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Deck, Jones, Little, Osborne

The following transcriptions have been generously provided by Michelle Moore - , May 2004.  


Michelle’s family have been residents of Yuba County 

since before 1870.  She saved numerous items related to her family and their neighbors.


Michelle’s great great Aunt Lizzie was Elizabeth Hanna (Deck).  Her great grandmother

was Hazel (Deck) Osborne, who lived in Wheatland her whole life.


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November 1896 Courtesy of Art James

Doran Little is missing. He was in charge of Mr. Attkisson's blacksmith shop and to-day Mr. Swift is his proxy. As to the whereabouts of Doran no one can say, but as it is known that county clerk Bowman issued a married license to D.O. Little and Miss Lizzie Deck it is presumed that Doran is a married man again and is off on a wedding trip.

November or December 1896 Courtesy of Art James

Doran Little's absence last week has been accounted for. A little notice in another column announces the wedding of D.O. Little and Miss Lizzie Deck. They were married in Marysville by Rev. Mr. Garver, the Episcopalian minister. After a few days sojourn in the county seat Mr. and Mrs. Little returned to Wheatland and are now keeping house with Doran's mother (Ellen Jane (James) Little. The Four Corners extends congratulations to the… (Rest of article has been cut of).

November or December 1896. Courtesy of Art James


LITTLE_DECK - In Marysville, Nov. 26, 1896 by Rev. J.W. Lundy, Doran O. Little and Miss Lizzie Deck, both of Wheatland.


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Autograph Book of Elizabeth Hanna (Deck) 
daughter of Abraham Marion Deck
and Amanda Minerva Jordan.

(I left in the spelling errors so this is true as to what I see. Michelle)

Miss Lizzie Deck
Wheatland, Cal

May 24th 1889
Dear Sister
There’s never a day so sunny
But some little cloud appears
There is never a day so happy
But has its time for tears
Your Sister
(Written by Hattie Alice (Deck) Burritt wife of Walter Henry Burritt)

April 11th 1892
To Lizzie
Joy on earth to thee be given
Peace and eternal life in Heaven
Is the wishes of your friend.
J.D. Thomas

Wheatland June 8, 1889
Friend Lizzie,
O' one what a beautiful task!
For thee I lay
Till the eve grew gray,
While thou in the sunshine's gleam
Did bask!
Mrs. J. U. Lee

Ed. J. McCready
Yuba City, CA
(Written by Edward J. McCready, son of Thomas McCready and Flora Stewart.)

W.W. Stewart
Yuba City
Sutter Co.

(I think this is William W. Stewart a son of F. and Anna Stewart)

(This next one is very faded and hard to read)
With Smitten charm of Friendship
Regard me as a link.

April 21st 1889
Friend Lizzie,
We may write our names in albums,
We may trace them in the sand,
We may chisel them in marble, with a firm and skillful hand,
But the pages soon are sullid,
Soon each name will fade away
Every morin? Want will crumble, and all earthly hopes decay
But dear friend, there is an album, filled with leaves of white s--?
There no names are ever tarnished, but forever dearest
In that blessed book of life, {God's Album}may --- ---- 
Be f----d with care and all who here have written.
with there names forever there. -. E. B----?

To Lizzie Be good sweet amid, and let who will be clever
Do noble things, not dream them all day long
And so make life, death, and that vast forever
One grand sweet song
Your Friend,
Mrs. J. C. Cook
Wheatland, July 28, 1889

Ever Your Friend
John C. Cook
Wheatland Aug-11-89

Dear Lizzie
Doubt thou the stars are fire,
Doubt that the dun doth move;
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt I love.
Wheatland May 3rd 1889 M.F. ?lo.

April 3rd 92
Miss Lizzie Deck
"Deceit so near the truth doth seem to run,
'Tis doupful whome to seek or whome to shun;
Or when to save or when to strike,
"Our friends and foes," seems so near a like!"
Royal Path of Life
Hiram Lantz

Dear Sister
May all who love at this blessed season seek
His precious little ones the poor and weak;
On joyful sweet accord
Thus tending to the Lord.
Your Sister
Wheatland August 11th 1889
(Written by Flora I. (Deck) Stone wife of William H. Stone)

April 10th 1889
To Lizzie
The sea may rise,
The mountains may fall,
And my love for the,
Will live through it all
Your Friend,
Phil Hollingshead
(Written by Phillip Hollingshead a son of Aner Hollingshead and Abigail

To Lizzie
May angels gently guide thy bark,
Tis life dark and stormy sea,
And anchor in some heavenly spot.
Is Florence's wish for thee
Your loving Cousin,
Florence Oliver
San Jose, Ca.
(I believe the last names says Oliver, but I am not sure of a cousin by this name)

God Pity them both and pity us all
Who warmly the dreams of youth recall.
For of all sad words of to-gire or from
The saddest are those it might have been.
April 11th 1889
J. E. Hollingshead
(I believe this is Joseph E. Hollingshead a son of Aner Hollingshead and Abigail Jones)

June the 14th 1891
Friend Lizzie,
Thee business of my
Life shall be forever to remember thee
Your friend,
Francis Hamon
(Francis is a man, but I don't know whose family he belongs to)

Miss Lizzie
T's sweet to be remembered
But sad to be forgot
O deep indeed the anguish
To be remembered not
Your Friend,
Lizzie Gardner
Wheatland Mar 30 1889.

April 17 1889
Friend Lizzie,
Take this token of affection
May its beauty move thy heart
Chill me not with cold rejection
But not all my hopes depart.
M.F. Hollingshead
(Written by Marion Francis Hollingshead a son of Aner Hollingshead and
Abigail Jones)

To Lizzie
Rich are they who have many friends.
M.M. Coffman
Sacramento City- Cal
April 1st 1889

Friend Lizzie
"When God created man and wife
He made man by far the strongest,
And then to equalize his wrong
Made womens tongue the longest."
Your Friend,

April 21st 1889
Miss Lizzie
May the flowers of prosperity,
Ever blossom along your path-way.
J. E. Bru------?

April, 17th 1889
Miss Lizzie Deck
Remember this and bear in mind,
A constant friend forever thine.

This list is from the back of my great grandmother Hazel's Ledger. 
She was Hazel (Deck) Osborne a daughter of Abraham Marion Deck 
and Amanda Minerva Jordan.

It probably deals with a lot of residents from Wheatland, CA.

Deaths 1954
Bill Hollingshead Jan. 5th
Minnie Lumbard Jan. 16th
Jessie Lively (Died sudden Jan. 16th
Mima Creps 86 yr. Mar. 20th
Bill Middleton 69 yr. Mar. 25th
Straud Deck 83 yr. Mar. 25th (Her brother Straud Henry Deck)
Ward Nut? 73 yr. June 3rd
Frank Stone 69 yr. July 18th (Her nephew)
Henry Jasper 83 yr. Nov. 25th
Lou Wallace 80 Dec.

Elenor Dam Couk? 50 yr. Jan. 20th
Carlton Anderson 54 yr. Jan. 20th
Jake Scobre? 61 yr. Jan. 25th
Frank Burdick 56 yr. Feb. 1st
Dick Mouson 67 yr. Feb. 1st
Harry Dave 79 yr. July 83
Elizabeth DeWayne 86 yr. Sept ber.
Out stone
Nellie Olsen Trusbaud? died on Dec. 24th 1955
Bell McCurry in Dec. 1855

Mr. and Mrs. Rolands
January 1956
Earl Akins died Feb. 23.
Martha Harvard died in Los Angeles. Mary's sister.
Ed Frazier died last of March (a 78 is circled by the name probably for his age.)
Walter Burritt died March. 30th. (#88 circled) (Her brother in law)
Vic Dopson died April 5th. (#71 Circled)
Dick McKinney May 1956
Aug - Louie Jorden (#70 Circled)
Dale Young 44 yr.
Louie Baur 83 yrs.
Nov. Mrs. Gross mother died 88 yrs. Old.
Nov. Anna Nickelson husband died. 68 yrs. Old.
Clara Knight December
Prisciela Noges July 87 yrs

Dell Hicks Feb 88 yrs
Kerby Hicks Feb
Flip Phillips Apr 70 yrs
Nora Whitely 90 yrs died April.
Dell Lowell died April.
Elsie Elder 69 died April
Harry Beck 60 May 11th
Will Guild 72 Mar 20th
Aurthur Purcell May 70
Harry Little Nov 6th 77th yrs
Lizzie Little Nov. 16th 88 (Her sister Elizabeth)
Mrs. Pickthane 17th 96
Ethel Smith Boswell Dec 19th 68
Vic Hooper Dec. 17th

Deaths 1958
Jan 16 Kate Taggert 90 yrs.
Mar, 23 Rachel Muck 87
Mar Helen Gorton
Mar Nellie Gleur 82
May Jack Rich
Aug Charles Buschell?
Sept 12 Georgie Fuller 71
Sept May Brewer 89
Sept 13 Clif Lahler
Nov. 7 Mrs. Garry
Dec 15 John Lyster 72

Mar. Birdie Bowman
Mar. Nelson Harding
June Jim June 12th
July Elizabeth Oakley 91 Years
Bert Waddell Aug. 82
Pauline Wolf 86 yrs.
Bill Carney 86 Aug.

Mr. McCulla 92
Emma Geipman 98
Anna Hall 102
Mr. Bullington 92 April
Lottie Jasper 92
Flora McKenney 83 May
Ernie Jasper 83 June
Kitty Armstead May
Gretta McCurry 71
Eve Armstead 71
Charollet Jasper 71
Jim Pick 71
George Glenn 79 Dec
Nort Brock 72 Dec
Hoarse Brock Oct.

Hazel Bernett? 92 Jan 1961
Marorie? Puttman 79 Jan 1961
Bud Buddick Mar
Eliza Akins Mar
92 yrs Sadie Reichers Mar
76 yrs Mary Brewer Deck Apr 1st (May be a wife of James Deck, 
but not sure)
44 Evelyn Brown May 26
80 Will Ajax June

77 Bert Harrieton June 4
Hazel Hollingshead Feb
David Jones
77 Charley Herbert Feb.
80 Cora Hacker Mar 4
76 Jack Markel Mar 27
88 Jack Thurnen? April
88 Burl Gillpaw May
79 Dave Fontain September 82 Mrs. David

Deaths 1963
Jan. Herman Neighmeyer
Nellie Olsen
Mar 23 Jack Harrison (This is Jack Hatton Harrison my great grandpa, 
but not related to the Decks).
April 5 Ann Hollingshead 63 yr
April 15 Rill 87 yrs. (This is her sister Amanda Aurelia (Deck) Jones.)
July Bill Mitchel 70 yrs.
Aug James Brown
Oct. Ethel Frazier 73
Dec Lizzie Ostrom

Dec Ray Hutchen