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2009 Transcription of Dublin Pioneer Cemetery - Data Sheet W

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Last First Middle Birth Mo Birth Day Birth Yr Death Mo Death Day Death Yr Headstone Shared With Notes Taken From Headstone Text Photo1 Photo2
Wagenhoffer Helen A Jun 3 1933       Robert E. Wagenhoffer   Headstone  
Wagenhoffer Robert E Mar 9 1931 Aug 5 1989 Helen A Wagenhoffer   Headstone  
Walsh James                 71years Headstone  
Walsh Thomas J.     1882     1918     Headstone  
Wells Augusta L Oct 18 1842 Sep 6 1890 Thomas D. Wells Wife of Thos. D. Wells; native of Baltimore Maryland Headstone  
Wells Lee       1868     1944     Headstone  
Wells Thomas D     1878     1911   Woodmen of the World Headstone  
Wells Thomas D     1832     1901 Augusta I. Wells   Headstone  
Wells? Marie               Jack Wells? Stone in Wells plot; no surname or dates Headstone  
Wells? Jack               Marie Wells? Stone in Wells plot; no surname or dates Headstone  
Widnes Henrietta Marie Feb 3 1917 Nov 3 1981     Headstone  
Wie Anna M Apr 30 1834 Jul 4 1904     Headstone  
Wie Peter C May 7 1844 Sep 5 1902   Born In Denmark Headstone  
Williams Daniel D                 Headstone  
Williams Edward R.     1870     19--     Headstone  
Williams Elzver R                 Headstone  
Williams Nina E     1871     1939     Headstone  
Wing Betty J Jan 23 1923       Robert M. Wing   Headstone  
Wing Harvey Jumbo May 31 1928         Son of Harvey and Nita Wing Headstone  
Wing Laurine E Jan 23 1921 Aug 13 1989   Daughter of Arthur and Emma Frederiksen Headstone  
Wing Robert M Jun 16 1917       Betty J. Wing   Headstone  
Wood Steven Charles Jul 31 1944 Oct 29 2001     Headstone  
Woods Gertrude   Apr 20 1887 Mar 4 1960 Henry Woods   Headstone  
Woods Henry   Jan 21 1880 Dec 25 1954 Gertrude Woods   Headstone