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An Annual Devoted To
The Representative Women of California
With An Authoritative Review of
Their Activities In Civic
Social, Athletic, Philanthropic
Art and Music, Literary
& Dramatic

Security Publishing Co., 
San Francisco/Los Angeles

Volunteer Transcribers: Betty J. Vickroy, Marilyn R. Pankey, Marla Fitzsimmons, Sande Beach, Suzanne Wolden, Bea Barton, Rich Wharff, Kim Buck, Carolyn Feroben, Debbie Gramlick, Sandy Neder, Anita Crabtree, Pam Wolfskill, Pat Houser, Linda McDowell, Sharon Yost, Aviva Ernst, David Rugeroni, Cathi Skyles, Paul Montrose, Sharlene Gomes, Kathy Porter, Nancy Phillips, Karen Pratt, Kathy Sedler, & Nancy Pratt Melton.
Many thanks to Barry Cassidy Rare Books for letting us borrow this book from his personal library for transcription.

NOTE: There are pages missing because they were advertisements. You will find cities listed in the Register: Oakland 231-241; Alameda 241-244; Berkeley 244-253; Piedmont 253-255; Fresno City/Co. 255-259; Los Angeles 261-274; Pasadena 386; South Pasadena 386; Altadena 386-387; Long Beach 387-397; Santa Monica 397; Venice 397-398; Alhambra 398-399; Glendale 399-400; Hollywood 400-408; Beverly Hills 409; San Rafael 410; Mill Valley 411; Ross 411; Belvedere 411-412; Sausalito 412; San Anselmo 412; Riverside 413; Sacramento 414- 419; San Francisco 421-567; San Mateo 568-570; Burlingame 570-571; Menlo Park 571; Woodside 571; Atherton 571; Redwood 572; Hillsborough 572; Santa Barbara 573-575; Montecito 575; Palo Alto 576-578; San Jose 578-583; Santa Cruz 584-585; Watsonville 585-586; San Diego 587-592; Coronado 592; La Jolla 593; La Mesa 593-594; Stockton 595-599. There mini-bios at 600-605. 


PUBLISHERS' PREFACE (Publisher says, "It's the first of it's kind in California")

FORWARD (Editor states there are 60,000 names in this book.)


3-24 (Women of the West)

27-53 (Women in Service Clubs, University Clubs(San Diego, San Francisco & Los Angeles), Athletic Clubs SF & LA, Clubs of LA, SF & Hollywood.)

55-83 (Clubs of Los Angeles, Berkeley, Oakland, San Diego, Fresno, San Francisco, Pasadena, San Mateo, Stockton, Long Beach, Alameda & La Mesa.)

85-111 (San Diego, La Jolla, Los Angeles, Lemon Grove, Sacramento, Berkeley, San Francisco, Elizabeth M. Crothers, CA Federation of Women's Clubs, Yosemite, NDGW, Parent & Teacher Assn., )

112-134 (School Clubs, San Francisco, Los Angeles School Clubs, Legislative Council, League of Women Voters, San Francisco League of Women Voters, Women Legislators, More SF & LA Clubs, )

136-159 (DAR, CAR, Dau of Confed., Partheneia, More Clubs, SF, LA, San Diego, San Jose, Carmel, Berkeley Clubs,)

160-166 (Women of the Press)

167-188 (Women Physicians, Lawyers, Business, Professional Clubs of CA, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, & Mt Lassen.)

189-213 (San Francisco & Los Angeles Clubs, Religious Clubs, University of California, Berkeley Club for Mother's, Nursing Profession, Athletic Clubs.) ADDENDA (pgs. 226-227)


ADDENDA (pgs. 226-227)

(Numbers after names and addresses are club codes, see Code Key below)

CODE KEY FOR CLUBS (pg. 219-226)
ALAMEDA (pg. 241-244)
ALHAMBRA (pg. 398-399)
ALTADENA (pg. 386-387)
ATHERTON (pg. 571)
BELVEDERE (pg. 411-412)
BERKELEY (pg. 244-253)
BURLINGAME (pg. 570-571)
CORONADO (pg. 592)
FRESNO (pg. 255-259)
GLENDALE (pg.399-400)
HOLLYWOOD (pg. 400-408)
LA JOLLA (pg. 593)
 (pg. 593-594)

LONG BEACH (pg. 387-397)
LOS ANGELES (pg. 261-273)
MENLO PARK (pg. 571)
MILL VALLEY (pg. 411)
MONTECITO (pg. 575)
OAKLAND (pg. 229-241)
PALO ALTO (pg. 576-578)
PASADENA (pg. 375-385)
PIEDMONT (pg. 253-255)
REDWOOD CITY (pg. 572)
RIVERSIDE (pg. 413)
ROSS (pg. 411)
SACRAMENTO (pg. 414-419)
SAN ANSELMO (pg. 412)
SAN DIEGO (pgs. 587-592)
SAN FRANCISCO (pgs. 421-437)
SAN FRANCISCO (pgs. 439-454)
SAN FRANCISCO (pgs. 455-470)
SAN FRANCISCO (pgs. 471-486)
SAN FRANCISCO (pgs. 487-501)
SAN FRANCISCO (pgs. 502-517)
SAN FRANCISCO (pgs. 518-533)
SAN FRANCISCO (pgs. 534-549)
SAN FRANCISCO (pgs. 550-567)
SAN JOSE (pgs. 578-583)
SAN MATEO (pg. 568-570)
SAN RAFAEL (pg. 410)
SANTA BARBARA (pg. 573-575)
SANTA CRUZ (pg. 584-585)
SANTA MONICA (pg. 397)
SAUSALITO (pg. 412)
STOCKTON (pg. 595-599)
VENICE (pg. 397-398)
WATSONVILLE (pg. 585-586)
WOODSIDE (pg. 571)
NOTES ON CONTRIBUTORS (Mini-bios, pgs. 600-605)