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It has been the fortunate experience of Sacramento to attract to and retain in its citizenship a large number of men possessing in eminent degree the qualities that promote the prosperity of a municipality. Not the least conspicuous among these citizens is William H.  Quaas, who as a jiiuior partner in the Kane & Trainor Ice Company maintains an association with one of the leading firms of the city and by formulating plans for its growth at the same time advances the general civic welfare. Although still on the sunny side of life 's prime, he has gained a thorough knowledge of many districts of California through business relations therein, and in addition he had the ad- vantage of travels abroad and study in the educational institutions of Germany. It is his opinion, the result of close observation in various localities, that Sacramento offers to men of energy advantages unsurpassed by regions whose attractions are more widely heralded.

With some degree of pride Mr. Quaas claims to belong to a pioneer family of California. His maternal grandfather, Adolph Heilbron, came from Germany in 1850, and after a brief sojourn in St. Louis proceeded to the west during the era of mining activities. William H. was born in Sacramento September 6, 1884, and is a son of Henry and Carrie (Heilbron) Quaas, the former born in Germany and the latter in Sacramento, her death occurring in San Diego. The father now makes his home in Sacramento, where the grandfather, Adolph Heilbron, also resides. On the conclusion of the preliminary course of study in the California schools, Mr. Quaas was sent to the ancestral home in Dresden, Germany, where he attended school for two and one-half years, finding in the educational institutions of that country a degree of thoroughness and discipline most helpful to the formation of desirable traits in the students. Upon his return to California he spent six months in Fresno county on a ranch owned by the family, and from there went to Napa county, where he engaged in the growing of fruit and in general ranching for five years.

As an employe of the surveying corps connected with the Southern Pacific railroad in 1906 Mr. Quaas was sent to the Imperial valley on the border of Mexico and continued to work there until the San Francisco disaster, when he was transferred to the surveying department of the road at Santa Cruz. When he severed his connection with the road he formed an alliance with the Shattuck & Desmond Company, contractors, in whose interests he engaged in construction work on the coast road, meanwhile gaining much helpful information concerning the region in which he worked. During June of 1907 he secured a position as bookkeeper with the Buffalo Brewing Company of Sacramento, and continued in that capacity for three years, eventually resigning to enter upon his present business relations. The death of Mr. Kane and the necessity of the settlement of his estate led Mr. Quaas to purchase his one-half interest in the Kane & Trainor Ice Company, an influential and prosperous concern that acts as distributors for the Buffalo Brewing Company, the Union Ice Company and the National Ice & Cold Storage Company.

The personal tastes of Mr. Quaas are not such as to lead him into public affairs or partisan activities. Aside from voting the Republican ticket be takes no part in politics and at no time bas be been willing to consider official honors for himself. A broad-minded sympathy with all efforts for tbe upbuilding of humanity leads him to maintain an interest in all denominations and creeds, but be is especially generous in his contributions to the Methodist Episcopal church, with which his wife is actively associated. Both are identified with the Saturday club, one of the leading social organizations of the city, and both are likewise solicitous to promote all measures for the permanent advancement of the community. Prior to their marriage, which occurred September 28, 1909, Mrs. Quaas was Miss Abbie McKay, ber family being among the well-known residents of Sacramento. The only child of the union, Abbie Capitola, was born in this city April 29, 1911. Friends won by years of earnest helpfulness maintain a deep interest in the success of Mr. Quaas and predict for him years of steady and growing prosperity.

History of Sacramento County, California
Biographical Sketches of The Leading Men and Women of the County Who Have Been Identified With Its Growth and Development from the Early Days to the Present
History By: William L. Willis
Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, California (1913)

Transcribed by Peggy Hooper 2011