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Asst. Surgeon: Dr. JAMES B. FARRINGTON of the 3rd U.S.C.T. (United States Colored Troops). Civil War Veteran of Monterey County, Ca. 

Dr. James B. Farrington was born near Rochester, New Hampshire on January 3, 1831 according to his obituary, and on his headstone reads March 11th, 1831. During the Civil War he enlisted as an Assistant Surgeon and was attached to the 3rd United States Colored Troops regiment. His service dates are unknown at this time. The obituary stated he was buried in Santa Rita, Which was obviously mistaken, there is the Santa Rita Catholic Cemetery, but after cemetery survey after survey, he was found to be at rest at the IOOF “Garden of Memories Memorial Park” on 850 Abbott Street in Salinas, California. There is a headstone and a military headstone laid flat just before the other headstone. Dr. James B. Farrington died on March 22, 1883 

The Following Transcription is the obituary from the “Salinas City Index” newspaper dated March 29th, 1883. 

FARRINGTON, JAMES B. (1831-1883) SALINAS IOOF Cemetery (Salinas City Index March 29, 1883) 
Death of Dr. Farrington. On Thursday evening, March 22d, at the home of Dr. S.M. Archer, Santa Rita, Dr. James B. Farrington passed away from earth. He had resided in this county for many years- since 1868- and was well and favorably known as a skilled physician, having few superiors, or few equals. His death was caused by consumption, the result of an over active life, long journeyings, exposure and hardships. Dr. Farrington was born at or new Rochester, New Hampshire [NY?] on the 3d day of January, 1831. His life, from infancy almost was one of usefulness, as the poor as well as the rich can attest. The burial took place at Santa Rita on Easter Sunday in the presence of many friends. A solemn cortege was formed and wended its way to the grave in the cemetery of the “Holy Writ.” Upon the deposit of the body in mother earth, Hon. W.S. Dodge, a long time friend of the deceased, pronounced his funeral oration at the request of deceased. In the presence of the silent multitude assembled at the grave, Mr. Dodge said in substance as follows: 

Friends: Here in this grave lies a friend to us all and a brother man. the “mortal coil is shuffled off,” and the noble spirit has departed hence. None knew him but to respect and love him. Everywhere throughout our valleys, mountain sides and tops, his name was a household word, and his presence ever welcome. He died most worthily respected and loved. The deceased was a graduate of Bodoin College, Maine and institution from which have graduated many men of distinction, local and national. Franklin Pierce, President of the United States, and Robert S. Dodge, were classmates there. John P. Hale, SP Chase and Rufus Choate imbibed there the elements of their future greatness. For many years. Dr. Farrington resided in Wisconsin, and there established a fine practice. In 1860-61 the War of the Rebellion came, and most all patriotic sons of our country who could, joined the army in defense of the Union. the deceased did good service in that cause, losing his left arm in the Florida campaign. From the time he came to us he has been our friend. At no time, day or night, fair of stormy weather, in daylight or pitchy darkness, did he refuse to go to human call, heedless of compensation. No physician that does not admit his skill; no man who walks the streets or highways of our county, but must admit his friendship, none who can fail to say he was truly a man. when possible with him, sorrow had its surcease, woe and trouble their end. He lived and died a hero in the battle of life, and thousands ought to and will, bless his memory. Here now we lay our friend at rest. His duties, his hopes, his ambitions are all ended. Far away in the hills of the “Old Granite State,” a sister and other relatives will mourn his loss. We can but do our duty here and wait our sympathy to them. He died in peaceful conscience and without regret. He wished all mankind well and a happy, future home. Let it be our prayer and wish that he may forever rest in the “home of the blest.” Friends now we bid him adieu. 

Then came the closing ceremonies, the prayer of the Masonic burial service being pronounced by H. Samuels, after which was the final interment. He has passed to that “bourne whence no traveler returns.” Peace to his ashes.

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Researched and Compiled by : Timothy P. Reese, PCC of Salinas , CA. & Robert L. Nelson ,PCC. of Santa Cruz.CA. Both members of the “Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War”. Department of California & Pacific. Camp Abraham Lincoln # 10. The Reese-Nelson CWV-MC Data Base