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alvord-hannah-obit.jpg (53748 bytes) Alvord, Hannah M. - obituary barr-arthur-and-carrie-starr-marriage.jpg (139155 bytes) Barr,  Arthur S. and Carrie Belle Starr-  
marriage announcement
barr-arthur-excursionn.jpg (384728 bytes) Barr,  Arthur S. - Woodmen Excursion barr-everett-obit.jpg (98648 bytes) Barr, Everett Arthur - obituary
butler-charles-funeral-card.jpg (71748 bytes) Butler, Charles Franklin - funeral card       
baker-charlotte-1.jpg (44859 bytes) Butler, Charlotte Baker baker-charlotte-1-rev.jpg (56405 bytes) Butler, Charlotte Baker (back)
baker-charlotte-2.jpg (53997 bytes) Baker, Charlotte

baker-charlotte-2-rev.jpg (92465 bytes)

Baker, Charlotte (back)
baker-charlotte-3.jpg (42290 bytes) Butler, Charlotte baker-charlotte-3-rev.jpg (73516 bytes) Butler, Charlotte (back)
baker-charlotte-obit.jpg (119297 bytes) Butler, Charlotte Baker - obituary butler-edward-obit-1.jpg (134340 bytes) Butler, Edward - obituary #1
butler-edward-obit-2.jpg (94151 bytes) Butler, Edward - obituary #2     Butler, Edward - biography
butler-emily-jane-1.jpg (36120 bytes) Butler, Emily Jane butler-emily-jane-1-rev.jpg (41884 bytes) Butler, Emily Jane (back)
butler-emily-jane-2.jpg (36152 bytes) Butler, Emily Jane butler-emily-jane-2-rev.jpg (24511 bytes) Butler, Emily Jane (back)
butler-emily-jane-3.jpg (49324 bytes) Butler, Emily Jane butler-emily-jane-3-rev.jpg (41385 bytes) Butler, Emily Jane (back)
butler-emily-jane-4.jpg (50796 bytes) Butler, Emily Jane butler-emily-jane-4-rev.jpg (43362 bytes) Butler, Emily Jane (back)
butler-poole-poole-girls.jpg (161925 bytes) Butler, Emily, Betty Jane Poole, Starr Poole      
butler-ethel-1.jpg (50949 bytes) Butler, Ethel Grimm butler-ethel-1-rev.jpg (54350 bytes) Butler, Ethel Grimm (back)
butler-helen-1.jpg (46389 bytes) Butler, Helen Delphine butler-helen-1-rev.jpg (54384 bytes) Butler, Helen Delphine (back)
butler-mary-1.jpg (70000 bytes) Butler, Mary Alice  butler-mary-1-rev.jpg (34874 bytes) Butler, Mary Alice  (back)
butler-mary-2.jpg (89979 bytes) Butler, Mary Alice 


coats-robert-and-betty-poole-marraige.jpg (93045 bytes) Coats, Robert T. and Betty Jean Poole - marriage cutts-emily-fam.jpg (67768 bytes) Cutts, Emily, Aber Cutts, Lilly Cutts, Carrie Starr Barr
coats-betty-starr-1.jpg (31125 bytes) Coats, Betty Starr  coats-betty-starr-1-rev.jpg (23543 bytes) Coats, Betty Starr (back)
coats-betty-starr-2.jpg (9222 bytes) Coats, Betty Starr  coats-betty-starr-2-rev.jpg (14880 bytes) Coats, Betty Starr (back)
cutts-emily-jane-butler starr-obit-1.jpg (63407 bytes) Cutts, Emily Jane -obituary`#1 cutts-emily-jane-butler starr-obit-2.jpg (65212 bytes) Cutts, Emily Jane -obituary #2
green-harriet-elva-1.jpg (49227 bytes) Green, Harriet Elva  green-harriet-elva-1-rev.jpg (28348 bytes) Green, Harriet Elva (back)
starr-philena-grave.jpg (95630 bytes) Starr, Philena and Lottie May Dawson, Yuba City Cemetery, Sutter County palmer-mont-floyd-obit.jpg (61548 bytes) Palmer, Mont Floyd, obituary 
poole-al-obit.jpg (72807 bytes) Poole, Al E., obituary poole-annie-green-obit.jpg (107171 bytes) Poole, Annie Green, obituary
poole-betty.jpg (32840 bytes) Poole, Betty poole-clarence-obit.jpg (118233 bytes) Poole, Clarence Francis, obituary
poole-don-obit.jpg (67607 bytes) Poole, Don W., obituary poole-frank-wilford-1.jpg (104487 bytes) Poole, Frank Wilford
poole-frank-wilford-2.jpg (106352 bytes) Poole, Frank Wilford poole-frank-wilford-2-rev.jpg (120548 bytes) Poole, Frank Wilford (back
poole-franklin-starr-funeral-card .jpg (73998 bytes) Poole, Franklin Starr, funeral card sneed-mabell-poole-obit.jpg (46853 bytes) Sneed, Maybelle Poole, obtuary
starr-and-butler-monument-1.jpg (84338 bytes)

Starr and Butler monuments, Yuba City Cemetery, Sutter County

starr-and-butler-monument-2.jpg (82656 bytes) Starr and Butler monuments, Yuba City Cemetery, Sutter County
starr-and-butler-monument-3.jpg (77651 bytes) Starr and Butler monuments, Yuba City Cemetery, Sutter County starr-and-butler-monument-4.jpg (86689 bytes) Starr and Butler monuments, Yuba City Cemetery, Sutter County
starr-and-walton-monument-1.jpg (65010 bytes) Starr and Walton monuments, Yuba City Cemetery, Sutter County starr-and-walton-monument-2.jpg (77380 bytes) Starr and Walton monuments, Yuba City Cemetery, Sutter County
starr-augustus-abraham-and-orange-eugene-starr-1.jpg (59440 bytes) Starr, Augustus Abraham and Orange Eugene Starr starr-augustus-abraham-and-orange-eugene-starr-1-rev.jpg (20376 bytes) Starr, Augustus Abraham and Orange Eugene Starr (back
star-augustus-award-of-merit.jpg (107853 bytes) Starr, Augustus, Reward of Merit   Starr-Augustus Washington, military record
    starr-augustus-grave.jpg (129324 bytes) Starr, Augustus Washington Tombstone (used with permission from G.Photographer on FAG)
Photos submitted by Francis E. Coats, of Yuba City, Sutter Co., CA.