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2009 Transcription of Dublin Pioneer Cemetery - Data Sheet O

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Last First Middle Birth Mo Birth Day Birth Yr Death Mo Death Day Death Yr Headstone Shared With Notes Taken From Headstone Text Photo1 Photo2
Olsson Andrew                   Headstone  
Olsson Anna Florence Jun 12 1898 Jul 27 1899   Daughter of A. and C. Olsson Headstone  
Olsson Carolina                   Headstone  
Olsson Ella N       Jul 18 1935     Headstone  
O'Neill Eleanor B. Hansen Dec 18 1914 Dec 9 1996     Headstone  
Owen (sic) Mrs. Lucy B Aug 10 1851 Sep 29 1875   Born in Iowa(stone broken/repaired) Headstone  
Owens Owen   Jun 24 1812 Nov 3 1879   Father; Born in Wales, England(stone has been knocked over and is broken)   Headstone  
Oxsen Howard       1896     1987 Ruby Rasmussen Oxsen   Headstone  
Oxsen Ruby Ramussen     1898     1972 Howard Oxsen   Headstone