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2009 Transcription of Dublin Pioneer Cemetery - Data Sheet G

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Last First Middle Birth Mo Birth Day Birth Yr Death Mo Death Day Death Yr Headstone Shared With Notes Taken From Headstone Text Photo1 Photo2
Glass Albert W Feb 25 1852 Apr 12 1928   Native of California Headstone  
Glass Anita I May 11 1856 Apr 17 1922   Sister; Native of California Headstone  
Glass Arthur D Nov 6 1884 Oct 13 1906   Beloved Son of Albert and Lillie B.  Headstone  
Glass Clement Rolla Jun 6 1867 Jan 1 1909   Brother; Born in California, died in Buenos Aires, S.A. Headstone  
Glass David   Mar 4 1818 Sep 9 1897   Father: Native of Pennsylvania Headstone  
Glass Eliza Jane Jan 16 1827 Dec 12 1899   Mother; born in Ohio Headstone  
Glass Harry Clifford, Sr     1879     1950   Dad Headstone  
Glass Lillie B Jul 1 1861 Dec 23 1934   Native of California Headstone  
Glass Loretta I Jul 26 1858 Oct 29 1931     Headstone  
Grasen Carl   May 4 1834 Sep 21 1900 Caroline Grasen Native of Denmark Headstone  
Grasen Caroline         Apr 2 1902 Carl Grasen 68y Headstone  
Gullick Roberta Rasmussen Sep 26 1924       William Baird Gullick   Headstone  
Gullick William Baird Feb 23 1921 Jan 7 1995 Roberta Rasamussen   Headstone