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Family Files

We encourage you to submit your information on your family -NO gedcom files please. These can include typed data, descendant charts, books or files on your surname/family, etc. No information regarding personsstill living may be included in your submissions.



Abrew, Daniel Donald
Ansell, John b. abt 1592 (just a guess based on marriage date of abt 1612)
Ashford, Nelson Dewey 1889-1983 - a very interesting collection of military items
Belcher & Related Families - transcription of documents dating from 1851
Richard Belcher
Burtis- Nelson Family Files
Caldwell, Arthur Brooks  Submitted by: Carolee Moore. July 2006
Caldwell, Lucile G., wife of Arthur Brooks Caldwell (Photo)
Caldwell, Lucile G., wife of Arthur Brooks Caldwell (Photo)
Caldwell, Lucile, G., wife of Arthur Brooks Caldwell (Photo) c. 1900
Clark, Mary Lucile Caldwell, daughter of Arthur & Lucile Caldwell (Photo) c. 1898
Clark, Mary Lucile Caldwell, daughter of Arthur & Lucile Caldwell (Photo) c. mid 1890's
Coates family news clippings. Submitted by Roger Bird Sep 2009. 
Judge Arthur W. Coates   Coates Family Reunion    Wilson Coats  (probably Arthur Wilson Coats, Jr.who was born abt 1915.). 
Cody, John see Giles, Jay below
Dawson Family (please scroll a bit as there is a lot of blamk space)
Deck, Jones, Little, Osborne
Denning, Albert John (1885-1976) and Hazel Elizabeth Craig (b1892)
Dineen, John (please contact James Gray if you have more information)
Donahoe, Daniel Patrick  b1849
Donoho, Milford 3 generation file, 5 generation file
Donoho, Milford pension files
Elliott, William Thompson 1836-1918 Family file page 1
Elliott, William Thompson - Family file page 2
Elliott, William Thompson - Family file page 3
Elliott, William Thompson - Family file page 4
Elliott, William Thompson Civil War file
Hare, James Knox b1847
Harkey Family  William Harkey (photo) Clarinda Harkey (photo)
Herzog Family   F. J. Herzog sign ad
Hibbert, Thomas Joseph b1842
Holloman, Edmund Wesley b1825
Holman, William Dudley c1848-1911
Jay, Giles (Jiles) E. and John Cody Families
Johnson, Samuel, (1850-1884) - Descendants of
Kinsella - Bridget (Kinsella) Frusetta born 24 Apr 1865, Carrick on Suir County, Waterford, Ireland - descendants of  Page 1   Page 2   Page 3   Page 4   Page 5  
Information compiled by Thomas James Frusetta 1917-1971. Submitted by Edward Hotaling May 2011
Kuster Family
Labadie and Wyllie Families
Machado, Antonio Silvera
Mansfield, Enos 1825-1895 - Descendants of
Manwell's in California
McCloskey, Patrick b. abt 1830
McCreary, John Hayden 1841-1889 - Individual Record 
Meador, John 1800-1962 - Family File
Newell, James - Autobiography
     Retrospect, My Family History
     My Father and West Virginia
     My Boyhood and Education
     The Civil War
     Choosing a Profession
     Minister in California
     Now for a Little of My Life in Placerville
     My Family
     Newell, James Madison, Civil War Ohio 155th (photo)
     Newell, James Madison (photo, later years)
     Newell Descendants of William Bentley
Nightingale Family
Nye Family
Parks, David b1805
Powers Family
Presley Family
Ruggles, Eli Fayette 1833-1904 - Family File
Ruggles, Eli  (Photo)
Ruggles, Fernando  (Photo)
Ruggles, Leanna  (Photo)
Ruggles, Viola  (Photo)
Saye, Richard - A Complete Genealogy Report
Starr Family - photos
Strain, Isaac, - Descendants of - also see bio of James Edward Strain
Sheatz, Eli Wiser (1828-1896) and Maria H. Kesner (1859-1908)
(This pdf file is a bit hard to read)
Tennent, John Hooper - Descendants/Ancestors of
Tyrrell Family
Walter, Ludwig 1802-1871 - Family file
Wedderien, Franz Heinrich - "Frank H. Wederin" 1822-1860
Welch, Richard d1878 - Welch/Walsh
Williams and Wiltse families
Williams, Mabel Alice Goodrich - headstone photo
Wyllie and Labadie Families (see Labadie above)