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Deck, Jones, Little, Osborne


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osborne1.jpg (23114 bytes) This photo was so large I had to scan it in pieces and put it together. This is my great grandfather Wilbur Smith Osborne's store in downtown Wheatland, CA. My dad said this is next to Big Al's market. That looks like Grandpa Wilbur on the left.
deck-11.jpg (12049 bytes) This token was good for 5 cents trade at the store of Wilbur Smith Osborne.
deck-01.jpg (35182 bytes) Abraham Marion Deck and Amanda Minerva (Jordan) Deck.
deck-02.jpg (19393 bytes) Amanda Minerva (Jordan) Deck. Born in Newton County, MO to Calbert Jordan and Catherine Frances Denton. The Jordans moved to Yuba County, CA between 1850 - 1860. She married Abraham Marion Deck, the son of Thomas W. Deck and Sarah Barks. She had 13 children in Yuba County, CA. She died in Wheatland August 23, 1923, and was buried by Lipp and Sullivan in Marysville, the year it opened. 
deck-03.jpg (40915 bytes) This photo was taken about 1896 or so judging by the age of grandma Hazel. On the left is either Marion Lee, or Wade Deck, the middle is Hazel Deck and the right is Elizabeth Deck.
deck-04.jpg (17303 bytes) These are two daughters of Abraham Marion Deck and Amanda Minerva Jordan. I believe the one on the left is Amanda Aurelia (Deck) Jones and the one on the right is Elizabeth Hanna (Deck) Little. This is 1 photo of 40 page photo album which only 7 pictures are labeled. They are probably our Missouri relatives some who came to CA prior to 1860. Photographer J.C. Franklin, Marysville, CA.
deck-05.jpg (19602 bytes) Amanda Aurelia (Deck) Jones
deck-06.jpg (13871 bytes) Elizabeth Hanna (Deck) Little
deck-07.jpg (19155 bytes) Hazel Irene Deck
deck-08.jpg (39158 bytes) Hazel Deck. Grandma Hazel was being courted by Henry Nader until she met Wilbur Osborne at a chum's house in Lincoln. Within a week they were married. They were married just short of 22 years when Wilbur died of TB. He was the son of Nicholas Osborne and Elizabeth Kirkham.
deck-09.jpg (12165 bytes) Thomas Marion and Amanda Aurelia (Deck) Jones
deck-10.jpg (13869 bytes) Doran O. Little and Elizabeth Hanna (Deck) Little. Lizzie was Doran's second wife. Doran was at the Sheridan crosswalk when his Model A Ford stalled on the tracks. A train was coming so he got out and walked away. The impact threw his car on him and he was killed. 
deck-12.jpg (18210 bytes) Aunt Lizzie's name card. It was very fashionable to have name cards to trade among your school friends.
deck-13.jpg (27714 bytes) We have been using Lipp and Sullivan for 81 years now since they opened in 1923. This is the receipt for Grandma Amanda Deck. Uncle James Deck handled all the burials.
deck-14.jpg (40892 bytes) Wheatland Free Press, Wheatland, Oct. 9, 1875. A thief broke into grandpa's house and set it on fire.
deck-15.jpg (20026 bytes) This little pitcher is the only thing that survived the house fire in 1875 at the residence of Abraham Marion Deck. 
deck-16.jpg (27748 bytes) Ellen J. Little wife of David Scott Little. From Dubuque County, IA. Buried in Wheatland Cemetery. 
deck-17.jpg (19104 bytes) Ellen J. Little wife of David Scott Little. From Dubuque County, IA. Buried in Wheatland Cemetery.
deck-18.jpg (31503 bytes) Autograph Album of Elizabeth (Deck) Little.