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LINCOLN SHERRARD. One of the most interesting old timers of Redlands is Lincoln Sherrard, who for thirty years has been identified with business as a blacksmith in this locality. He is a typical western man, born and spent all his life on the Pacific Coast, and has had a variety of experiences and hardships that enables him to appreciate all the wonderful progress made in this section of California since he came here.

Mr. Sherrard was born on a ranch in a log cabin at Canyonville, Oregon, December 28, 1861, son of William Douglas and Sarah Jane (Denning) Sherrard. His father was a native of Ohio and his mother of Indiana. They crossed the plains in the early days to Oregon over the Lewis & Clark trail, traveling with wagons and oxteams. The journey was made in 1853, and was beset with difficulties and hazards such as no journey outside of the Arctic regions could parallel at the present time. Once they tried a short cut and missed the old trail up Snake River Valley, and for three days they had to live on snails and roots. William D. Sherrard was for many years a miner, also did freighting in Oregon, and his zest for adventure was fully imparted to his son. Mr. and Mrs. Sherrard spent their last days in Oregon. The father died December 19, 1908, and the mother in September, 1920.

Lincoln Sherrard, living in the sparsely settled region of the Northwest, had little opportunity for schooling and was making his own way at the age of fourteen. He worked during the summer and earned money for the months winter terms of school when he was sixteen and seventeen. It was on February 26, 1883, that he arrived in California aboard a three masted schooner, the Emma Utter, old Captain Allen master. This boat was becalmed three days off Santa Barbara Islands, and Mr. Sherrard recalls how he expressed a wish to go swimming, an adventure which the captain refused, but compromised by allowing him to go over the side in a row boat. It was a voyage of fifteen days between Oregon and San Pedro. After visiting in Los Angeles Lincoln Sherrard returned to Oregon, but in 1885 came again to Santa Ana. The four hundred dollars he had saved was soon gone and he had to seek work and for a time earned a dollar a day in a vineyard. Soon afterward he began his apprenticeship with James Brown, blacksmith and fancy horse dealer at Santa Ana. That business has been his active occupation ever since, and since May 29, 1892, the scene of his activities has been in Redlands. His first employment was given him by John Macintosh, and later for five years he was in the shop of Jack McClain. He then went into business for himself. Mr. Sherrard was twenty-one years of age before he saw a locomotive engine. During his early life in Oregon there were two years when he drove stage through mud and rain in the Coos Bay country. It was a mail stage, and when roads were impassable he carried the mail by horseback. During his life in California he has been a grateful witness of the transformation which has changed Redlands from a district run over by sheep herders into a pleasant landscape of orchards and homes.

July 4, 1892, Mr. Sherrard married Susan Adele White, who was born in McCoverty, Iowa, and came to Santa Ana when ten years old. Their first child, Fern Izzeta, was born February 13, 1893, and died in April, 1897. The second child, Calvin, was born July 4, 1896, and died in October, 1899. The oldest of the living children is Lincoln Noel, born July 27, 1898. He was educated at Redlands and was a member of the State Militia, and while in his junior year of high school enlisted in the famous 40th Division. He was trained at Camp Kearney, was under Major General Strong and was orderly to the General. For two months he was in the command of General Gulich, who planned the barrage in the Argonne Forest. Later he was returned to General Strong's command, and as orderly had duties that required much travel over France, Germany and England. After the signing of the armistice he returned, and is now a shoe salesman at Santa Ana, California.

The fourth child of Mr. Sherrard is Orville Guynne, born February 5, 1901, graduated from the Redlands High School in 1919, played on the high school football team and has spent one year in Redlands University. The youngest child, Imogene' Adelle, was born May 9, 1904, and is attending high school.


History of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties 
By: John Brown, Jr., Editor for San Bernardino County 
And James Boyd, Editor for Riverside County 
With selected biography of actors and witnesses of the period 
of growth and achievement.
Volume III, the Western Historical Association, 1922, 
The Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago, ILL

Transcribed by Peggy Hooper 2011