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Transcribed by Peggy Hooper
21 Apr 2011


History of Fresno County, California by Paul E. Vandoor
Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, California, 1919

Note: for easier searching I have reformatted some of the text.

CASUALTY LIST (Because of the government's restrictions on the publication of the casualties in the war, the following list cannot be offered as an officially complete one of Fresno County. It is a fairly accurate one up to January 1, 1919, based on department returns and private advices. Where not otherwise designated the casualties are of those claiming Fresno as home town.)



THOMAS A. O'DONNELL—Obit December 7, 1917, at Camp Lewis, Wash.; Fresno funeral December 15, 1917, with burial at Calvary Cemetery, the first military funeral in the city of a Fresno soldier in the war. 

W. LESTER CARTWRIGHT—Obit December 19, 1917, in San Pedro, Cal., harbor in the sinking of the submarine F-1 ; body never recovered ; he was of the Cartwright family of Malaga. 

RAYMOND L. DENNIS—Killed in action January 12, 1918; enlisted April 23, 1917, in LT. S. M. C. : marker to be placed in Liberty Cemetery. 

CLYDE JENKINS—Obit February 5, 1918; of Coalinga ; a victim in the submarining of the Tuscania ; buried with 164 other Americans on the southwest coast of Scotland. 

CARL A. ANDERSON—Obit March 7. 1918, at Fort Sill, Okla. ; from injuries received February 6 in explosion of a field gun; funeral March 16 with burial in Washington Colony Cemetery. 

PETER BARSAGLINI—Obit at Camp Merritt, N. J., February 13, 1918; Fresno funeral February 22 with later burial in Liberty Cemetery; was to have been the first buried there. 

JULIAN VARGAS—Obit March 4, 1918, at home on Maple Avenue on sick leave ; funeral March 8, burial in Catholic Cemetery. 

LESTER M. RAY KUCKENBAKER—Obit March 7, 1918, at Rockwell Field, San Diego, Cal.: buried at Laton. 

HOMER L. TROWER—Obit March 19, 1918, at Fort Vancouver, Wash., funeral April 20, body having been vaulted awaiting later burial on completion of the Liberty Cemetery. He was the first city draft man to die in the service. 

HARRY W. MURDOCK—Obit Camp McArthur, March 23, 1918; funeral March 30, burial in St. James' Episcopal Cemetery. 

NEIL MANDEVILLE—Obit April 5, 1918, at Camp Funston, Wasco, Texas: funeral .April 13. first body laid in Liberty Cemetery. 

TIMOTHY HURLEY—Obit at U. S. A. General Hospital No. 1 at Williamsbridge, N. Y., April 21, 1918; funeral April 29 with burial at Calvary Cemetery ; five brothers were in the service. 

CHESTER D. MALOTTE—Obit May 1, 1918, at Camp Lewis. Wash.; funeral with burial at Sclma in family plot. He was a member of the I. O. R. M.. of the Stags and of the Sheet Metal Workers' Union. IRVING BULLOCK—Took his life at Camp Lewis, January 20, 1918; buried in family plot in Mountain View Cemetery. 

JOHN C. COX—Of Clovis;- killed in action in France, June 7, 1918, as a member of Company B, Second Engineer Corps; son of John M. Cox of the Clovis high school faculty; enlisted April 1, 1917, with Idaho university class of 133 out of 140: would have been twenty-one July 21, 1918. Telegraphic notification of death crossed mailed letter of parents with birthday money gift for a pleasure visit to Paris. 

CLAUDE BERNSDORFFER—Resident of Selma since 1910, died about June 22 from wounds received in action in France, June 16, 1918, as a member of Ninety-sixth Company, Second Battalion, Sixth Regiment, U. S. M. C. He was from Oklahoma City and enlisted in Fresno. 

HOMER H. BLEVINS—Killed in action in France May 27, 19]8, and the first Fresno city man to make the great sacrifice ; born August 27, 1900. He was a private in Company E of the Twenty-eighth U. S. Infantry. He enlisted at Dallas, Texas, where he was on a visit, having served four months under Pershing on the Mexican border and was on French soil just one year lacking a day. From early youth he craved for the life of a soldier and his ambition was to live and die in the military service. 

ELWOOD MILLER—Died in training service at the naval camp at San Diego, Thursday, July 4, and his body was sent home to Reedley for burial. He had enlisted several months before in the navy. He was the son of Rev. M. Miller of the Church of the Brethren. The funeral was July 8. 

HENRY J. ALLMAN—Reported in casualty list of July 10, 1918, killed in direct action in France as a member of Company E, Second U. S. Engineers. He enlisted in October, 1917, through the Sacramento recruiting office, was given intensive training at Camp Lewis and arrived in France before Christmas. He was twenty-four years old, the son of A. H. Allman of Lanare, in this county and is survived by father and sister in that town and by a brother in service somewhere in France. Young Allman was engaged at Lanare in reclamation dredging after removal thither from Healdsburg, Cal. 

FRED E. PROSSER—Reported in casualty list of July 13 as killed in action. He enlisted here July 30, 1917, in marine corps and was a carpenter by occupation, resident of Fowler and before coming here of Seaside, Ore. He was thirty years of age, a single man and at enlistment passed a perfect examination. His nearest relative was William Bynard, Route D, Box 232, Fresno, on Peach Avenue two miles west of Fowler. 

JOHN S. PARKES—Killed accidentally in explosion on U. S. S. Brooklyn in port of Yokohama, Japan. His death, December 11, 1918, marks the first golden star on the city of Fresno's service flag. He was a member of the Fresno city fire department and the remains were buried in the Fresno Liberty Cemetery.

KILLED IN ACTION—Henry H. Allman, Lanare. Harry Adelsbach, Alfred E. L. Anderson, Homer H. Blevins (first Fresno boy killed). Voltaire Baker, signal corps, Selma. Jesse L. Bachant, Sanger. Carol C. Carter, John C. Cox, Clovis. Clarence Chevoy, Charles Clayton, Tranquillity. Emmett M. Combs, engineer. Oleander. George W. Camp and Ralph G. Creighton. Erwin E. Davis, Coalinga. Dikran Davidian, Reedley. Morten E. Foster, Dunlap. Loman O. Elias. Aloysius S. Feeley and John Gorehoit. Ezra Gray, Lanare. Robert S. Gray and Robert Godwin, Canadians. Paul J. Gutierrez. George H. Hathaway, Canadian, Coalinga. Corp. Clark W. Hinrich, Charles E. Irwin and Arthur C. Jacobsen. Fred C. C. Johnson, Coalinga. George Lambert and Elmer G. Larson. Frank Lamoreux, Kerman. Stanley Lilburn and John Mortensen. Johannes S. Mikelsen, Del Rev. A. G. McKewen. Alonzo Miller. Sanger. Harry A. Miller. Fred Nelly (British), Coalinga. Fred E. Proesser (marine). Fowler. Edwin P. Pielop, Tranquillity. John H. and William Pierce, Clovis. Charles H. Parke, Harry C. Roberts (marine), John Radojevich. C. A. Rasmussen (engineer), Monmouth. H. P. Robinson (British), George Stephenson (Canadian) and David Schledewitz. Harry Snyder, Coalinga. Maurice Thrupp (British), Clovis. Lloyd E. Thrush and Floyd T. Wenks. Samuel L. Catlin, Kingsburg.

DIED FROM WOUNDS—Claude Bernsdorffer, infantry, Selma. John J. Cress, infantry, Reedley. Leonard Elliott, infantry, Selma. Manuel J. Hauff, infantry. Alfred S. Haynes, infantry, Sanger. Bud L. Huston, infantry. Edmund A. Johnson, infantry. Otto Kintz, infantry, Reedley. Albert W. Long. William B. Minck, infantry. Tranquillity. Capt. Herbert Moore (British navy). William L. Netzer, infantry, Sanger. Joseph B. Pelphrey, infantry. Oilfields. Vernon A. Peterson, infantry, Selma. William B. Woodhouse, infantry, Fowler.

DIED OF ACCIDENT—Harry Albright, navy. John Allen, infantry (drowned). Carl Anderson, artillery (gun explosion), Lieut. Harold Blakely, aviator (airplane fall). Irving Bullock, infantry. Simon Campas, infantry (hit by train). William L. Cartwright, navy (lost on Submarine F-1). Lieut. Louis E. Davis, aviator (airplane fall). Charles Fisher, navy (drowned on the Ticonderoga). Edward L. Griffin, navy. Fowler (lost on the Westover). Clyde G. Jenkins, aviation, Coalinga (lost on the Tuscania). Frank Lynn, navy (fall). Lieut. Roy McGiffin, aviator (airplane fall). Howard B. Mills, medical (poison). Peddy D. Register and Joe Rodgers, infantry, Selma. Ben Woodworth, aviation (airplane fall). William G. Wright, Calwa. 

DIED OF DISEASE—James E. Allen, Friant. Oliver Bear, Auberry, Peter Barsaglini. Angelo Barti, Firebaugh. Charles A. Boling. Coalinga. Joseph C. Conn, Coalinga. Virgil E. Clark. Eugene F. Carmichael, Selma. Henry Clark, Kingsburg. S. W. Cunningham (Y. M.). John Cullen, navy. James A. Cowan, medical corps, Coalinga. Russell C. Doyle. Alfred A. Drew, aviation. Arthur A. Duus, Q. M.D. Sergt. Otto E. Dahlgren, Kingsburg. Raymond P. Gavin, Coalinga. Peter Giesbrecht. Timothy Hurley, Auberry. Victor Hurlburt, Selma. H. B. Hockett, marine. Nathaniel Hudson, medical corps, Wheatville. Homer Hatfield and George W. Harkness, aviators. John M. Harris, C. C. Jenkins, Coalinga. Lester Kuckenbaker, aviator, Laton. Addie S. Kaster. Howard Kavanaugh, Calwa. Emery L. Kafader, Selma. Harry Cole. Neil Manderville and Harry Murdock, aviators. Elwood Miller, navy, Reedley. Chester D. Malotte. Walter H. Martin, Kingsburg. Claude McCamish. Darrell C. Mitchell, aviator. Virl McFarland (nurse). Morrell C. McKenzie, navy, and James P. Miller. Samuel Martin, Sanger. Wallace H. Miner. Louis Nebes, Reedley. Fred Newell, Coalinga. Niels J. Nielsen and Thomas A. O'Donnell. Lawrence Pozzi. John Quantrim, Kingsburg. Theodore E. Royer, Q. M. D., Auberry. Maurice A. Reed, signal corps. Sparton W. Rhea, West Park. Lieut. Walter D. Rheno, aviator. Otto J. Runge Jr. Jonas Stohnan, navy, Caruthers. Charles M. Smith, Laton. Isaac Shahbazian aviator. Aaron B. Suderman, Parlier. Homer L. Trower. Holly Turner, Canadian (died in prison camp). Julian Vargas. Jesse D. Van Fossen, Laton, and James York, Tranquillity. Charles F. Warnock. Raymond L. Dennis. 

OTHER CASUALTIES (note: there are more names at the bottom of this section)

REPORTED MISSING—William J. Bent. Jesse L. Blank, Kingsburg. John M. Dill, Selma. Fred G. Estep. George Hurst, Kingsburg. Simon R. Kludjian. Roco Marfio. Alfred McKewan, Canadian. Alfred Nunes, Centerville. Martin G. Peterson, Kingsburg. Hans H. Poulson, Selma. Robert A. Rogers, Coalinga. A. H. Sanderson, Sanger. Leon Setrakian, Arthur W. Ulrich and Louis Valente. 


Leonard Anderson. Selma. Dan J. Allen, Raisin. James S. Anderson and Louis Arieta. John Anthony, Canadian, Clovis. Harvey U. Abrahamson, Kingsburg. Percy D. Alspach, Kerman. 

Harrold C. Brodine. William H. Brown, Selma. Jesse L. Blank. John M. Benson. Frank Bell, Clovis. Louis Brockett, Clovis. Sidney Bell, Phillip R. Boyce, Coalinga. Harry and George Brumbach, marines, Clovis, James Bonnar (gassed). T. J. Brown (Canadian). John B. Bingham. William J. Brazil], medical. George E. Bonner. Harold G. Brown. Milo R. Brown, Fowler. Otto Bier. George D. Bruns. Louis A. Boyer. 

Creed H. Clark. R. S. Coleman. C. T. Coyle. Herbert Carpenter, Reedley. Anthony Catlin, Coalinga. Levi Church, navy. Jerre A. Coleman. Fred Cann, Riverdale. Corporal W. Colby. Neil G. Coker, Selma. Raymond S. Coleman. Hilge Christensen, Clovis. Lloyd E. Crosby, Del Rey. Lisle L. Case. Charles P. Cole, Kerman. 

Cecil Dunham, Clovis. Alex Damichalis, Centerville. A. M. Donabedian. Fred B. DeSoto, Joseph Dunton, John Donato, Otto E. Dahlgren and Joe E. Davis. 

Samuel J. Engholm, Oleander. Setrek Eshkamian. 

Frank Field, Oleander. Sergt. Andrew Folmer. Leroy Freer, marine. Fowler. Forest L. Farr and Antonio Goeta. 

Gordon Gouldy, Reedley. Mallin Glud and Ralph E. Grote. Sidney R. Gould, Clovis. Arthur G. Gunnerson. Sydney Gardner, Clovis. Harry George. John E. Graves. Selma. 

Lieut. W. H. Hammond. Lieut. Geo. B. Hodgkin (airplane accident). Stanley V. Hopkins. Finlay R. Hoffman, Calwa. William Hansen, Oleander. Corp. C. W. Hinsh. J. Henschel, Canadian, Kerman. A. R. Hopkins, Canadian. Earl Higdon. Riverdale. G. W. Hurst. Jens P. Hansen, Oleander. John E. Hohn, Kerman. 

James B. Iveson.

Berney Joslyn. Cecil R. Johnson. Carl S. Johnson. 

Emil Kohnan. Lieut. Edward L. Kellas. Adam Kerber. Magos S. Kooyumjian and Harry Kulkjian. Will King, Selma. Carl E. Larsen, Kingsburg. 

Edward C. Lander. 

Rodney D. Murdock, Corp. John W. Murdock. Walter T. Moore and John Minini. Roy L. McMahaffey, Calwa. John M. Miller, Academy. Lawrence McGowan, aviator (accident). J. I. Metrovich. Mikoli Miklovich (Servian). Frank Martinez. C. Mills, Canadian, Reedley. Rand McCabe, signal corps. Rev. H. N. McKee (Y. M.). Fowler. Bruce McCubbin. Donald McPherson, Canadian. Lieut. Louis B. McWhirter (airplane accident). Melik M. Merzoian. 

Olaf C. Nielsen, marine. Roy E. Newington. Ben B. Nordstrom, Kingsburg. Ohannes S. Nalpantian. 

Arthur Olsen and Karikin Ohannesian. 

Fred C. Phillips, Coalinga. Lieut. J. L. Paiva. John S. Parkes, navy (accident). John C. Palmquist. William C. Patterson. Charles Petrott, Reedley. Kenneth Paterson. Charles D. Printz, Caruthers. Charles N. Parlier, marine, Parlier. Conrad Price. 

Hans Rasmussen. Virgil Roullard. Clovis. Clarence A. Rice, El Prado. O. H. Rasmussen. C. D. Rowe, Calwa. Albert K. Rogers. 

Henry T. Stokes, Tranquillity. Ralph W. Shearer, Clovis. Amos L. Salisbury, Laton. Angelo J. Sophia, Roy Stewart. Russell J Sullivan and Bert M. Smith. Leo Sweeney, Selma. Guy C. Scheeline, Kingsburg. Clarence O. Strange. Selma. Aram Shahbazian. James Stevenson (British). S. J. Sorensen. Roger S. Smith. Clarence W. Simons, Oleander. Harry Stark, Caruthers. 

Russell E. Troutner. Ruben Tufenkjian, aviator. Warren Ten Eyck. Grover F. Thomas, Laton. Wilbur Taylor, Clovis. 

Peter Valla. Rev. J. G. Van Zandt (Y. M.), Fowler. Ed Vander Dusen and Lawrence Viau. 

Ray Wunderlich, Riverdale. C. H. Walker, Coalinga. Edward J. Woods (accident). George Wolfe. Fred A. Wehe, Coalinga. Wood J. Welliver. 

Alexander Bell, Merrill Day. Clark W. Hinton, J. B. De Jarnett, Henry D. Nunez, Coalinga. Manuel Mathias and Alfred C. Fish, Oleander. Orville Johnson, John Hughes, Sergt. Gerald James. M. D.. Henry S. Williams. Ray Bolton, Coalinga. Rufus O. Hoover, Roger Steele, Selma. Alvin C. Davis and Maurice E. Jones, the latter two accidental. 


OVERSEAS—Elizabeth Holcomb, Carrie Woolsey, Margaret Sinclair, Laura Main, Lillian Hoffman, Christine and Anne Pilegard, Julia Trabucco, Phillipa Nelson, Lena Young, Marian Smith, Lou Adams, Evelyn McClure, Miss Curtis, Alberta Johnson of Parlier, Mathilda Frost, Esther Roach, Jeanne Beveridge, Nora Day, Emma Legros, Dorothea Peterson. Wilhelmina Miller, Maude Nicholson and Edith Evans. 

IN HOME CANTONMENTS—Florence M. Paton, Effie Foltz, Virl McFarland (died), Mary W. McMahon, Harriette Erickson, Matilda Brooks, Nellie Sessions, Minnie Gitchell, Dorothy Harrison, Bertha Eva, Millie Webster, Ada Woodward, Mildred Alexander, Adelaide Peyton, Laura Smith, Elizabeth Beveridge, Frances Elwell, Hallie Scott, Freda Russ (died). 

AWAITING CALL—Dora Bangs, Helen Wager, Frieda Peterson, Magdeline Neilson, Mabel Kish, Lottie Parnell, Edith Hanson, Rachel Dale, Anna Marie Sackle, Olga Weisse, Letitia Tonsea, Frances Simi, Deborah Bell, Emily Satterberg, Pauline Nelson, Anna Edland, Hilda Burton and Ida Carlson of Kingsburg.