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History of Yuba County California

Thompson & West, 1879


AMSLER, Samuel hotel & farm Beaver Rancho, New York Twp. amsler-samuel-residence.jpg (134387 bytes)
BARRIE, John F. residence & ranch   barrie-john-f-residence.jpg (132815 bytes)
BELCHER, I. S. residence Marysville belcher-i-s-residence.jpg (123920 bytes)
BISHOP, Zeno D. residence & farm Oak Valley, Slate Range Twp. bishop-zeno-d-residence.jpg (124183 bytes)
BOYER, J. H. residence & ranch Linda Twp. boyer-j-h-residence.jpg (100787 bytes)
BOYER, John residence Smartsville, Rose Bar Twp. boyer-john-residence.jpg (123658 bytes)
BROWN, A. P. residence Smartsville, Rose Bar Twp. brown-a-p-residence.jpg (143510 bytes)
BROWN, J. P. residence Camptonville, Slate Range Twp. brown-j-p-residence.jpg (126906 bytes)
BUTTLEMANN, Fred residence corner of C & 6th, Marysville buttlemann-fred-residence.jpg (134933 bytes)
Camp at Donner Lake Nov 1846   camp-at-donner-lake-1846.jpg (132398 bytes)
CANTLIN, D. L. residence & ranch Wheatland, Linda Twp. cantlin-d-l-residence.jpg (123876 bytes)
CLARK, L. B. residence, Virginia Rancho Parks Bar Twp clark-l-b-residence.jpg (144069 bytes)
COOMBS, N. D. residence & ranch   coombs-n-d-residence.jpg (110294 bytes)
COURT HOUSE   Yuba County, Marysville court-house-yuba-county.jpg (44173 bytes)
CRANE Bros. Sharon Valley Mills New York Twp. crane-bros.jpg (131302 bytes)
DAM, B. F. farm & residence Wheatland, East Bear River Twp. dam-b-f-residence.jpg (113961 bytes)
DECKER & JEWETT Banking House   No. 60 D street, Marysville decker-and-jewett-building.jpg (139766 bytes)
DONNER Lake Relief Party Feb. 18, 1847   donner-arrival-of-relief-party-1847.jpg (125267 bytes)
DUFFICY, M. C.; see Rideout and Smith Bank      
DUNNING, Z. Dunning’s Hotel Linda Twp. dunning-z-residence-and-hotel.jpg (108800 bytes)
EICH, John residence & ranch Parks Bar Twp. eich-john-residence.jpg (128737 bytes)
FALCK, John C. Woodville House New York Twp. falck-john-residence.jpg (140348 bytes)
FISCHER, M. C.; see Rideout and Smith Bank      
FLANNERY, P. J. residence No. 186 D street, Marysville flannery-p-j-residence.jpg (111996 bytes)
FLINT, Joseph A. residence Smartsville, Rose Bar Twp. flint-joseph-residence.jpg (132586 bytes)
FOSS, L. & Son residence & farm New York Rancho, New York Twp. foss-and-son-residence.jpg (122846 bytes)
FOSTER, W. T. residence Cabbage Patch foster-w-t-residence.jpg (124643 bytes)
FREEMAN, Thomas Freeman’s Crossing, Middle Yuba River Slate Range Twp. freeman-thomas-residence.jpg (143530 bytes)
GARRISON, A. N. residence & ranch East Bear River Twp. garrison-a-n-residence.jpg (130492 bytes)
GILLETTE, C. P. residence & ranch Wheatland, East Bear River Twp. gillette-c-p-residence.jpg (129767 bytes)
HANSON, James H.   Hansonville, New York Twp. hanson-james-residence.jpg (125116 bytes)
HARDING, Samuel residence & ranch West Bear River Twp. harding-samuel-residence.jpg (99191 bytes)
HAWLEY, F. H. sheep rancho Marysville Twp. hawley-f-h-residence.jpg (115968 bytes)
HOUSH, G. P. ranch & residence Parks Bar Twp. housh-g-p-residence.jpg (127127 bytes)
HUDSON, Mrs. A. M. Block   D bet. 5 & 6, Marysville hudson-a-m-mrs-residence.jpg (137308 bytes)
INLOW, S. E. residence & ranch   inlow-s-e-residence.jpg (132012 bytes)
JOHNSON, Jerome B. residence & farm Foster Bar Twp. johnson-jerome-residence.jpg (138604 bytes)
JORY, H. residence & ranch   jory-h-residence.jpg (114817 bytes)
KENDALL & ROBERTS Garden Rancho Flat
mining claim
New York Twp.  kendall-and-roberts-mine.jpg (126281 bytes)
KIRSHNER, F. residence & ranch near Wheatland kirshner-f-residence.jpg (116428 bytes)
KNOX, Martin Brownsville Hotel and Knoxdale Institute Brownsville, New York Twp. knox-martin-residence.jpg (132608 bytes)
LEACH, A. M.; Challenge Mills residence & property New York Twp. leach-a-m-residence.jpg (132212 bytes)
LUBMANN, Augusta residence & farm Clover Rancho, New York Twp. lubmann-augusta-residence.jpg (136206 bytes)
MARYSVILLE GAS WORKS   Marysville marysville-gas-works.jpg (120626 bytes)
MARYSVILLE WOOLEN FACTORY   Marysville marysville-woolen-factory.jpg (124339 bytes)
MASONIC  Building   cor. E & 3rd streets, Marysville masonic-building.jpg (124850 bytes)
McGANNEY, Daniel residence Smartsville, Rose Bar Twp. mcganney-daniel-residence.jpg (128998 bytes)
McQUAID, John residence Smartsville, Rose Bar Twp. mcquaid-john-residence.jpg (136996 bytes)
MEEK, E. E. residence Marysville meek-e-e-residence.jpg (114394 bytes)
MILLAR Bros. El Dorado Orchard   millar-bros.jpg (135044 bytes)
MUCK, George residence & ranch Wheatland, East Bear River Twp. muck-george-residence.jpg (113624 bytes)
NEVADA MINING CO.   New York Flat nevada-mining-co.jpg (127476 bytes)
O’BRIEN, J. residence Smartsville, Rose Bar Twp. obrien-j-residence.jpg (139623 bytes)
OAKLEY, A. W. residence & ranch   oakley-a-w-residence.jpg (129177 bytes)
OSTROM, D. A. residence & ranch   ostrom-d-a-residence.jpg (123544 bytes)
PALMER, John residence & property Long Bar Twp. palmer-john-residence.jpg (135037 bytes)
PERKINS, J. L. residence & ranch Rose Bar Twp. perkins-j-l-residence.jpg (123420 bytes)
PLASKETT, William Plaskett Mills; residence & property New York Twp. plaskett-william-residence.jpg (130311 bytes)
RAMM, John ranch Camptonville ramm-john-residence.jpg (117018 bytes)
RIDEOUT & SMITH BANK St. Nicholas Building cor D & 3 streets, Marysville rideout-and-smith-bank.jpg (128304 bytes)
RIDEOUT, N. D. residence corner of E & 5 streets, Marysville rideout-n-d-residence.jpg (122689 bytes)
RUTLAND, A. A. Plumas Ranch   rutland-andrew-residence.jpg (135250 bytes)
SEXEY, C. E. residence Marysville sexey-c-e-residence.jpg (124089 bytes)
SHATTUCK, T. F. store & ranch Clayton Rancho, New York Twp. shattuck-t-f-residence.jpg (130247 bytes)
SLATTERY, C. C. residence Smartsville, Rose Bar Twp. slattery-c-c-residence.jpg (130236 bytes)
SLATTERY, P. C. residence Marysville slattery-p-c-residence.jpg (119803 bytes)
SMITH, A. S. residence cor. I & 7th, Marysville smith-a-s-residence.jpg (136909 bytes)
SMITH, Charles farm & hotel Stamfield Rancho, Parks Bar Twp. smith-charles-residence.jpg (141064 bytes)
STEWARD, John L. residence former residence of A. P. Willey steward-john-residence.jpg (142885 bytes)
STRAIN, James residence & ranch, orchard   strain-james-residence.jpg (128434 bytes)
STRATTON, C. A. & Co. store Marysville stratton-c-a-store.jpg (122418 bytes)
STRAWBERRY VALLEY (view of)   North East Twp. strawberry-valley-view.jpg (121025 bytes)
SWAIN & HUDSON Planing Mills   Marysville swain-and-hudson-planing-mills.jpg (122399 bytes)
TAYLOR, S. H. estate, almond orchard & ranch   taylor-s-h-residence.jpg (127777 bytes)
THRAVES, Robert residence & farm Camptonville, Slate Range Twp. thraves-robert-residence.jpg (140332 bytes)
TREMONT block (street) C. E. Sexey, owner corner of 2nd & Maiden Lane, Marysville tremont-block.jpg (129019 bytes)
TREVETHICK, John residence & ranch Parks Bar Twp. trevethick-john-residence.jpg (132665 bytes)
UNION LUMBER CO. owner A. P. Willey corner of C & 4, Marysville union-lumber.jpg (128133 bytes)
WALSH, John residence, ranch, toll house Rose Bar Twp. walsh-john-residence.jpg (139903 bytes)
WHEALDON Claims property of E. C. Smith, J. J. Mc Chesney, S. M. Boyce Ohio Flat, New York Tw whealdon-claims.jpg (128653 bytes)
WILLEY, A. P. residence & property NW cor Clay & Taylor streets, San Francisco wiley-a-p-residence.jpg (104629 bytes)
WINSELMANN, John & Co. Placer Mine & rancho Young’s Hill, Slate Range Twp. winselmann-john-residence.jpg (134344 bytes)
Source:  Yuba County Library, scans by Kathy Sedler. (Note: I had to piece 2 of the photos together, PH)