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Cemetery Date Submitter
Alexander Family Cemetery
8644 Highway 128 
Alexander Valley
Anderson Ranch Cemetery      
Annapolis Church Cemetery
Annapolis CA
Latitude: 38.71833 : Longitude: -123.35917
Behind Old Horicon School
AKA Mount Carmel Church Cemetery
Asti Family Cemetery
Upper Occidental Rd., Asti 
B'nai Israel Cemetery
430 Magnolia Avenue
Petaluma CA 94952
Contact Dave Weinstock
(707) 763-8365
Latitude: 38.24556 : Longitude: -122.64806
AKA Petaluma Jewish Cemetery
Beeson Cemetery 
Geyserville CA
Latitude: 38.68111 : Longitude: -122.83222
1 Nov 2012
6 Oct 2013
  Monica Patterson
Total photos = 217
Benitz Cemetery OR benitz Ranch Cemetery
21200 Coast Hwy. 1
Timber Cove
Latitude: 38.53028 : Longitude: -123.26806
Bennett Valley Cemetery 
4760 Bennett Valley Rd.
Santa Rosa A
Latitude: 38.41583 : Longitude: -122.66028 
Bice Cemetery
3300 Westside Rd.
AKA Koger Cemetery
Big Plains Cemetery (see Hall Cemetery)      
Bloomfield Cemetery
Bloomfield CA
Latitude: 38.31361 : Longitude: -122.85778
Bodega Bay Cemetery
19933 Heron Dr.
Bodega Bay
Latitude: 38.3175 : Longitude: -123.02444
Bodega Calvary Cemetery
17242 Bodega Hwy.
Latitude: 38.34194 : Longitude: -122.97444
5 Jun 2013
13 Jun 2013
  Monica Patterson
Total photos = 394
Brain Ranch Graves
Brush Family Cemetery
Broad and East Streets
AKA Field Family Cemetery
Buckeye Creek Ranch Graves
AKA Cove Cemetery 
Burbank Gardens Grave
Santa Rosa
Canfield Cemetery
2720 Canfield Rd.
Latitude: 38.35139 : Longitude: -122.81417
Catron Cemetery
3828 Clear Ridge
Santa Rosa 
Chanate Cemetery
Chanate Rd.
Santa Rosa
aka Hospital Poor Farm and Sonoma County Cemeteries
Chapel of the Chimes Cemetery
2601 Santa Rosa Ave.
Santa Rosa 
Latitude: 38.41389 : Longitude: -122.71278 
Churchman Ranch Graves
Cloverdale Cemetery
580 East First St.
Cloverdale CA
Latitude: 38.80889 : Longitude: -123.00917
AKA Mount Olive and Riverside Cemeteries
  21 Jul 2003 Phil Carnahan
Total records = 1,181
Cooper Ranch Cemetery
King Ridge Rd., South of Stewart's Point 
Cove Cemetery
Buckeye Creek Ranch Graves
Cunningham Ranch Graves
Curry Cemetery
Cypress Hill Memorial Park
430 Magnolia Avenue
Petaluma CA 94952
(707) 762-6683
Latitude: 38.24722 : Longitude: -122.65056


Cyrus Alexander Family Cemetery
Latitude: 38.65694 : Longitude: -122.78528

8 Sep 2012


  Monica Patterson
Total photos = 14
Druids Occidental Cemetery
Occidental CA
(707) 874-1824
Latitude: 38.41 : Longitude: -122.94111

19 Apr 2008
   Total photos = 87
Duncans Mills Cemetery
Old Duncans Grade Rd.
Duncans Mills 
Latitude: 38.45917 : Longitude: -123.05389
Eldridge Cemetery
Orchard Rd.
Latitude: 38.34389 : Longitude: -122.51917
Elim Grove Cemetery
Evergreen Cemetery
Hwy 128
Knights Valley
AKA Pioneer, Holmes and Foote Cemeteries
Latitude: 38.63611 : Longitude: -122.67917
Faught Cemetery
5800 Faught Rd
Santa Rosa CA
Latitude: 38.51861 : Longitude: -122.75611
Field Family Cemetery
(see Brush Family Cemetery)
Fisk Ranch Cemetery
East of Annapolis 
Fisk's Mill Cemetery
25050 Hwy 1
Salt Point State Park 
Forestview Cemetery
5925 Gravenstein Hwy. North
Forestville CA 95436
AKA Forestville Odd Fellows Cemetery
Latitude: 38.46833 : Longitude: -122.88222

23 Sep 2010
   Val Hoover
Total photos = 13
Fort Ross Cemetery
19005 Coast Hwy. 1
Fort Ross 
Fulkerson Cemetery
Franklin Ave., & Spring St.
Santa Rosa
Latitude: 38.45583 : Longitude: -122.70389
Now known as Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery
Fulton Cemetery
Behind 3005 Parnell Rd.
Fulton CA
Also listed as Santa Rosa CA
Latitude: 38.48889 : Longitude: -122.7775
General Vallejo Ranch Cemetery
Gilliam Cemetery
Graton CA
(707) 829-1006
Latitude: 38.43139 : Longitude: -122.88
Green Valley Cemetery
9975 Green Valley Rd.
Graton CA
(707) 829-1006
Latitude: 38.44222 : Longitude: -122.88528
AKA Graton Cemetery and Peachland Cemetery
Guerneville Cemetery
On some maps you will see this cmetery name but it seems it may be
the same as Redwood Memorial Gardens  
Hagen Ranch Cemetery
AKA Manzanita Cemetery 
Hall Cemetery
877 Alexander Valley Rd.
Healdsburg, CA
Latitude: 38.66111 : Longitude: -122.85889
AKA Big Plains Cemetery

23 Oct 2012
  Monica Patterson
Total photos = 28
Haupt Ranch Cemetery
Five miles south of Annapolis
Holliday Ranch Graves
Rincoln Valley
Santa Ros
Hospital Poor Farm (see Chanate Cemetery)      
Howie Ranch Graves
AKA Odd Fellows Lawn Cemetery
Odd Fellows Cemetery
Santa Rosa Odd Fellows Cemetery 
Latitude: 38.45778 : Longitude: -122.70472
Joy Ranch Graves
Kashia Indian Reservation Cemetery
Stewarts Point
Knipp and Stengel Ranch Graves      
Koger Cemetery
AKA Bice Cemetery (see above listing)
Kricke Ranch Graves
Liberty Cemetery
Petaluma, CA 
(707) 795-4233
Latitude: 38.27917 : Longitude: -122.70444
London Ranch Graves
Jack London Ranch, London Ranch Rd.
Glen Ellen
Long Ranch Family Cemetery
18723 Independence Lane
Latitude: 38.6725 : Longitude: -122.88056
Lynch Ranch Cemetery
Gold Ridge, East of Gravenstein Hwy., No., and South of Occidental Rd. 
Macedonia Cemetery or
Macedonia M. E. Church Cemetery
4252 Hwy. 116, South of Sebastopol
Latitude: 38.35944 : Longitude: -122.77167
Manzanita Cemetery
AKA Hagen Ranch Cemetery
Mark West Cemetery
Mark West Springs Rd.
Santa Rosa
McPeak Cemetery
Forestville CA
Latitude: 38.50972 : Longitude: -122.92722
Mission S. F. Solano Cemetery
Moke Cemetery
Franklin Ave., & Spring St., 
Santa Rosa
Latitude: 38.45583 : Longitude: -122.70389
Now known as Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery
Mount Carmel Church Cemetery
Annapolis Church Cemetery
Mount Olive Cemetery
580 East First St., 
AKA Cloverdale and Riverside Cemeteries
Mountain Cemetery
90 First Street West
Sonoma, CA 95476
(707) 938-3681
Latitude: 38.30083 : Longitude: -122.45361
Neil's Island Cemetery
South of Petaluma
Nobels Ranch Cemetery      
Oak Hill Park Cemetery
Closed in 1870 and most of the graves were removed in 1900. 
Oak Knoll Cemetery
4034 Porter Creek Rd.
Santa Rosa
AKA Sharp Cemetery
Oak Mound Cemetery
aka Healdsburg Cemetery
601 Piper Road
Healdsburg CA
Latitude: 38.61639 : Longitude: -122.85778

Note: first burial was in 1853, most in the backwoods, much later all were removed to Oak Mound.

27 Mar 2010
13 Jan 2014
2 Apr 2010
29 Jun 2010
Monica Patterson & Kylea Knoles
Total records = 725
Total photos = 2,258
Olive Hill Cemetery
849 Canyon Road
Geyserville, CA 95441
(707) 857-3463
Latitude: 38.70833 : Longitude: -122.92306
Includes graves moved from Skaggs and Pritchett Family Cemeteries.

20 May 2011
23 Jul 2011
  Phil Carnahan
Total records = 791
Total photos = 896
Otis Ranch Graves
Patton Ranch Cemetery
Petaluma Hill Rd.
Santa Rosa 
Petaluma Calvary Cemetery
304 Magnolia Ave. 
Latitude: 38.24556 : Longitude: -122.64694
Peterson Ranch Graves
Bennett Valley
Santa Rosa
Pine Flat Cemetery
Pine Flat Rd., at Cervieres Rd.
Alexander Valley
Pleasant Hills Memorial Park
1700 Pleasant Hill Road
Sebastopol, CA 95472
(707) 823-5042
Latitude: 38.37972 : Longitude: -122.83417
Prest Ranch Cemetery
Miller Ridge 
Stewart's Point 
Preston Cemetery
Cloverdale, CA
  9 Sep 2012  
Pythian Home Cemetery
155 North Pythian Rd.
Latitude: 38.44389 : Longitude: -122.58083
Redwood Memorial Gardens
14125 Woodland Dr.
Latitude: 38.50806 : Longitude: -122.99111
Riverside Cemetery
580 East First St.
AKA Cloverdale and Mount Olive Cemeteries 
Ruoff-Thomas Cemetery
Timber Cove
Latitude: 38.54056 : Longitude: -123.285
Saint Francis Solano Catholic Cemetery
550 East Napa Street
Sonoma, CA 95487
(707) 762-8462

Latitude: 38.29111 : Longitude: -122.445
AKA Sonoma Catholic Cemetery
Saint Catherine Church Cemetery
Chapel Dr.
Monte Rio
AKA Breen Cemetery
Saint Teresa’s Catholic Church
Salem Cemetery
Santa Rosa Calvary Cemetery
2930 Bennett Valley Rd.
Santa Rosa
AKA Santa Rosa Catholic Cemetery
Latitude: 38.43139 : Longitude: -122.68472
Santa Rosa Memorial Park
1900 Franklin Ave
Santa Rosa CA 95404
(707) 542-1580
Latitude: 38.45972 : Longitude: -122.70722
Beth Ami and Shomrei Torah Cemeteries.
Santa Rosa Memorial Park- Shiloh Road Addition/Annex
Shiloh Rd.
Latitude: 38.52556 : Longitude: -122.81417

2 Jun 2011
8 Sep 2012
  Total photos = 6
Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery
Latitude: 38.45583 : Longitude: -122.70389
Fulkerson, Moke, Old Rural and Stanley Cemeteries are now known collectively as Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery. Includes Shomrei Torah Cemetery
Santana Cemetery
Santana Rd. 
Seaview Cemetery
Seaview Rd.
Latitude: 38.54333 : Longitude: -123.22306
Sebastopol Memorial Lawn
7951 Bodega Avenue
Sebastopol, CA 95472
(707) 823-7434
Latitude: 38.3975 : Longitude: -122.83583

18 Apr 2008
6 Mar 2014
   Total photos = 327
ALL unmarked photos are by Monica Patterson submitted 6 Mar 2014
Sharp Cemetery
4034 Porter Creek Rd.
Santa Rosa
AKA Oak Knoll Cemetery
Shiloh Cemetery
Shiloh Road and Windsor Road
Windsor, CA 95492
(707) 838-6684
17 Mar 2009
6 Mar 2014
  Monica Patterson
Total photos = 2,794
Shomrei Torah Cemetery (see Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery)      
Skaggs Family Cemetery
Skaggs Springs Rd.
Lake Sonoma
Graves removed to Olive Hill Cemetery in Geyserville
Sky Farm Cemetery
Slattery Ranch Graves
Sonoma Catholic Cemetery
550 East Napa St.
AKA Saint Francis Solano Catholic Cemetery
Sonoma County Cemetery
Chanate Rd.
Santa Rosa
AKA Chanate, Hospital and Poor Farm Cemeteries
Sonoma State Hospital Cemetery
Orchard Rd.
AKA Eldridge Cemetery
Sonoma Valley Cemetery
425 East MacArthur St. 
AKA Valley Cemeter
Sonoma Veterans Cemetery
Spring Hill Cemetery
9380 Bodega Hwy
West of Sebastopol
Latitude: 38.39694 : Longitude: -122.86306
Stanley Cemetery
Latitude: 38.45583 : Longitude: -122.70389
Now known as Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery 
Steele Family Cemetery
3590 Guerneville Rd. 
Santa Rosa
Latitude: 38.45222 : Longitude: -122.80528
Stewart Ranch Graves
Stewarts Point Cemetery
Latitude: 38.65 : Longitude: -123.39528 
Stirling City Cemetery
Stewarts Point
Sugarloaf Cemetery
Off Skyline Rd.
Latitude: 38.65389 : Longitude: -123.26361 
Thompson Family Cemetery
7301 Sonoma Mountain Rd
Glen Ellen
Trosper Ranch Graves
Two Rock Valley Presbyterian Church Cemetery
7063 Bodega Avenue
Petaluma, CA 94952
Contact - Mel Todt, Cemetery Chairperson (707) 763-4284 email:
Latitude: 38.25667 : Longitude: -122.77861

15 Feb 2012
9 Sep 2012 Monica Patterson
Total photos = 305


Upper Dry Creek Cemetery
West Dry Creek Rd. 
Valley Cemetery
425 East MacArthur St.
AKA Sonoma Valley Cemetery
Latitude: 38.28333 : Longitude: -122.44972 
Veterans Memorial Park Cemetery
Sonoma Veterans Cemetery)
Walker Ranch Cemetery      
Warneke Ranch Cemetery
Young Family Cemetery
off of Crane Canyon Rd.
south of Santa Rosa