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Capt. Jasper M. Barthelow

BARTHELOW: Capt. Jasper M. Barthelow Captain Jasper M. Barthelow of Monterey County, Civil War Veteran of the California Column, 8th California Infantry Company C. He was born in estimated 1834 in Virginia. He died on a Monday- May 16th, 1870, in Monterey (his obit reads at aged 35 years, while his headstone reads age 37 years.). He served in the Civil War as a Captain in the California Column in the 8th California Infantry, Company C. His service dates: he enlisted out of San Francisco on January 21st, 1865 and was mustered out at Fort Point, San Francisco on October 24th, 1865 with the rest of his company. Not much is known about this man’s civilian life, his obituary is not that revealing. His obituary is from the May 21st, 1870 issue of the newspaper of that time, called the “Monterey Democrat “. Captain Jasper M. Barthelow is buried at El Encinal Cemetery next to Lake El Estero in Monterey, California, (the Cemetery is also known as the Monterey City Cemetery, and as usually called in the 1800’s, the Protestant Cemetery). His grave is next to the gate entrance to the cemetery maintenance yard and office.

Compiled and Submitted: by Tim P. Reese, PCC Aug 2009

Obit transcription:

BARTHELOW, JASPER M (1835-1870) MONTEREY El Encinal Cemetery
(Monterey Democrat May 21, 1870 
DIED: In this place, on Monday 16th inst. Capt. J.M. Barthelow, aged 35 years. In Memoriam At a special meeting of the Rachabite order of this place the following resolutions were adopted: Whereas, I has pleased Divine Providence to remove from our brotherhood by the hand of death, our brother J.M. Barthelow, we the members of Monterey Tent No. 3, I.O. of Rachabites, in order to pay a proper tribute of respect to his memory, do adopt the following resolutions: Resolved, That we tender our sincere sympathy to the widow and friends of the deceased in this sad hour of their affliction. Resolved, That our altar, charter and emblems be draped in mourning for the space of three months. Resolved, That the Tent attend the funeral services in a body, with appropriate regalia, and that each member wear crape upon the left arm during the funeral services. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be presented to the widow of the deceased, and that a copy be spread upon our minutes, enclosed in black lines, and published in the Monterey Republican and Monterey Democrat. R.B. Warren, G.S. G.W. Roadhouse, R.S.


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