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Tuolumne County History


A History Tuolumne County California,
Compiled From The Most Authentic Records.

San Francisco. Published By B. F. Alley. 1882.


TABLE OF CONTENTS.                                     


PART I - pages 1-50


Preface - Arrival of the Woods Party  - Settlement of Jamestown and Tuttletown - The Earlier Arrivals in Tuolumne - Habits of the Miners - The Earliest Recorded Trials - The First Murder - First Election in Tuolumne - Further Discoveries of Gold - Town Government organized in Sonora - Religious Affairs - Discoveries at Columbia - Administration of Justice - Columbia's Sudden Misfortunes - A Female Pioneer - The Foreign Miners' Tax - The Sonora Herald - Riot of July, 1850, and Attempted Lynching of Four Mexicans - Mass Meeting and Proclamation of the Americans - Business Affairs in Sonora


PART II - pages 50-99


Early Affairs in Jacksonville - Hawkins' Bar - Big Oak Flat - Riot at Holden's Gardens - Murder of Newby by Fuller - First Political Meeting - Murder of Palmer by Thornley - The Holden's Garden Chispa - The Barry Papers  - Extracts from the Herald - Murder of Captain Snow and Lynching of Two Mexicans - Lynching of Jim Hill in Sonora  - Vigilance Committee - Organization of Sonora's Town Council - Progress of Sonora - Great Fire of '52 - Rebuilding  - The Chinese Question - Diversions of Early Days - Theatricals - Affairs in Columbia


Part III - pages 100-153


The Tuolumne County Water Co - The Star and the Gazette  - List of Business Places in Columbia - Mining Affairs - Social Affairs in Columbia - " The Fire of 1854" - Montezuma and the Hydraulic Ditch - Mr. Murray's Travels - Water for Mining Operations - Social Progress - Financial Matters - Fires in Sonora in 1853 - The Miners' Convention - The Inner Life of the Miners - The Execution of Bruce in Sonora - Murder of Parrot by Nicholas 


Part IV - pages 153-200


The Heslep Murder and Lynching of Griffiths - Ditch Matters and the Miners' Strike - Completion of the Stanislaus Ditch - The Kittering-Worth Homicide - Recollections of Colonel Moore - Execution of Escobar and Sebada for the murder of Sheldon - The Murder of Smith and the Lynching of Barclay - The Hunter-Drake Shooting Affray in Sonora


Part V - pages 201-249


Fandango Experiences - Robbers and Robberies - Murder of Bond by McCauley -  The Blakesley Murder -  Hanging of Lyons, Poer and McCauley - Columbia in 1857 - The Murder of McDonald and Leary in Columbia - More Recent Matters in Columbia - Fire of 1861 in Sonora - Murder of Judge Brunton - Military and Political Affairs - Decadence of the Southern Mines - Later Events in Sonora - The Murder of Sloane - The Bergel Murder - Stage Robberies 


Part VI - pages 249-302


Railroad Matters - Sonora—Its Society and its Business

Chronology of Tuolumne County 1849-1881


Part VII - pages 303-309

List of Officers from the Earliest Times 


Biographies (and appendix) 310-420


Part VIII - 425-482


Theory as to the Formation of Gold Deposits in Quartz - Quartz Mining - Pocket Mining - Gravel Mining - Formation of the Auriferous Gravel Beds  


Part IX - pages 483-509


Tuolumne County Place Names