and it therefore seemed wise to seek another location. On three different occasions Mr. Levering visited California and inspected various parts of the state with a view to removal hither. On one of these trips he bought raw land at Fair Oaks. The timber was cleared from the ground through his own sturdy labors, the brush also was removed, the first furrows turned in the soil and the land brought under cultivation. Since he brought the family here in 1905 he has labored incessantly and judiciously on the place and has developed a fruit farm of exceptional value and attractiveness. Besides the home place of ten acres, situated in close proximity to the plant of the Fair Oaks Fruit Company, be owns another tract of twenty-five acres. He has planted ten acres to orange trees and ten acres to almonds and is bringing the entire acreage under profitable improvement.

Close attention to his own affairs has not prevented Mr. Levering from identifying himself with many of the movements for the general prosperity. When first a bank began to be agitated as a needed institution for the town be joined in the movement and subscribed for a number of shares of the capital stock. When the concern became a substantial fact and business was begun, he was chosen a member of the board of directors. Likewise he bought stock in the Fair Oaks Fruit Company at the inception of that enterprise and to its board of directors he also was chosen, since which time he has been associated with the successful management of this influential concern. Interested in educational matters, he has given his children excellent advantages. The son, Roy, is now a student at Oakland, where he studies civil engineering. The older daughter. Fay, attends the Sacramento high school, and the younger. Fern, is a student in the Fair Oaks schools. The family are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church and generous contributors to its maintenance. Stanch in his allegiance to the Democratic party and well informed in politics, Mr. Levering never has sought or filled official positions. During the period of his residence at Wiota, Iowa, he became connected with the Odd Fellows and held all of the offices, including that of past grand, in the Wiota lodge. About the same time he became a Knight of Pythias and in it also he served through the chairs, finally being chosen past grand chancellor of the local lodge. As a citizen he has been progressive and loyal and has given his support to those enterprises which he believes tend to advance the welfare of the people. 

History of Sacramento County, California
Biographical Sketches of The Leading Men and Women of the County Who Have Been Identified With Its Growth and Development from the Early Days to the Present
History By: William L. Willis
Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, California (1913)

Transcribed by Peggy Hooper 2011