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Michael Vdovkin 
1/9/1970 - 2/7/2006

Sober Kindness

(A Loving Reminder)

Growing up in my home wasn't all that great.

I really loved my mother but I also learned to hate.

The things she said to my sister and brother.

This isn't the way children should be treated by their mother.

To others my life seemed so happy, to them it seemed so grand.

What really went on each night they didn't understand.

Coming home from school each night I wished upon a clover.

I begged and prayed that my mom would be sober.

Locking my bedroom door each night and crying myself to sleep.

This is a secret I can no longer keep.

I think about those nights and try to remove them from my mind.

And remember when she was sober because it was then that she was kind.

Everyone loved you Mike, except for yourself. We love you and miss you every day!

"Big Bear Grizzly"  Posted: Wednesday, January 30, 2013 11:57 am
Submitted by: Peggy Hooper