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Newspaper Obit Extractions, San Diego County
Extracted by Michael Harris

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Updated 7 May 2014

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ABBOTT, Almira Not stated 83Y Not stated Not stated 3/31/1898; S.D. Union
ABBOTT, Aura California 52Y 12/5/1911 I.O.O.F. 12/7/1911; S.D.Union
ABBOTT, Caroline H. Vermont 76Y 9M 12/9/1913 Los Angeles 12/12/1913; S.D. Union
ABERNATHY, Louise J. Ohio 30Y 5/13/1917 Greenwood 5/15/1917; S.D.Union
ABERNETHY, Helen Illinois Not stated 6/23/1910 Poway, CA 6/24/1910; S.D. Union
ACHENBACH, Flora J. Missouri 32Y 10M 8D 4/14/1908 Kiowa, KS 4/15/1908; S.D. Union
ACKER, Matilda New York 79Y 1M 3D 11/16/1910 Catholic 11/18/1910; S.D. Union
ACKERMAN, Jacob Germany 43Y 9/1/1913 Mt. Hope 9/3/1913; S.D. Union
ACKERMAN, William F. Mt. Vernon, NY Not stated 3/12/1888 Oak Hill 3/15/1888; Escondido Times
ACKLEY, Walter M. Ohio 49Y 5M 25D 12/8/1911 Los Angeles 12/9/1911; S.D. Union
ADAMS, David Not stated 67Y 5M 1D 12/12/1910 Not stated 12/13/1910; S.D. Union
ADAMS, David C. Massachusetts 37Y 11/25/1872 Not stated 1/8/1873; S.D. Union
ADAMS, Hazel Not stated 2Y 2/6/1898 Not stated 2/16/1898; S.D. Union
ADAMS, Henry A. Not stated 70Y 12/17/1931 Cremated 12/19/1931; S.D. Union
ADAMS, Levi J. Wisconsin Not stated 10/8/1913 Wisconsin 10/9/1913; S.D. Union
ADAMS, Louisa Springfield, IL 83Y 4M 17D 10/31/1913 Mt. Hope Burial Permit
ADKINS, Emma Iowa 58Y 2M 15D 9/1/1913 Masonic 9/3/1913; S.D. Union
AGUILAR, Jusis Not stated 74Y 4/14/1935 Mesa Grande 4/17/1935, S.D. Union
AHLEE, John S. Pennsylvania 54Y 9M 12D 9/1/1910 Greenwood 9/3/1910; S.D. Union
AHLSTROM, Paul H. Sweden 23y 5/2/1910 Masonic 5/3/1910, S.D. Union
AIKEN, Willshire R. New Hampshire 60Y 5M 2D 12/3/1927 Cremated 12/6/1927, S.D. Union
AILES, Earl Not stated 18Y Not stated La Vista National City Record
AILLAND, Raymond E. San Diego 7m 19D 6/21/1908 Not stated 6/22/1908, S.D. Union
AILLAND, William R. San Diego 2Y 10M 12D 12/8/1913 Greenwood 12/9/1913; S.D. Union
AINSLEY, George W. Not stated 67Y 1/29/1902 La Vista National City Record
AINSWORTH, Mary S. Barnstable, MA 90Y 5/6/1895 La Vista National City Record
AKERS, Richard C. New Jersey 34Y 11M 15D 1/28/1909 Mt. Hope 1/29/1909; S.D. Union
AKLES, Willis Missouri 75Y 7M 23D 7/6/1923 Mt. Hope 7/8/1923; S.D. Union
ALDERSON, Matthew Yorkshire, Eng. 48Y 4/5/1872 Not stated 4/7/1872, S.D. Union
ALENDER, Margaret E. Not stated 4Y 6/23/1900 La Vista National City Record
ALEXANDER, Martha A. Not stated 55Y 5/9/1914 Los Angeles Burial Permit
ALFORD, Margaret Rhode Island 43Y 9M 29D 3/9/1908 Catholic 3/10/1908, S. D. Union
ALFRED, Frank Not stated 14M 8/28/1871 Not stated 8/29/1871, S.D. Union
ALIPAS, Belisario Not stated Not stated 9/3/1875 Not stated 9/4/1875, S.D. Union
ALLEN, Albert Indiana 71Y 10M 24D 10/2/1914 Not stated 10/3/1914, S.D. Union
ALLEN, Avery Indiana 74Y 3M 3D 5/6/1910 Hutchkiss, CO 5/8/1910, S.D. Union
ALLEN, Edward New York 55Y 5M 10D 9/22/1909 Not stated 9/23/1909; S.D. Union
ALLEN, Frances G. Not stated Not stated 1/31/1898 Not stated 2/2 & 8/1898; S.D. Union
ALLEN, Harry A. Massachusetts 35Y 6M 29D 1/29/1910 Mt. Hope 2/2/1910, S.D. Union
ALLEN, Lottie Missouri 38Y 11M 23D 9/10/1927 Greenwood 9/17/1927, S.D. Union
ALLEN, Seth S. Connecticut 68Y 6/27/1908 Not stated 6/28/1908; S.D. Union
ALLEN, W. E. Not stated Not stated 5/6/1917 Mt. Hope 5/9/1917, S.D. Union
ALLER, Henry T. New Jersey 75Y 11/29/1912 Mt. Hope 12/1/1912, S.D. Union
ALLISON, Frederick San Diego 8M 7D 9/7/1908 Masonic 9/8/1908; S.D. Union
ALLISON, Mrs. Hester Not stated 78Y 11M 13D 2/17/1874 Solano Co. CA 2/19/1874, S.D. Union
ALLNUTT, H. F. England Not stated 4/10/1910 Odd Fellows 4/12/1910, S.D. Union
ALLOWAY, Jay Illinois 50Y 9M 24D 3/30/1910 Masonic 4/1/1910, S.D. Union
ALLUM, Thomas Pennsylvania 78Y 3/7/1897 Not stated 3/9/1897; S.D. Union
ALVARADO, Arabela San Diego 3Y 9M 9D 2/26/1914 Catholic Burial Permit
ALVARADO, Peter San Diego 5M 21D 1/28/1903 Not stated 1/29/1903; S.D. Union
ALVARADO, Ralucinda California 48Y 6/23/1910 Catholic 6/24/1910, S.D. Union
AMBERSON, John Not stated Not stated 4/27/1928 Mt. Hope 5/1/1928, S.D. Union
AMBLER, John M. Pennsylvania 77Y 9M 4D 9/26/1910 Greenwood 10/2/1910; S.D. Union
AMES, Frank California 67Y 12/10/1911 Catholic 12/14/1911, S.D. Union
AMES, Julian Not stated 2Y 9M 22D 11/18/1868 Not stated 11/21/1868; S.D. Union
AMIEL, Elias Not stated Not stated 4/29/1915 Home of Peace 4/30/1915, S.D. Union
AMOS, C. Frank West Virginia 26Y 4M 7D 12/7/1917 Masonic 12/9/1917; S.D. Union
AMOS, William B. Georgia 24Y 1/30/1900 Forsyth, Georgia 1/31/1900; S.D. Union
AMSDEN, Edwin New York 83Y 7/13/1910 Allegan,MI 7/14/1910; S.D. Union
AMSLER, John H. Pennsylvania 77Y 9M 4D 9/26/1910 Greenwood 10/1/1910; S.D. Union
AMSLER, Rose D. Nebraska 43Y 8M 18D 5/25/1910 Mt. Hope 5/26/1910, S.D. Union
ANDERSON, Arthur J. San Diego 1Y 3/4/1910 Greenwood 3/5/1910; S.D. Union
ANDERSON, Betsy M. Sweden 51Y 7M 26D 1/7/1910 Cambridge, Minn. 1/10/1910; S. D. Union
ANDERSON, Edwin A. Allegan, MI 83Y 7/13/1910 Allegan, MI 7/14/1910, S.D. Union
ANDERSON, John Scotland 33Y 10M 8D 5/4/1912 Mt. Hope 5/5/1912, S.D. Union
ANDERSON, John P. Sweden 58Y 3/22/1909 Greenwood 3/23/1909; S.D. Union
ANDERSON, M. B. South Carolina 47Y 6/27/1909 Greenwood 6/29/1909; S.D. Union
ANDERSON, Marks B. Pennsylvania 86Y 3/14/1908 G.A.R. 3/16/1908; S.D. Union
ANDERSON, Susan England 80Y 8/15/1909 El Cajon 8/17/1909; S.D. Union
ANDERSON, Thomas Great Britain 35Y 1/14/1876 Not stated 1/15 & 16/1876, S.D. Union
ANDERSON, William Norway 50Y 3M 2D 1/10/1905 Mt. Hope 1/12/1905; S.D. Union
ANDRE, Zacheriah TR. Pennsylvania 80Y 9M 20D 8/26/1928 The Presidio, S.F. Unknown
ANDREWS, Nathan J. Massachusetts 68Y 3/20/1909 Northfield, ME 3/23/1909; S.D. Union
ANDREWS, Robert Connecticut 87Y 10M 13D 5/19/1914 Wells, Minn. Burial Permit
ANDREWS, William Not stated Not stated 1/2/1875 Not stated 1/7/1875, S.D. Union
ANGELL, Fanny B. Rhode Island 93Y 5M 15D 4/24/1908 Masonic 4/26/1908, S.D. Union
ANGIER, D. M. Not stated Not stated 7/15/1910 Not stated 7/17/1910, S.D. Union
ANGSTEDT, Albert Pennsylvania 81Y 10M 23D 3/21/1928 Cleveland, OH Unknown
ANTONIO, A. Italy 60Y 1/5/1910 Not stated 1/6/1910; S.D. Union
ANTONIO, Jose Not stated 18M 2/17/1855 Not stated 2/24/1855; S.D. Herald
ARGUELLO, Feliziana Not stated 32Y 8/17/1857 Not stated 8/22/1857; S.D. Union
ARGUELLO, Francisco California 71Y 1/11/1908 Catholic 1/13/1908; S.D. Union
ARGUELLO, Santiago E. Not stated 45y 10/20/1857 Not stated 10/24/1857; S.D. Herald
ARMBRECHT, Henry L. Wisconsin 53Y 1D 5/13/1917 Greenwood 5/15/1917, S.D. Union
ARMFIELD, Amanda D. Ohio 77Y 8M 13D 12/19/1910 Greenwood 12/20/1910; S.D. Union
ARMITAGE, Helen C. Illinois 11Y 10M 12D 10/16/1913 Masonic 10/17/1913, S.D. Union
ARMSTRONG, Tillie Not stated 50Y 4/13/1935 Greenwood 4/17/1935, S.D. Union
ARMSTRONG, Willis F. Not stated Not stated 5/3/1917 Not stated 5/4/1917, S.D. Union
ARNOLD, Archie E. Not stated 4M 3D 1/23/1877 Not stated 2/14/1877, S.D. Union
ARNOLD, C. Frederick Not stated 32Y 10/11/1871 Not stated 10/19/1871; S.D. Union
ARNOLD, Gertrude T. England 33Y 6M 11D 8/9/1910 Berkeley, CA 8/10/1910, S.D. Union
ARNOLD, Jackson France 34Y 9/12/1909 Catholic 9/13/1909; S.D. Union
ARNOLD, Jackson France 34Y 9/12/1909 Catholic 9/13/1909; S.D. Union
ARNOLD, Lillie M. Not stated 6M 5D 8/13/1871 Not stated 8/17/1871, S.D. Union
ARTLEY, James B. Pennsylvania 63Y 6M 5D 7/2/1909 Mt. Hope 7/4/1909; S.D. Union
ARTLEY, Sylvester Pennsylvania 48Y 8D 12/7/1917 Not stated 12/9/1917; S.D. Union
ARVALLO, Balentana Mexico 60Y 11/26/1913 Catholic Burial Permit
ASHTON, Pearl Texas 84Y 4M 16D 10/3/1910 Mt. Hope 11/1/1910, S.D. Union
AUSTIN, Henry C. Not stated 84Y 12/13/1929 Mt. Hope Unknown
AUSTIN, Lucretia T. Not stated 53Y 3/8/1898 Not stated 3/14/1898; S.D. Union
AVERELL, Thomas New York 70Y 2/20/1908 Mt. Hope 2/22/1908, S. D. Union
AVERILL, Origen B. Not stated 26Y 6M 12/27/1893 Not stated 12/28/1893; S.D. Union
AYALA, Julia California 13Y 7/7/1923 Holy Cross 7/8/1923, S.D. Union
AYERS, Eddie W. Not stated 31Y 12/13/1931 Greenwood 12/19/1931, S.D. Union
AYERS, Maude Not stated Not stated Not stated Not stated 4/19/1948, S.D. Union
BABCOCK, Edward A. New York 63Y 3M 29D 4/8/1910 G.A.R. 4/10/1910; S.D. Union
BACA, Inez Not stated 20Y 3/7/1877 Not stated 3/21/1877, S.D. Union
BACCIONE, Rosie California 8Y 4/15/1910 Catholic 4/17/1910, S.D. Union
BACHMAN, Marjorie E. Missouri 57Y 1M 21D 11/21/1914 Greenwood Burial Permit
BADGER, George I. Indiana 71Y 12/11/1911 Greenwood 12/17/1911, S.D. Union
BAEHR, Hedwig Wisconsin 59Y 7M 6D 12/20/1913 Greenwood 12/22/1913, S.D. Union
BAHL, Perry W. Ohio 85Y 7M 17D 5/15/1929 G.A.R. Unknown
BAILEY, Benjamin E. Vermont 71Y 5M 7D 10/31/1912 Greenwood 11/1/1912; S.D. Union
BAILEY, Clark C. New York 93Y 8M 4D 4/15/1927 Greenwood Unknown
BAILEY, Edward H. Santee, CA 11M 10D 12/14/1910 Whittier, CA 12/15/1910; S.D. Union
BAILEY, Edward H. Ohio 33Y 13D 9/22/1909 Not stated 9/23/1909; S.D. Union
BAILEY, Mrs. T. D. Not stated 84Y 2/3/1909 Los Angeles 2/4/1909; S.D. Union
BAINES, William M. Arkansas 69Y 5M 4D 5/1/1912 Masonic 5/4/1912, S.D. Union
BAIRD, Charles A. Ohio 47Y 2/23/1909 Mt. Hope 2/25/1909; S.D. Union
BAIRD, Charles A. Ohio 47Y 2/23/1909 Masonic 2/28/1909; S.D. Union
BAIRD, Eliza C. Ohio 85Y 1M 8d 10/29/1913 Mt. Hope 10/31/1913, S.D. Union
BAIRD, J. C. Illinois 41Y 1/17/1899 Mt. Hope 1/18/1899; S.D. Union
BAIRD, John Delta, CO 65Y 3/9/1898 Mt. Hope 3/10/1898; S.D. Union
BAITSON, Sarah J. Canada 67Y 9/8/1909 Masonic 9/11/1909; S.D. Union
BAKER, Edward E. Wisconsin 54Y 11M 20D 10/30/1913 Mt. Hope 10/31/1913, S.D. Union
BAKER, Emily K. Georgia 41Y 4M 16D 6/12/1910 Dalton, Georgia 6/13/1910, S.D. Union
BAKER, Martha E. Pennsylvania 76Y 3M 25D 3/26/1912 Not stated 3/27/1912, S.D. Union
BAKER, Susan Massachusetts 78Y 9M 17D 11/13/1910 Greenwood 11/15/1910; S.D. Union
BALDRIDGE, Maime P. Alabama 43Y 1/25/1909 Mt. Hope 1/27/1909; S.D. Union
BALDWIN, Harriett P. Ohio 87Y 2M 17D 12/14/1913 Greenwood 12/15/1913; S.D. Union
BALDWIN, Harvey S. Iowa 34Y 2M 9D 12/9/1910 Wyoming, IA 12/11/1910; S.D. Union
BALDWIN, Henry New York 72Y 11M 1D 1/2/1905 New York 1/4/1905; S.D. Union
BALDWIN, Mary B. Not stated 33Y 4/1/1873 Not stated 4/2/1873, S.D. Union
BALDWIN, Susan N. Kentucky 65Y 3M 14D 4/29/1928 Greenwood 5/1/1928, S.D. Union
BALL, Bertie Not stated Not stated 11/7/1875 Not stated National City Record
BALL, James H. Illinois 69Y 2M 22D 12/4/1927 Wichita, KS 12/5/1927, S.D. Union
BALLENTYNE, James F. Chicago, IL Not stated 7/12/1870 Not stated 7/14/1870; S.D. Union
BANDINI, Mrs. Juan Not stated Not stated Not stated San Luis Rey Miss. 11/23/1873, S. D. Union
BANKS, Arthur New Hampshire 52Y 10M 2D 9/7/1910 Masonic 9/8/1910, S.D. Union
BANKS, Frederick B. New Orleans 90Y 22D 12/27/1913 I.O.O.F. Burial Permit
BANKS, Frederick X. France 90Y 22D 12/27/1913 Odd Fellows 12/28/1913; S.D. Union
BANKS, Lester M. Iowa 18Y 4M 21D 3/23/1908 Mt. Hope 3/25/1908, S. D. Union
BANKS, Sophia Germany 75Y 4M 9D 4/27/1910 Mt. Hope 4/28/1910, S.D. Union
BAPTISTA, Josephine E. New Orleans, LA 39Y 4M 2/3/1909 Catholic 2/5/1909; S,D, Union
BARBIER, Mrs. Alberto Not stated Not stated 1/23/1876 Not stated 1/25/1876, S.D. Union
BARHAN, Jane Virginia 76Y 8M 21D 8/19/1910 Mt. Hope 8/20/1910, S.D. Union
BARKER, George W. England 61Y 10M 11D 4/22/1908 Greenwood 4/24/1908, S.D. Union
BARNES, Barton N. Salem, IL 72Y 11M 13D 7/23/1910 G.A.R. 7/26/1019; S.D. Union
BARNETT, Martha Not stated 86Y 5M 4D 1/4/1910 Odd Fellows 1/6/1910; S.D. Union
BARRETT, Charles California 35Y 9M 27D 10/27/1913 Mt. Hope 10/28/1913, S.D. Union
BARRETT, Louisa W. Michigan 64Y 5M 26D 1/23/1908 Spokane, WA 1/24/1908; S.D. Union
BARRETT, Sarah A. Massachusetts 86Y 5M 27D 5/3/1909 Los Angeles 5/8/1909; S.D. Union
BARRETT, Stanford W. Pennsylvania 69Y 10M 11D 3/11/1908 Binghamton, NY 3/121908, S. D. Union
BARRITT, Elizabeth D. San Diego 8Y 9M 29D 5/14/1909 Mt. Hope 5/17/1909; S.D. Union
BARROW, Absalom Virginia 67Y 1/14/1908 Masonic 1/16/1908; S.D. Union
BARTELL, Frank F. Michigan 52Y 3M 11D 7/1/1910 Oroville, CA 7/17/1910, S.D. Union
BARTH, Rudolph G. Germany 47Y 8M 27D 1/9/1910 Greenwood 1/10/1010; S.D. Union
BARTHOLOMEU, Jennie A. Ohio 49Y 1/26/1898 Willenghby, OH 1/29/1898; S.D. Union
BARTLETT, Ambrose R. Maine 87Y 1/1/1900 Not stated 1/2/1900; S.D. Union
BARTLETT, Dorothy M. Not stated Not stated 4/15/1948 Greenwood 4/19/1948, S.D. Union
BARTLETT, Fred R. Indiana 43Y 6M 23D 5/11/1926 Cremated 5/12/1926, S.D. Union
BARTLETT, Harry T. Illinois 56Y 11M 9D 5/27/1914 Peoria IL Burial Permit
BARTLETT, Martha J. Boston, MA 69Y 7M 3D 2/27/1908 Not stated 2/28/1908, S. D. Union
BASCOM, Glendora E. Arkansas 38Y 1/7/1908 El Cajon 2/9/1908; S.D. Union
BASHORE, Bert C. California 20Y 14D 2/7/1910 Mt. Hope 2/8/1910, S.D. Union
BATES, Ethel Ontario, Canada 25Y 6M 4D 7/8/1909 Greenwood 7/10/1909; S.D. Union
BATES, Ralph O. Not stated Not stated 1/4/1910 Not stated 1/5/1910; S.D. Union
BATES, William R. California 24Y 3M 19D 7/8/1909 Greenwood 7/10/1909; S.D. Union
BAUERS, Michael Germany 81Y 1/7/1900 Not stated 1/30/1900; S.D. Union
BAUGHMAN, Harry J. Illinois 73Y 5/29/1917 Canon City, CO 5/31/1917; S.D. Union
BAUGUS, John C. Virginia 75Y 11M 21D 7/31/1909 Los Angeles 8/2/1909; S.D. Union
BAXTER, Ellen Not stated 27Y 3/17/1898 Mt. Hope 3/21/1898; S.D. Union
BAYLESS, Elmer G. California 18Y 23D 10/26/1909 Greenwood 10/28/1909; S.D. Union
BAYLOR, Robert B. Texas 44Y 7M 29D 4/30/1928 Pt. Loma 5/1/1928, S.D. Union
BEACH, Elizabeth Ohio 67Y 10M 25D 11/17/1910 Greenwood 11/18/1910; S.D. Union
BEACH, Henry Germany 77Y 5M 3/12/1908 Not stated 3/13/1908, S. D. Union
BEALEY, Eva G. Kansas 30Y 5M 23D 5/8/1917 Onterio, CA 5/9/1917, S.D. Union
BEAM, Sarah M. Indiana 72Y 9M 6D 1/12/1910 Mt. Hope 1/14/1910; S.D. Union
BEAMAN, Thomas Canada 87Y 6M 7D 11/30/1913 Greenwood 12/1/1913, S.D. Union
BEAMER, John W. Ohio 47Y 2M 26D 5/6/1908 G.A.R. 5/7/1908; S.D. Union
BEAN, Leona E. Not stated Not stated Not stated Boston 3/4/1915, S.D. Union
BEATTLE, Thomas Scotland 68Y 4M 14D 5/19/1909 Masonic 5/20/1909; S.D. Union
BECK, Martin L. Michigan 38Y 12/31/1900 Mt. Hope 1/2/1901; S.D. Union
BEDEIENT, Louisa A. New York 75Y 8M 17D 3/18/1908 Los Angeles 3/19/1908, S. D. Union
BEDFORD, Edward W. Kentucky 68Y 4M 28D 2/22/1912 Greenwood 2/27/1912, S.D. Union
BEDTRAN, Victor San Diego 10M 1D 1/7/1914 Catholic Burial Permit
BEE, Alan Washington, DC 51Y 7M 21D 2/16/1910 Mt. Hope 2/19/1910, S.D. Union
BEHRENS, Harald Denmark 48Y 2M 4D 5/1/1908 Mt. Hope 5/4/1908, S.D. Union
BEKKEN, Alden A. Wisconsin 48Y 11M Not readable Ashland, WI 9/30/1926, S.D. Union
BELDEROS, Alfonco Mexico 7Y 8M 8D 7/6/1923 Holy Cross 7/8/1923, S.D. Union
BELLIS, Ella O. Not stated 41Y 5/8/1913 I.O.O.F. Burial Permit
BELSHER, Emma Illinois 57Y 2/21/1908 Mt. Hope 2/22/1908, S. D. Union
BELTRAM, B. California 47Y 1M 16D 11/27/1909 Catholic 11/29/1909; S.D. Union
BENAL, John Not stated 16Y 9/9/1873 Not stated 9/14/1873, S. D. Union
BENBOUGH, Isaac W. Wales 81Y 7M 24D 6/20/1908 Greenwood 6/21/1908, S.D. Union
BENJAMIN, Elizabeth Pennsylvania 84Y 7D 2/27/1910 Mt. Hope 2/28/1910, S.D. Union
BENNETT, Dora E. Not stated 8Y 1M 7/11/1871 Not stated 11/13/1871; S.D. Union
BENNETT, Eliza A. Indiana 80Y 2M 8/1/1918 Not stated 8/2/1918; S.D. Union
BENNETT, Gilbert P. New York 75Y 11M 19D 10/18/1910 G.A.R. 10/19/1910; S.D. Union
BENNETT, Jesse Iowa 76Y 4/16/1919 G.A.R. 4/18/1919; S.D. Union
BENNETT, Philander Michigan 80Y 5M 13D 1/2/1906 Denver, CO 1/3/1906 S.D. Union
BENNIS, Mioos California 1Y 7D 3/4/1910 Masonic 3/6/1910, S.D. Union
BENSON, Sophia G. Ohio 65Y 3M 4/26/1910 Charlotte, MI 4/27/1910, S.D. Union
BENTLEY, Carlos New York 76Y 6M 24D 10/21/1913 Not stated 10/23/1913, S.D. Union
BENTON, Byron W. California 36Y 5M 29D 5/18/1917 San Francisco 5/19/1917, S.D. Union
BENTON, Catherine A. Ireland 64Y 4/1/1900 Not stated 4/2/1900; S.D. Union
BENTON, James Q. Texas 18Y 1M 27D 6/19/1909 Mt. Hope 6/22/1909; S.D. Union
BENTZEL, Henry L. Not stated 4D 10/3/1875 Not stated 10/5/1875, S.D. Union
BENTZEL, Henry M. Pennsylvania 35Y 7/17/1879 Not stated 7/15/1879; S.D. Herald
BENZ, Henry Not stated 83Y 2M 10D 4/13/1910 Masonic 4/15/1910, S.D. Union
BERG, Anton Austria 70Y 3/26/1910 Odd Fellows 3/29/1910; S.D. Union
BERGER, Walter T. Chicago, IL 17Y 3M 24D 9/30/1909 Greenwood 10/18/1909; S.D. Union
BERGHOFER, George Germany 67Y 1M 13D 4/3/1908 Greenwood 4/5/1908, S.D. Union
BERKEY,Infant San Diego 1D 11/1/1910 Not stated 11/2/1910, S.D. Union
BERNARD, Mary M. Pennsylvania 44Y 8M 19D 12/8/1911 Masonic 12/9/1911, S.D. Union
BICHARD, William Not stated Not stated 2/1/1873 Not stated 2/8/1873, S.D. Union
BICKLER, Alice M. Pennsylvania 33Y 3M 13D 7/20/1910 Greenwood 7/22/1910, S.D. Union
BIDWELL, James Connecticut 91Y 3M 28D 4/11/1909 Mt. Hope 4/13/1909; S.D. Union
BIGELOW, Josephine M. New York 75Y (m 17D 12/6/1911 Cleveland, OH 12/12/1911, S.D. Union
BIGGERSTOFF, John Illinois 41Y 1M 12/6/1913 Redlands, CA 12/8/1913; S.D. Union
BILICICH, Blas Austria 33Y 5/17/1910 Catholic 5/19/1910; S.D. Union
BILIK, Charles France 80Y 1/6/1905 Mt. Hope 1/8/1905; S.D. Union
BINNEY, Fred A. England 83Y 5M 2D 12/5/1927 Mt. Hope 12/7/1927, S.D. Union
BIRDSALL, Hiram New York 69Y 11/9/1877 Not stated 11/10/1877, S.D. Union
BIRDSEYE, Enoch L. Norwalk Co., OH 34Y 11/27/1875 Not stated 11/28/1875, S.D. Union
BISBEE, Frances L. New York 68Y 6M 4D 9/29/1910 Greenwood 10/1/1910, S.D. Union
BISHOP, Everett M. Not stated 24Y Oct. 17, 1945 Monroe, MI 10/20/1945, S.D. Union
BISSELL, Sarah E. Pennsylvania 73Y 5M 6D 1/23/1908 Richland, MI 1/28/1908; S.D. Union
BIXBY, Sarah J. Massachusetts 84Y6m 4D 10/26/1913 Masonic 10/27/1913, S.D. Union
BLACK, George Texas 29Y 2M 23D 5/23/1910 Mt. Hope 5/26/1910, S.D. Union
BLACK, Harry R. Pennsylvania 27Y 6m 12D 10/2/1910 I.O.O.F. Oct. 4, 1910, S.D. Union
BLACK, James W. Not stated 69Y 8M 11D 10/10/1911 La Vista National City Record
BLACK, Mary S. Washington 12Y 5M 15 D 2/13/1912 Detroit 2/18/1912, S.D. Union
BLACK, Robert W. Iowa 24Y 6M 25D 2/1/1909 Nashua, IA. 2/2/1909; S.D. Union
BLACK, Samuel Not stated 38Y 3/29/1919 Holy Cross 4/3/1919, S.D. Union
BLACKBURN, Mary Ireland 78Y 3M 23D Not stated Catholic 3/18/1910; S.D. Union
BLACKLEDGE, T. H. Ohio 61Y 4M 2D 9/7/1909 Greenwood 9/12/1909; S.D. Union
BLACKMAR, Louise H. New Hampshire 53Y 10M 27D Not stated Not stated National City Record
BLACKMORE, Thomas Tennessee 56Y 2M 1/3/1910 Ft. Worth, TX 1/4/1910; S.D. Union
BLAIKIE, Andrew Scotland 78Y 7M 1/22/1899 Not stated 1/23/1899; S.D. Union
BLAIR, Corrine M. Kansas 40Y 3M 19D 5/1/1914 Los Angeles Burial Permit
BLAKE, Alonzo Sutton VT 64Y 3M 18D 12/31/1908 Greenwood 1/3/1909; S.D. Union
BLAKE, Persis A. Vermont 73Y 5M 3D 6/21/1909 G.A.R. 6/23/1909; S.D. Union
BLAKE, Robert H. England 45Y 6/14/1933 Greenwood 6/16/1933, S.D. Union
BLAKELEY, Joseph Indiana 36Y 3M 5D 5/13/1926 Tere Hauta, Ind. 5/15/1926, S.D. Union
BLANCHARD, Elizabeth L. Massachusetts 54Y 11M 12D 3/10/1914 La Vista National City Record
BLANCHARD, Lucy S. New York 73Y 11M 16D 5/5/1909 G.A.R. 5/6/1909; S.D. Union
BLANCHARD, Margaret J. Missouri 59Y 8M 19d 10/25/1914 Mt. Hope 10/26/1914, S.D. Union
BLAND, Matthew Marysville, WA 58Y 11/18/1910 Marysville, WA 11/21/1910; S.D. Union
BLASER, Joseph Iowa 35Y 2/10/1908 Not stated 2/13/1908, S. D. Union
BLATCHLEY, Alice E. Not stated 40Y 11/15/1877 Not stated 12/2/1877, S.D. Union
BLATCHLEY, Sarah L. Newhaven, CT Not stated 3/13/1873 Not stated 3/15/1873, S.D. Union
BLAZER, Joseph Not stated 35Y 2/10/1908 Dubuque, IA 2/18/1908, S. D. Union
BLIXMAN, Joseph A. Not stated 3M 26D 12/17/1910 Catholic 12/29/1910; S.D. Union
BLOCH, Rose M. Pennsylvania Not stated 5/10/1926 Mt. Hope 5/12/1926, S.D. Union
BLOOM, Hiram Pennsylvania 88Y 9M 22D 3/22/1909 Mt. Olivet 3/23/1909; S.D. Union
BLOUNT, Jane Canada 84Y 2M 25D 6/20/1908 Mt. Hope 6/21/1908, S.D. Union
BOAL, Cordelia E. Not stated 75Y 3M 15D 11/3/1912 La Vista National City Record
BOAL, David Pennsylvania 73Y 7M 29D 5/25/1909 La Vista 5/26/1909; S.D. Union
BOARDMAN, Charles New Hampshire 84Y 6/8/1908 Greenwood 6/10/1908, S.D. Union
BOFINK, Eliza A. New York 75Y 1M 21D 4/2/1914 Greenwood Burial Permit
BOGAN, Leo P. Not stated 13Y 1/15/1876 Not stated 1/16/1876, S.D. Union
BOGART, Elias F. Ohio 75Y 4M 23D 4/8/1914 G.A.R. Burial Permit
BOGGESS, Albert Lumberport, WV 41Y 6M 11/21/1876 Not stated 11/22/1876, S.D. Union
BOHAN, Flora L. Iowa 21Y 3M 24D 4/23/1914 Denver, CO Burial Permit
BOHLMAN, Gustav A. Germany 66Y 4/15/1935 Glen Abby 4/17/1935, S.D. Union
BOHRER, Orville E. Missouri 28Y 8M 10D 4/20/1908 Masonic 4/21/1908, S.D. Union
BOLAND, Mary Ireland 85Y 12/5/1913 Los Angeles 12/7/1913; S.D. Union
BOLMAN, Emma P. Missouri 32Y 3M 24D 3/24/1908 Catholic 3/25/1908, S. D. Union
BOMGARDNER, William W. Colorado 15Y 8M 24D 11/3/1910 I.O.O.F. 11/5/1910; S.D. Union
BONORDEN, Herman F. Germany Unreadable 4/30/1917 Quincy, IL 5/1/1917, S.D. Union
BOODRY, Elizabeth P. England 73Y 2/13/1910 G.A.R. 2/15/1910, S.D. Union
BOOTH, Abraham England 75Y 1/21/1905 Not stated 1/22/1905; S.D. Union
BORDEN, Elizabeth California 5Y 12/22/1913 San Marcos, CA 12/23/1913; S.D. Union
BORDSON, Martin Norway 29Y 3M 29D 12/30/1913 County Cem. Burial Permit
BOSCH, Adolph Iowa 62Y 10M 6D 5/28/1914 Masonic Burial Permit
BOSCHER, Emil H. Germany 69Y 9M 20D 12/16/1913 Mt. Hope Burial Permit
BOSCHER, Emil H. Germany 69Y 9M 24D 12/16/1913 Mt. Hope 12/19/1913; S.D. Union
BOSSERMAN, Orville Not stated 12Y 6M 11/3/1876 Not stated 11/5/1876, S.D. Union
BOTTUM, George H. Vermont 49Y 6/15/1910 Greenville, SC 6/16/1910, S.D. Union
BOUGHMAN, Charles R. Ohio 33Y 11M 24D 9/21/1909 Greenwood 9/26/1909; S.D. Union
BOURBONNIE, Napoleon Canada 75Y 6M 29D 5/8/1926 Pullman, WA 5/12/1926, S.D. Union
BOURNE, John C. New York 67Y 11M 2D 5/11/1908 Masonic 5/13/1908, S.D. Union
BOWDEN, Mary A. England 64Y 8M 21D 10/20/1910 Denver, Colo. 11/2/1910, S.D. Union
BOWDEN, Minnie Not stated Not stated 10/30/1910 Not stated 10/31/1910, S.D. Union
BOWEN, Clarence E. Not stated 24Y 11M 31D 12/4/1911 Butte, MT 12/5/1911, S.D. Union
BOWERS, Amanda D. New York 73Y 2/12/1904 Mt. Hope 2/14/1904; S.D. Union
BOWERS, James M. Not stated 57Y 1/19/1898 Not stated 1/20/1898; S.D. Union
BOWERS, Sarah Ohio 89Y 9/27/1926 Greenwood 9/30/1926, S.D. Union
BOWERS, William W. New York 82Y 6M 12D 5/2/1917 Masonic 5/3/1917, S.D. Union
BOWERS, William W. New York 82Y 6M 12D 5/2/1917 Not stated 5/4/1917; S.D. Union
BOWIE, William England 42Y 10M 4D 12/10/1910 Greenwood 12/19/1910; S.D. Union
BOWLER, Hattie L. Not stated 7Y 3M 20D 11/13/1870 Not stated 11/24/1870; S.D. Union
BOWLER, Nellie G. Not stated 12Y 5M 5D 11/13/1870 Not stated 11/24/1870; S.D. Union
BOWLER, William W. San Diego 22y 11M 25D 12/16/1911 Mt. Hope 12/17/1911, S.D. Union
BOWME, Beatrice M. New York 66Y 7M 28D 8/29/1908 Masonic 9/3/1908; S.D. Union
BOWZER, Maggie E. Tennessee 37Y 7M 9D 3/17/1909 Not stated 3/18/1909; S.D. Union
BOYD, Andrew Putnam, N.Y. Not stated 7/3/1851 Not stated 7/31/1851; S.D. Herald
BOYD, Louise E. Kentucky 72Y 2M 21D 6/26/1909 Mt. Hope 6/28/1909; S.D. Union
BOYD, Louise E. Kentucky 72Y 3M 21D 6/26/1909 Mt. Hope 6/27/1909; S.D. Union
BOYD, Ward Paducah, KY 45Y 4/28/1879 Mt. Hope National City Record
BOYES, Annette Charlotte England 65Y 10M 6D 11/10/1913 Masonic Burial Permit
BOYLE, Edward Donegal, Ireland 43Y 7/9/1874 Not stated 7/10/1874, S.D. Union
BOYSEN, Asmus Germany 53Y 9M 21D 8/9/1910 Greenwood 8/11/1910, S.D. Union
BRABOZON, George P. O. Ireland 67Y 9M 6D 10/10/1912 Masonic 10/11/1912; S.D. Union
BRACKETT, Edgar G. San Diego 18Y 4M 21D 3/1/1909 Greenwood 3/6/1909; S.D. Union
BRADBURY, William F. Ohio 48Y 2/12/1912 Greenwood 2/18/1912, S.D. Union
BRADFORD, P. R. New York 73Y 9/25/1908 Mt. Hope 9/27/1908; S.D. Union
BRADLEY, Francis W. Missouri 66Y 11M 10D 5/3/1912 Masonic 5/5/1912; S.D. Union
BRADLEY, William R. New York 55Y 8M 20D 1/1/1912 Not stated 1/22/1912, S.D. Union
BRADNER, Maggie C. Not stated Not stated 10/10/1910 Greenwood 10/11/1910; S.D. Union
BRADY, Francis Massachusetts 52Y 3/2/1908 Catholic 3/5/1908, S. D. Union
BRANCH, Mary J. England 40Y 6M 15D 12/7/1911 Mt. Hope 12/8/1911, S.D. Union
BRAND, George E. Indiana 74Y 7/17/1923 Greenwood 7/18/1923, S.D. Union
BRANDIS, Christina Germany 69Y 11M 7D 7/15/1910 Fort Collins, CO 7/16/1910, S.D. Union
BRANDIS, William Germany 71Y 1M 1D 12/17/1912 Ft. Collins, CO 12/19/1912; S.D. Union
BRAUDE, Simon Russia 33Y 6/14/1908 Home of Peace 6/16/1908, S.D. Union
BRAYTON, Edwin New York 79Y 10M 2D 3/20/1908 Mt. Hope 3/25/1908, S. D. Union
BRAYTON, Emily N. New York 68Y 2/27/1898 Not stated 3/2/1898; S.D. Union
BRAYTON, George New York 94Y 10M 7D 1/31/1915 G.A.R. 2/2/1915; S.D. Union
BREDEN, George H. Missouri 25Y 26D 1/30/1889 St. Louis, MO. 10/26/1910, S.D. Union
BREGUGLIA, Teresa Illinois 33Y 11M 5D 5/20/1910 Ft. Rosecrans 5/21/1910, S.D. Union
BRENNAN, Blanche A. California 18Y 2M 9D 2/15/1910 Catholic 2/16/1910, S.D. Union
BRENNAN, Blanche A. Point Arena, CA 18Y 2M 9D 2/15/1910 Catholic 2/16/1910; S.D. Union
BRENNAN, Jerrald A. Not stated Not stated 4/17/1948 Not stated 4/19/1948, S.D. Union
BREWINGTON, James Indiana 78Y 5/21/1917 Not stated 5/22/1917; S.D. Union
BREWSTER, Edward Rochester, NY 23Y 2/19/1876 Not stated 2/23/1876, S.D. Union
BRIANT, Lucy I. Massachusetts Unreadable 5/21/1917 Mt. Hope 5/23/1917, S.D. Union
BRICK, John W. Indiana 59Y 1M 25D 12/27/1911 Mt. Hope 12/28/1911, S.D. Union
BRIDGE, Emily A. Massachusetts Not stated 7/23/1912 Greenwood 7/26/1912, S.D. Union
BRIGGS, Charles G. Not stated 45Y 4M 2D 4/30/1917 Not stated 5/2/1917, S.D. Union
BRIGGS, Jane R. Connecticut 83Y 6M 29D 3/2/1909 Greenwood 3/4/1909; S.D. Union
BRIGHT, Annie E. Canada 85Y 6M 24D 10/1/1913 Not stated 10/5/1913, S.D. Union
BRINKMEYER, William E. Not stated 3M 11D 6/7/1923 Not stated 6/8/1923, S.D. Union
BRISCO, Charles England 31Y 7M 1/4/1908 Catholic 1/6/1908; S.D. Union
BRITTON, James San Diego 25Y 26D 3/31/1908 Masonic 4/3/1908, S.D. Union
BROCHON, Elizabeth Scotland 82Y 9M 20D 7/16/1910 Not stated 7/17/1910, S.D. Union
BROCK, Charles E. Kansas 36Y 4M 13D 12/3/1927 Brooklyn, NY 12/6/1927, S.D. Union
BROCKMAN, Israel Not stated 46Y 1/20/1871 Not stated 1/26/1871; S.D. Union
BROCKMAN, John M. Not stated 14Y 7M 13D 11/20/1870 Not stated 12/1/1870; S.D. Union
BROCKMEIER, Henry Not stated Not stated 5/16/1917 Greenwood 5/17/1917, S.D. Union
BROOKS, John A. Tennessee 75Y 8/6/1910 Greenwood 8/7/1910, S.D. Union
BROOKS, Pheobe S. Terre Haute, IN 86Y 7M 1D 8/10/1910 Masonic 8/11/1910, S.D. Union
BROOKSHIRE, E. Frank Texas 87Y 6M 21D 1/16/1900 Mt. Hope 1/18/1900; S.D. Union
BROON, Peter Italy 45Y 12/8/1909 Catholic 12/9/1909; S.D. Union
BROUHARD, William J. Iowa 35Y 5/21/1917 G.A.R. 5/23/1917, S.D. Union
BROWN, Ann Maryland Not stated 9/16/1909 Not stated 9/17/1909; S.D. Union
BROWN, Charles New York 50Y 8M 4/24/1912 Mt. Hope 4/25/1912, S.D. Union
BROWN, Charles W. New York 58Y 11/1/1910 Mt. Hope 11/2/1910, S.D. Union
BROWN, Cora B. Not stated Not stated 3/31/1948 Glen Abbey 4/2/1948, S.D. Union
BROWN, Doea C. New York 78Y 5M 7D 10/16/1910 Greenwood 10/17/1910, S.D. Union
BROWN, Fred Ohio 60Y 5M 10D 12/11/1913 County Cem. Burial Permit
BROWN, Fred Ohio 60Y 12/11/1913 Mt. Hope 12/12/1913; S.D. Union
BROWN, George New York 78Y 3/18/1912 Not stated 3/21/1912; S.D. Union
BROWN, Hannah F. Warner, NH 64Y 10/8/1881 Not stated National City Record
BROWN, Joel Indiana 89Y 8M 11D 12/27/1913 Masonic Burial Permit
BROWN, Mary C. Scotland 91Y 4M 3/28/1908 Mt. Hope 3/29/1908, S. D. Union
BROWN, Nellie J. Michigan 32Y 9M 2D 12/7/1911 Not stated 12/8/1911, S.D. Union
BROWN, Sarah A. Troy, PA 78Y 17D 12/30/1908 Mt. Hope 1/1/1909; S.D. Union
BROWN, William New York 74Y 8M Not stated Mt. Hope 12/8/1910; S.D. Union
BROWN, William H. Springfield, IL 40Y 4/18/1910 Mt. Hope 4/20/1910, S.D. Union
BROWNE, Joseph P. Kansas 7Y 1M 10D 4/27/1910 Mt. Hope 4/28/1910, S.D. Union
BROWNELL, Emma F. Not stated 13M 42/1875 Not stated 4/3/1875, S.D. Union
BRUCKER New York 42Y 11M 22D 11/16/1910 Catholic 11/18/1910; S.D. Union
BRUCKER, Nicholas J. New York 42Y 11M 22D 11/16/1910 Catholic 11/17/1910; S.D. Union
BRUMLEY, Edward G. San Diego Not stated 5/3/1917 Not stated 5/4/1917, S.D. Union
BRUNER, Peter Not stated Not stated 1/10/1876 Not stated 1/11/1876, S.D. Union
BRUSO, Margaret J. Not stated 11M 5/11/1926 Holy Cross 5/12/1926, S.D. Union
BRUYN KOPS, Mary E. de Bohemia 68Y 6/23/1910 Not stated 6/24/1910, S.D. Union
BRYAN, Isaac N. Illinois 69Y 11M 18D 2/27/1910 Mt. Hope 3/1/1910, S.D. Union
BRYAN, Joseph C. P. Indiana 31Y 3M 16D 3/20/1898 Not stated 3/22/1898; S.D. Union
BRYAN, William S. Canada 66Y 9M 14D 11/24/1910 Los Angeles 12/9/1910; S.D. Union
BRYANT, Eliza J. Pennsylvania 69Y 5M 6D 1/8/1909 Masonic 1/12/1909; S.D. Union
BRYANT, Mary E. Illinois 64Y 6M 29D 6/24/1908 Odd Fellows 6/25/1908, S.D. Union
BRYANT, Richard P. Not stated Not stated 8/3/1894 Not stated 8/4/1894; S.D. Union
BUCK, Joshua S. Not stated Not stated 12/23/1909 Grant's Pass, OR 1/7/1910; S.D. Union
BUCK, William J. Indiana 77Y 3/9/1898 Not stated 3/10/1898; S.D. Union
BUCKMAN, Amos Not stated 78Y Not stated Not stated 3/29/1898; S.D. Union
BUDLONG, David H. Watertown,NY 81Y 7M 11/30/1912 Greenwood 12/1/1912; S.D. Union
BUEL, James E. Michigan 41Y 5/2/1912 Colorado 5/4/1912, S.D. Union
BUGGE, Olaus Norway 69Y 8M 11D 9/10/1910 Greenwood 9/11/1910, S.D. Union
BUNKER, Clara Ohio 44Y 6M 13D 4/5/1914 Masonic Burial Permit
BUNTON, Nancy California 44Y 4M 30D 5/1/1917 Julian, CA 5/3/1917, S.D. Union
BURBAGE, Franklin Not stated 55Y 4/27/1876 Not stated 4/28/1876. S.D. Union
BURBECK, Anna M. Massachusetts 70Y 7M 23D 2/25/1908 Mt. Hope 2/28/1908, S. D. Union
BURCH, Jerry L. Minnesota 35Y 8/10/1910 Mt. Hope 8/15/1910, S.D. Union
BURK, Benjamin H. New York 65Y 3M 7D 6/2/1905 G.A.R. 6/3/1905; S.D. Union
BURK, William T. Michigan 78Y 4m 5D 4/17/1919 Not stated 4/18/1919; S.D. Union
BURKE, Edward New Orleans, LA 23Y 10/25/1868 Not stated 10/31/1868; S.D. Union
BURKE, Patrick Ireland 67Y 2M 22D 7/8/1923 Holy Cross 7/17/1923, S.D. Union
BURKE, Thomas J. Ireland 48Y 2/28/1898 Denver, CO 3/2/1898; S.D. Union
BURLINGAME, Walter F. New York 63Y 5m 12/2/1911 Mt. Hope 12/4 & 6/1911, S.D. Union
BURNAP, Silas A. Ohio 65Y 5M 15D 1/1/1910 Greenwood 1/2/1910; S.D. Union
BURNETT, Annie L. New York 28Y 10M 6D 2/1/1915 Greenwood 2/2/1915, S.D. Union
BURNETT, Levi F. New York 72Y 7/24/1910 Pasadena, CA 7/26/1910; S.D. Union
BURNHAM, A. F. Massachusetts 75Y 3M 6D 1/3/1909 Racine, WI 1/4/1909; S.D. Union
BURNHAM, Melissa B. Massachusetts Not stated 3/29/1909 Greenwood 3/30/1909; S.D. Union
BURNIGHT, Fletcher Not stated 86Y 4M 25D 3/26/1906 Not stated 3/30/1906; S.D. Union
BURNS, Armand E. San Diego 25Y 12/4/1927 Mt. Hope 12/6/1927, S.D. Union
BURNS, Mary J. San Diego 48Y 4M 2D 10/7/1913 Catholic 10/7/1913, S.D. Union
BURNS, Patrick Ireland 60Y 11/19/1876 Not stated 11/21/1876, S.D. Union
BURNS, William B. Not stated 54Y 5D 12/14/1874 Not stated 12/15/1874, S.D. Union
BURNS, William H. Rhode Island 41Y 9M 1D 12/27/1913 Not stated 12/28/1913, S.D. Union
BURNS, William H. Rhode Island 41Y 9M 1D 12/27/1913 County Cem. Burial Permit
BURROUGHS, Joseph L. Not stated 6M 2D 6/27/1877 Not stated 6/28/1877, S.D. Union
BURT, Arthur C. Mississippi 53Y 1/16/1909 Mt. Hope 1/17/1909; S.D. Union
BURTNER, Goldie E. Missouri 15Y 4M 20D 1/1/1910 Mt. Hope 1/3/1910; S.D. Union
BURTON, Henry J. New Hampshire 79Y 8/11/1925 Not stated 8/12/1925, S.D. Union
BURWELL, Susan R. Not stated 21Y 12/24/1913 Masonic Burial Permit
BUSBY, John S. St. Thomas, VI 39Y 9M 19D 2/14/1910 Mt. Hope 2/15/1910, S.D. Union
BUSS, Carrie E. New York 51Y 8M 28D 4/28/1914 Los Angeles Burial Permit
BUSS, Martha Ohio 79y 2M 8D 9/29/1910 Masonic 9/30/1910, S.D. Union
BUSWELL, Clara A. New Hampshire 76Y 1M 16D 12/19/1911 Mt. Hope 12/20/1911, S.D. Union
BUTCH, Amelia D. Germany 65Y 2M 28D 4/15/1908 Not stated 4/19/1908, S.D. Union
BUTCHER, Henry Michigan 32Y 10M 26D 4/4/1909 Fresno, CA 4/5/1909; S.D. Union
BUTLER, A.B.C. Vermont 81Y 1M 23D 3/31/1910 Altoona, KS 4/1/1910, S.D. Union
BUTLER, Cornelia S. New York 82Y 8M 19D 12/3/1911 Greenwood 12/4/1911, S.D. Union
BUTLER, George Massachusetts 71Y 4/16/1935 Cremated 4/18/1935, S.D. Union
BUTLER, George England 61Y 10M 18D 3/17/1910 Greenwood 3/18/1910, S.D. Union
BUTLER, George England 61Y 10M 15D 3/17/1910 Greenwood 3/20/1910; S.D. Union
BUTLER, Howard M. Not stated 23Y 5/28/1917 I.O.O.F. 5/31/1917, S.D. Union
BUTLER, James W. Indiana 64Y 3M 24D 12/31/1907 Los Angeles 1/2/1908; S.D. Union
BUTLER, John Ireland 63Y 2/10/1908 Not stated 2/11/1908, S. D. Union
BUTSCH, Edward E. Not stated 67Y 4/17/1935 Not stated 4/18/1935, S.D. Union
BUTTERFIELD, Loelah Not stated Not stated 3/14/1898 Not stated 3/22/1898; S.D. Union
BUTTERWORTH, Catherine Dublin, Ireland 67Y 11M 18D 5/21/1910 Rockford, IL 5/24/1910, S.D. Union
BUTTON, Samuel D. New York 68Y 1M14D 12/14/1913 Mt. Hope 12/16/1913; S.D. Union
BUTTS, Lewis F. Michigan 57Y 1M 10D 5/18/1910 Greenwood 5/19/1910, S.D. Union
BUTTS, Mary E. Not stated Not stated Not stated Denver, CO 4/18/1919; S.D. Union
BYE, Frederick F. Illinois 36Y 7M 6D 9/4/1910 Mt. Hope 9/5/1910, S.D. Union
BYRON, Ernest Idaho 26Y 5M 5/7/1908 Boise City, ID 5/9/1908, S.D. Union
ROARKE, James Not stated Not stated 3/17/1898 Mt. Hope 3/21/1898; S.D. Union