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Bickerdyke, Mary Ann, Civil War Nurse
Submitted by Tim Reese Oct 2009

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Monterey Cypress and 
American Jan 14, 1912

Oak Hill Memorial Park, San Jose, Santa Clara, CA. Remembrance Day Ceremony held Nov 21, 2009 remembrance-day-sanjose-1.jpg (132975 bytes)
Speaker, Thomas Brown
remembrance-day-sanjose-2.jpg (127550 bytes)
Color Guard
Merrill, Giles      
Old Mission Cemetery, San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo County, CA
Re-Dedication ceremony March 13, 2010
Submitted by Tim Reese
old-mission-rededication-charlie-mabie.jpg (103424 bytes)
Speaker, Charlie Mabie
old-mission-rededication-color-guard.jpg (114709 bytes)
Color Guard
old-mission-rededication-fire-salute.jpg (104292 bytes)
Fire Salute
Grand Army of the Republic Tree in Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County, CA, sort of a  before and after, a 1930 shot and a 2010. Submitted by David Davis gar-tree-1930.jpg (159596 bytes)
GAR Tree 1930
gar-tree-2010.jpg (169915 bytes)
GAR Tree 2010
gar-tree_sancallfeb271903.jpg (133237 bytes)
General Stewart visits Santa Cruz
27 Feb 1903
Youngs, Benjamin Franklin
Medal Of Honor Winner Grave Dedication 
Confederate Memorial Day 16 May 2010
Includes list of Confederate dead of Orange County