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To business men of Sacramento and San Francisco the name of Sidney M. Phillips is known as that of an influential citizen, progressive in his association with commercial enterprises, devoted to the development of Northern California and engaged in important business pursuits that give employment to his trained mental energies. Honesty of character and earnestness of purpose have stamped the impress of his individuality upon associates. In view of the fact that scarcely yet has he reached the prime of mature manhood his success is particularly noteworthy and indicates the possession of originality of mind as well as high aspirations of soul. Metropolitan advantages in San Francisco, where he was born in February of 1879, offered abundant opportunities for the development of a mind unusually keen. It was his good fortune not only to attend the public schools, but also to enjoy collegiate instruction, and thus he entered upon business activities fully prepared to cope with every difficulty and master every intricate problem.

The house of M. Phillips & Co., wholesale dealers in rice, gave to Sidney M. Phillips his initial training in the fundamental elements of all business, and he remained in San Francisco with this firm for some years. During 1904 he established in Sacramento the wholesale rice and cracker firm of S. M. Phillips & Co., and at the same time became a resident of the capital city. As the Sacramento representative of a number of leading automobile companies he established an agency at No. 1224 M street, but in 1908 he built a modern garage at No. 1609-11 M street and removed his agency to that address. In addition, he established the Phillips Drayage and Warehouse Company on Front and P streets. Upon leaving Sacramento August 1, 1911, to resume residence in San Francisco, he retired from the automobile business, but the warehouse is still conducted under competent and trustworthy management. In San Francisco he is a member of the firm of M. Phillips & Co., located at No. 9 Main street., wholesale rice and bean importers and exporters, with branches in Sacramento, Honolulu, H. T., Seattle, Wash., Los Angeles, Cal., and Portland, Ore. With all the heavy responsibilities of a business so extensive he has not allowed his Sacramento interests to be lessened or neglected, but by occasional visits he keeps in close touch with every department of the work at this point, where he has built and now occupies a ware- house 120x150 feet in dimensions.

During June of 1910 occurred the marriage of Sidney M. Phillips to Miss Blanche Lewis, daughter of a retired business man and influential citizen of San Francisco. In addition to enjoying the usual classical educational advantages, Mrs. Phillips was also afforded exceptional opportunities in music. Possessing talent in this art, she has become an accomplished pianist. Her skill has become recognized in the musical circles of San Francisco and Sacramento, where her standing is that of an artist unusually gifted by nature and thoroughly equipped by education for the highest successes offered by the profession. Grace and hospitality mingle with the other elements that endow her mind and character. A love of the most refined in literature adds its influence to the cultivation of her mind and gives her prominence in the Tuesday and Saturday clubs of Sacramento, as well as in a number of clubs in San Francisco. 

History of Sacramento County, California
Biographical Sketches of The Leading Men and Women of the County Who Have Been Identified With Its Growth and Development from the Early Days to the Present
History By: William L. Willis
Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, California (1913)

Transcribed by Peggy Hooper 2011