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When representatives of the Mill family sought larger opportunities than those afforded by their native England they crossed the ocean to Canada. The rigors of a stern climate unfortunately gave little recompense for the larger agricultural and social liberties ac- corded by the newer country. Ultimately James M. and Sarah (Waters) Mills gave up their friends and associations in Canada and came to California in the hope of finding equal opportunities combined with a more genial climate than their home land could boast. The presence of relatives at Hollister induced them to settle at that point, and near there Mr. Mill for years engaged in ranching, while also finding an occasional opportunity to follow his trade of a carpenter. Eventually a home was established at Pacific Grove about 1887 and in that' city Mrs. Mill passed away in 1890, after which her husband joined his son at Sacramento and took up carpentering in this city.

At the old home near Hastings, Canada, Russell Wellington Mill was born December 2, 1869, and when but little past six years of age he left forever those scenes familiar to his earliest memories. During January of 1876 he arrived in California with his parents and after- ward attended school at Hollister, eventually completing his studies in the Pacific Grove schools. After he left school he began to learn the carpenter's trade at Pacific Grove and in 1890 he came to Sacramento, where later he was joined by his father. In this city he learned every detail connected with mill work during the thirteen years of his connection with the firm of Bassett & Minford. When their plant was destroyed by fire he secured employment with another firm. Meanwhile, June 28, 1900, he married Miss Edina Scott, daughter of Thomas and Nettie Scott and a lifelong resident of Sacramento, where for years Mr. Scott has carried on a retail plumbing establishment.

It was during 1904 that Mr. Mill embarked in business for himself. His first purchase consisted of what was known as Campbell's mill on Fifth street, and there he built up a growing and profitable trade in his line. Evidence of his increasing prosperity appeared in his purchase of a tract on Third and V streets, where his plant now occupies almost a block of very valuable land. During 1910 he erected a modern and well-equipped mill, which when run at its full capacity furnishes employment to eighty hands. In the mill may be found every feature of modern plants of its kind. The equipment facilitates the prompt and satisfactory handling of lumber from which to manufacture sash, doors and interior finishings for residences. Under the title of the Sacramento Planing Mill and Furniture Company the firm has been incorporated and has risen to a front rank in the line of its specialties. The success of the venture is due to the untiring energy and wise management of the proprietor, who gives his entire time to the supervision of the mill and allows no extraneous matters to de- tract his attention from the business. Politics has never entered into his life, nor has he taken time for participation in fraternal activities, with the sole exception of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, to which he has belonged for twenty years, and which has received his helpful generosities in many of its philanthropies.


History of Sacramento County, California
Biographical Sketches of The Leading Men and Women of the County Who Have Been Identified With Its Growth and Development from the Early Days to the Present
History By: William L. Willis
Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, California (1913)

Transcribed by Peggy Hooper 2011