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Cody and Jay Families

JAY Branch


Father: Giles (sometimes Jiles) E Jay Born 12/27/1835 in Fort Wayne Indiana Died 11/12/1921 MO
Son of Dempsey (1802)& Clarkie (Hunt) (1803) Jay
Mother: Emma (Cody) Jay Born 1855/1856 in Iowa Died 1880-1886

Daughter of John and Catharine Cody

Married 2/14/1871 Sutter County, CA

Son: John T. Jay Born 4/23/1871, died 10/29/1874 in Nicolaus, CA**
Daughter: Anna Katie “Wannie”(Jay,Quinn) Alley Born 5/5/1873 in California
Died 7/25/1948 in Redding, CA ***
Son: Charley Andrew Jay Born Oct 1874 in California, died 1958 in Sutter, CA*
Daughter: Mary F (Jay) Simmons Born 1878 in California moved to Portland Oregon 
As a child Giles moved with his parents from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Keokuk, Iowa where he spent his childhood.

In 1859 he joined in with the “gold rush” to California, making the complete trip with an immigrant train. In California he was married to Emma Cody in 1871. They had four children.

After Emma’s death Giles moved to Mercer County, MO along with Anna. Mary and Charles remained in California with their grandparents John and Kate Cody. 

Charley was living with his grandmother Cody in Nicolaus, CA (1900 Censes). He lived with Mary Campbell & her family and owned his own blacksmith shop in Nicolaus, CA (1910 censes). He was still living in Nicolaus with a border in the 1920 Census.

* Buried in Nicolaus Cemetery, Nicolaus, CA ** Buried in Pleasant Grove cemetery, Pleasant Grove, CA

*** Buried in the Alley Cemetery, Mercer Missouri

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jay-giles.jpg (5612 bytes) Giles Jay
alley-wannie.jpg (54767 bytes) “Wannie” Alley
simmons-mary.jpg (68982 bytes) Mary (Jay) Simmons
march-archie.jpg (30641 bytes) Archie March
jay-mary-boy.jpg (35757 bytes) Mary Jay’s boy
CODY Branch

Father: John Cody Born 1/21/1818 Ireland 
Died 2/25/1898 Nicalaus, CA *
Son of ?
Mother: Catharine “Kate” (?) Cody Born 3/31/1833 Bayern, Bavaria (Germany)
Died 6/8/1908 Nicalaus, CA *

Daughter of ? 

Kate had 6 children and all were deceased as of 1900 census

Catharine immigrated to the US in 1839 (1900 census), she would have been 6 years old.

John, Catharine and Emma moved from Iowa to California during the gold rush.

They lived with Giles Jay in Nicalaus Township, Sutter County California. Jiles was listed in the 1870 Census as a farmer and John was a farm laborer. Kate was listed as keeping house.

Giles married their daughter Emma in 1871, she was 15 years old. Giles and Emma had four children. Emma died and Giles returned to Missouri with Wannie the youngest daughter. The other children remained in California.

John and Kate continued to live in the area of Nicalaus until their death in 1818 and 1908.

Charles Jay their grandson lived with Kate during the 1900 census.

stable-in-nicolaus.jpg (32392 bytes)  

This is a picture of a stable in Nicolaus, CA sometime before 1898. It is believed to be Mary and Charles Jay with their grandparents John and Kate Cody. The other two women are unknown.

* Buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery about two miles west of the town of Pleasant Grove, California.

? James Cody Born 1841c Ireland (1870 census pages 19&20 Nicalaus, CA)


Information and photos provided by Bob Alley. If you have further information about these families, or are related to them, please contact Bob.