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Campo Santo Memorial Park

27th & E Street
San Bernardino CA
(Old Catholic Cemetery 1850 to 1940)
(now a city park)

Submitted by Robin Laska, 2010

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Tital Page Page 1 Page 2 Deed Dedication

Burial Listing
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A-Barry Barrios-Castorina Castro-Delamer Delaney-Fontes Fox-Gonzales
campo-6.jpg (238403 bytes) campo-7.jpg (244666 bytes) campo-8.jpg (230315 bytes) campo-9.jpg (254038 bytes) campo-10.jpg (230089 bytes)
Gonzales-Junazzi Jure-McCarthy McCleary-Messa Mestler-Nervell Nicholas-Quillen
campo-11.jpg (236145 bytes) campo-12.jpg (232111 bytes) campo-13.jpg (269032 bytes) campo-14.jpg (177390 bytes)
Quinn-Rodericguez Rodericguez-Sepulveda Sepulveda-Vasquez Vasquez-Zutterman

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