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Don Huffman, Graves Registration Officer
SUVCW, W P Carlin Camp #25

Stacy Cemetery

(this cemetery was recorded in full because it was small and in a remote location) 2003

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baker-charles-1843-1914.jpg (42867 bytes) baker-charles-plot-view.jpg (38760 bytes) caudle-alfred-1827-1920.jpg (44445 bytes) caudle-plot-21.jpg (41948 bytes)
Charles C. Baker Charles C. Baker plot Alfred Caudle Caudle plots
caudle-plot-21-cleaned-up.jpg (40904 bytes) front-gate.jpg (31967 bytes) stacy-cem-map.jpg (97714 bytes) stacy-cem-assossor-map.jpg (46236 bytes)
Caudle plots cleaned up Cemetery front gate Cemetery plot map Assossor's map
stacy-cem-recording.jpg (96342 bytes) stacy-cem-indenture.jpg (121095 bytes)
Cemetery recording 2003 Indenture