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Exceptional success in the management of the interests consigned to his supervision proves that Mr. Mayer possesses talent of a high order. His long retention with and frequent promotions by a company of vast influence and worldwide enterprises prove that, in entering its service after having engaged temporarily in other activities, he found a congenial occupation and one well suited to his ability. The experiences of early life were not different from those of other youths who, uncertain of their own preferences in occupative employments, accept any available opening until they prove their own abilities and ascertain their own inclinations. It was not long, however, before the desired opportunity came to him and since that time he has won steadily increasing recognition in the line of his specialty. At this writing and since October of 1910 he has acted as manager of the Sacramento branch of the Standard Oil Company and as special agent for the famous organization he has won considerable prestige throughout the state.

 A graduate of the high school of Reading, Pa., his native city, Mr. Mayer has supplemented the study of text-books by habits of thoughtful reading and observation, so that he now possesses a fund of information and a general knowledge unsurpassed by many university graduates. Travel throughout his native country and abroad has added to his mental outlook and broadened his judgment, giving to him a cosmopolitan culture that renders his presence a distinct acquisition to the most refined circles of society. For a time during young manhood he engaged as bookkeeper with a large firm in Reading, but dissatisfied with the position he left it and took up a more remunerative engagement as traveling salesman for a large cigar manufacturer. Meanwhile he had acquired great proficiency in music and his high standing in that art led to his selection as musical director in one of the most prominent military colleges of the east, where he remained until 1900, the year of his first association with the Standard Oil Company.

 First as clerk and then as bookkeeper, Mr. Mayer passed two years in the San Francisco office of the Standard Oil Company. During 1902 he had the distinction of being chosen the first specialty salesman on the Pacific coast and as such he continued for two years. In 1904 he was sent to South America in the interests of the house. Returning to California in 1905 he was sent immediately to Honolulu for the purpose of establishing the company's business on the Hawaiian Islands. Several years were devoted to the interests of the company at that distant point and it was not until March of 1909 that he had the work so systematized as to render longer residence unnecessary. Coming again to San Francisco, he soon was sent to Tacoma, Wash., in the interests of the company and after several months was transferred to South America for the purpose of looking after very important interests of the company which were just developing in that country. Returning to San Francisco in 1910 he went to San Jose as special agent of the local branch, and after four months he was transferred to the Sacramento office as manager of all of Northern California, Southern Oregon and east to the Utah line. In this responsible position he has made good and his efficiency is a matter of common knowledge among officials in charge of the western work of the Standard Oil Company. With all of his business cares he has found leisure for prominent participation in Masonry and is a member of the various bodies, including the Knights Templar, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, and is a life member of Islam Temple, N. M. S., San Francisco. Locally he is a member of the Sutter Club, the Chamber of Commerce, and various other bodies. Politically he has been independent, voting for the man and the principle rather than for any certain party. In religion he has been an attendant of the Episcopal Church and a generous contributor to the philanthropies and missionary movements of the denomination. 

History of Sacramento County, California
Biographical Sketches of The Leading Men and Women of the County Who Have Been Identified With Its Growth and Development from the Early Days to the Present
History By: William L. Willis
Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, California (1913)

Transcribed by Peggy Hooper 2011