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2009 Transcription of Dublin Pioneer Cemetery - Data Sheet J

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Last First Middle Birth Mo Birth Day Birth Yr Death Mo Death Day Death Yr Headstone Shared With Notes Taken From Headstone Text Photo1 Photo2
Jensen Andrea   Feb 11 1858 Apr 7 1878   wife of Jeppe Jensen; Native of Denmark  Headstone  
Jensen Hansine C Jan 17 1884 Nov 18 1951 John P. Jensen   Headstone  
Jensen John P Oct 19 1887 Nov 8 1966 Hansine C. Jensen   Headstone  
Jensen Leo   Dec 3 1915 Apr 8 1990 Ruth A. Jensen   Headstone  
Jensen Niels C     1885     1920     Headstone  
Jensen Ruth A Oct 13 1917 Sep 22 2001 Leo Jensen   Headstone  
Jones Marian M Jul 25 1908 Nov 25 2003 Kathleen J. Hostler   Headstone  
Jones Viola Lynch Mar 29 1896 Jan 5 1994   Granddaughter of William and Mary Lynch.  A loving and Gracious Lady  Headstone  
Jorgensen Hans Madsen Aug 18 1858 Aug 5 1946     Headstone