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Individual Gravesites around the County     Anita Crabtree
Arnold Knoll (private property)      
Augustine's Place (private property)     Information being researched by
Lake County GenWeb
Anita Crabtree

Barkerville Cemetery



Anita Crabtree

Bartlett Springs Cemetery
(aka Ruppert Cemetery)



Anita Crabtree

Cache Creek Rancheria (Native American Cemetery)      Anita Crabtree

Cobb Mt. Cemetery
(see Glenbrook Cemetery)




Copsey or Copsey Creek Cemetery
(see Lower Lake Pioneer or Herndon)




Evergreen (section of Middletown cemetery)




Fees Ranch (private property)     Information being researched by
Lake County GenWeb
Anita Crabtree

Glenbrook Cemetery
(aka Hoberg, Mills or Cobb Mt. Cemetery)

22 Aug 2013

Jan 2006

Anita Crabtree
Total records = 205

Photos by: Sabrina Pickersgill
Total photos = 228

Graveyard Ridge
No stones. It is believed that, possibly, the bodies were moved to some other cemetery.
info from Anita Crabtree




Gully Cemetery (part of Hartley Cemetery)
was patented in 1872 by William Gully and passed through several hands before becoming part of Hartley Cemetery. 




Gunter Ranch (private property)     Anita Crabtree

Hartley Cemetery
Lakeport CA
Was named for Henry Hare Hartley, an attorney, who would have been installed as grand master of Masonic Lodges in the state, but he died of a heart attack just before the Masonic lodge was founded here in the late 1860s.

7 Oct 2013
15 Oct 2013

8 Oct 2002

Kathleen Alveyl ookups and photos

Photos by: Sabrina Pickersgill
Total photos = 467

Herndon Cemetery
(also see Lower Lake Pioneer or Copsey Cemetery)



Anita Crabtree

Hoberg Cemetery (see Glenbrook Cemetery)




Hullville-Gravelly Valley Cemetery

Now covered by Lake Pillsbury. Located at Graveyard point, between Horsepasture Gulch and Big Squaw Valley Creek. Apparently in the general vicinity of the present Summer Home Sites. About 1919, about 10 bodies in the cemetery were moved, supposedly to Upper Lake Cemetery.

Only one name: FORDYCE, John, moved to Upper Lake Cemetery



Anita Crabtree

Indian Knoll

Was located east of Kelseyville. Thought to be the first cemetery in county. 1st burial was a transient peddler, followed by several locals. When the cemetery on Renfro Drive, now known as Kelseyville Pioneer Cemetery, was established, burial at Indian Knoll stopped and a fence was put around the graves. In later years, the owner of the property tore down the fence and farmed over the graves.



Anita Crabtree

Kelseyville Cemetery (aka IOOF or Lupyoma)
Kelseyville CA




Kelseyville Pioneer Cemetery
Kelseyville CA

10 Oct 2013

14 Oct 2013

Photos by: Sabrina Pickersgill
Total photos = 39

Lakeport Cemetery
Lakeport CA
Was located on the north side of the west end of 4th Street in Lakeport. Remains were supposedly moved to Hartley Cemetery. It is covered with houses now. Info from Anita Crabtree.




Lower Lake Catholic (see Lower Lake Cemetery)
Lower Lake CA




Lower Lake Cemetery
Lower Lake CA
Eric Pearson, Manager
9040 Lake Street
P. O. Box 1193
Lower Lake, CA 95457
(707) 994-7820 

7 Oct 2013

25 Sep  2003

Richard Stevenson
Total records = 2,333

Photos by: Sabrina Pickersgill
Total photos = 406

Lower Lake Pioneer
(aka Herndon-Copsey Pioneer Cemetery)
Lower Lake CA




Lower Lake Pomo Indian Cemetery      

Lupyoma Cemetery (see Kelseyville Cemetery)




Magnolia (section of Middletown Cemetery)




McIntire Ranch (private property)     Anita Crabtree

Middletown Cemetery
Middletown CA
Intersection of Hwy 53 and Butts Canyon Road 
Mary Hardesty
Middletown Cemetery District
Drawer "C"
Middletown, CA 95461
(707) 987-0511 




Mills Cemetery (see Glenbrook Cemetery)     Redirect

Mission Cemetery (Native American Cemetery) (private property)
Kelseyville CA




Mission Rancheria (Native American Cemetery)      Anita Crabtree

Rabbit Hill 
(Remains moved to Middletown Cemetery)




Robinson Rancheria (Native American Cemetery)      Anita Crabtree
Ruppert Cemetery (see Bartlett Springs Cemetery)     Redirect
Scotts Valley (private property)      

St. Joseph’s (see Middletown Cemetery)
Middletown CA




St. Mary’s Catholic
Lakeport CA
Hwy 175 (1 mile from Hwy 29 & Hwy 175 intersection-Lakeport)

7 Oct 2013


Photos by: Sabrina Pickersgill
Total photos = 74

St. Peters Catholic Cemetery (private property)
Kelseyville CA



Anita Crabtree

St. Turibus Cemetery (see Mission Cemetery)




Sugar Bowl? (Native American Cemetery)        
Sulphur Bank (Native American Cemetery)      Anita Crabtree

Upper Lake Cemetery
Upper Lake CA




Upper Lake Rancheria (Native American Cemetery)      Anita Crabtree