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Stanislaus County Obituaries

Transcriobed and submitted by
Burta Herger and Gale D Stroud


The Patterson Cemetery Project was conducted by the Patterson Township Historical Society.  Many members worked tirelessly obtaining images from the local newspaper, PATTERSON IRRIGATOR.  All obituaries (1911-2006) were complied, recorded and published by Burta Herger and Gale D Stroud.

Continued years will be added during or following each new year.

NOTE: All photos and text files are in alphabetical order.

Dates are Recorded YYMMDD. Example: (June 2, 1911) will read: 110602.

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Cabra Frances Ann Ceniceros Jess Correia Anthony S
Cabral Anna Ceniceros Jose V Correia Charles E
Cabral Luiz Cepeda Gilbert D Correia Edward C
Cabral Mary R Cepeda Josie T Correia Frank D 1955
Cabral Robert Edward Cerini Grace Correia Frank D 1988
Cabral Victor Cernohlavek George Correia Harold D
Caceres Jose Cernusco James T Correia Henry
Cadena Delores V Cerutti William Correia Joseph D Sr
Cadogen William H Cervantes Silvestre Correia Joseph P
Caeseri Mansuetti Chacon Annie G Correia Josephine
Cagle Michael Allen Chacon Daniel G Correia Manuel D
Calabretta Gregory Anthony Chacon Ignacio P Correia Manuel S
Calabretta Marion A Chacon Irene Correia Maria A
Calassa Manuel F Chacon Jerry Correia Marianna S
Calderon Jorge N Chacon Rose Lee Gonzalez Correia Serafino S
Caldwell Jeffrey W Chadwick Florence Correia Velma
Calibillo Mario Chamorro Frank J Cortez Fabiola R
Callagy James E Champion Charles C Cortina Joaquine Jr
Callagy Mary G Chan Montearony V Cortner J E
Callahan Dewitt T Chandler John W Cortner J J
Callahan Etta Chandon Marjorie L Corvello Margaret J
Callahan Vondolee D Chantry Joe Corwin Beulah
Callender Belle Chapa Guadalupe P Corwin Catalina
Callizo Maria 1 Chaparosa Daniel Jr Cory William R
Callizo Ramon Chappel Dorothy T Costa Anton Andrew
Calvillo-Torres Maria Ester Chapuis Virginia A Costa Brian
Calzada Gerado T Charters Ernest D Costa Edward E
Camara Paul Charvez Benjamin W Costa Emilia
Camara Sarah Chastain William Costa Eugenia A
Camargo Almada Chatton Madelyn C Costa Gerald J
Cambra John Chavez Cecilia Costa Joaquin F
Camp A J Mrs Chavez Consuelo Costa John B
Camp Frances Chavez Diego D Costa John V
Campbell Derald E Chavez Eulogio R Costa Justina
Campbell Ernest E Chavez Jennie T Costa Lenora P
Campbell Gladys N Chavez Julio C Costa Lucy
Campbell James M Chavez Manuel M Costa Manuel
Campbell Kirk Chavez Maria D Costa Manuel A
Campbell Melvin B Chavez Mike M Costa Manuel J
Campbell Peter M Chavez Rafael Costa Mary
Campbell Robert Ray Chavez Romana Garcia Costa Mary E
Campbell Russell V Cheatham Infant Costa Philip J
Campbell Ruth V Cheatham Maude E Costa Victor B
Campbell Sandra Faye Cheatham Mildred E Cota Cecil M
Campbell Thomas E Cheatham Oliver Cota Rose
Campbell Victoria A Cheek Allie Cotta Annie Shirley
Campbell Vivian I Chenette Janette L Cotta Frank P
Campbell W Ward Cheney Opal Cotta Joe D
Campo Prudencio C Cheney Thmas A Cotta Lloyd
Campos Raymond F Chesley Donald L Cotta Manuel J
Canchola Isrrael G Jr Chevoy Clarence Cottel Louise
Cancilla Samuel A Chezik Anthony R Coutu Sister Claire
Candilla Jessie Chilgren Ed R Mr Mrs Covarrubias Aurora
Candlrich Mate Chin Harry Covarrubias David
Candrlich Dorothy A Chinchiolo John A Covarrubias Rudolfo
Cannon Charles F Chrisman Henry T Covello Albert
Cannon Merle Christensen Casey Covello Carl
Cano Juanita Christensen Gerald L Covello Elizabeth
Cantu Albino G Christensen Martin Covello Flora
Cantu Andrea S Christensen Walter M Covello James L Jr
Cantu Beatriz Christiabson Gertrude L Covello Pasqueal
Cantu Dora G Christian Scott M Cover Etta R
Cantu Gloria Christiansen Marilyn S Covington Rex
Cantu Guadalupe Jr Christiansen Martin Cowan Barbara G
Cantu Jacinto Jr Christman Hiram Cowan Margaret
Cantu Jorge R Christoferson John C Cox Albert
Cantu Michael J Christopherson Anna B Cox Ann E S
Cantu Ralph Christopherson Dorothy L Cox Beula L
Cantu Rogelio Christopherson Justus Cox Dorothy
Cantu Santiago S Christopherson Luther J Cox Eva M
Capetillo Eusebio S Christopherson Maxine Cox Frank
Caporgno Alfred Christopherson Robert L Cox Frank A Jr
Caporgno Clara A Christopherson Ronald Wayne Cox James C
Caporgno Desolina Christopherson Thomas Cox John D
Caporgno Valeriano Chumbly Vernon O Cox John D
Caporgnp Chester G Chunn Herman E Cox John Dunlap
Capps Darrell L Cirilo Sergio H 2 images Cox John H 2 images
Cardenas Maria Cirincione Frank A Cox John Stewart
Cardona Michael Angelo III Cirrincione Dominic A Cox Karen Olivia
Cardoso Jose V Cirrincione Rose Citta Cox Lois S
Cardoso Joseph M Cirrincione Salvador Cox Mabel
Cardoso Manuel A Cisneros David L Jr Cox Nicholas C
Cardoso Maria L Cisneros David R Cox Ruby
Cardoso Mary C Cisneros Hannah R Cox Sadie
Cardoso Serafim Soares Claiborn Hazel B Cox Susan K
Cardoza Antionette S Clancy S J Cox Thomas O
Cardoza Doris M Clanton Trisha R Cox Will W Mrs
Cardoza John S Clark A A Mrs Cox William W
Cardoza Karen Clark Earl J Cozzitorto Marie
Cardoza Lillian Clark George Cozzitorto Pietro P
Cardoza Manuel Clark Hilda P Craig Francis R
Cardoza Manuel G Clark Kenneth Craig James A
Cardoza Manuel V Clark Linda Crain Krysilynn
Cardoza Maria E Clark Lowell Craugh William J
Cardoza Mary C Clark Paul H Craven Carolyn M
Cardoza Tony V Clary A E Craven Curtis Leon
Carey Wagar G Jr Clary Blanch G Craven Daran I
Carias Antonio Clary Clyde M Craven James C
Carland P E Clayton Sharon L Craven Julia A
Carlbert P W Mrs Cleaveland Edward H Craven Roy E
Carls Lena M Cleckler John E Craven Shaundreya P
Carlson Al J Clem Roger L Crawford Alvie
Carlson Albert Clemens Clem Crawford Ambers
Carlson Anna Clement Riley E Crawford Bertie
Carlson C J Clemente Rincon Crawford Charles O
Carlson Charlotte Clemment Edward Crawford Earl C
Carlson Dagmar Close Harry S Crawford Nadine
Carlson Dale W Close Volucia G Crawford Sandra S
Carlson Daniel G Coates Roland W 1934 Crawford Virginia N
Carlson E Reuel Coates Roland W 1984 Crawford Walter W
Carlson Earl Cobb A A Crawford William W
Carlson Ebba Cochetoff Alexander I Crews-Scott Madison Renee
Carlson Emanuel V Cochetoff Nina Crinklaw Elizabeth B
Carlson Eugene Cochran Anna M Crinklaw John
Carlson Frank E Cochran Lester R Cripe Calista A
Carlson Hulda Cochran Rose M Cripe Carrie M
Carlson Ida Cochran Sarah E Cripe Clyde E
Carlson Iona Mae Cockrum Addie L Cripe Cyril V
Carlson James D Coderniz Frank M Sr Cripe Ilene
Carlson John J Codiroli Alfred Cripe Lona
Carlson Joseph S Codorniz Emily M Cripe Mary D
Carlson Keith E Cody Mamie Cripe Roy
Carlson Leland Coelho John F Jr Cripe Simon A
Carlson Marlene P Coffee Bobbie J Cripe Wade F
Carlson Mary F Coffee Jessie D Cripe Wade Mrs
Carlson Paul A Coffee Odd F Crisler Robert W
Carpenter A L Coffey Larry A Criswell Birdie
Carpenter Alma Coffin Ellen Criswell Joseph
Carpenter Art Coffin Timothy T Criswell Kathleen E
Carpenter Billy Cogswell Margaret Crittenden Jessie O
Carpenter Jane B 2 Images Coito Antone G Crocco James B
Carpenter Peter A 2 images Coito Josephine Crone Marie B
Carpenter Robert L Coito M C Crone Victor N
Carr Edwin L Cole Blanche D Cronin Hazel I
Carr Herbert W Cole Dennis Cronkite E B
Carr Margaret Cole George Crook Thomas
Carr Modena E Cole Roger L Crooke Gary L
Carr Rena E Cole Timothy G Crooker Don S
Carr Robert H Coleman A B Crooker Helen A
Carr Ruby Coleman Sarah Crooks Arthur
Carralez Delia Colen Frank J Crooks C Cashues
Carranza Arthur F Collins Albert J Crooks David A
Carrier Dennis R Collins Fred J Crooks Earl P
Carrillo Herlinda L Collins George Mrs Crooks Edith
Carson Alfred W Collins Virginia L A Crooks Eleanor E
Carson Andrew J Collins William T Crooks Raymond L
Carson Eugene Edward Colwell Katherine Crooks Ruth A
Carson Husie Colwell Omo L Crooks Vivian M
Carson John W Comacho Wili B Crooks William M
Carter David Combs Dickie A Crosby Emery
Carter David D Combs E A Mrs Crosby Martha A
Carter Dixie Combs Judith M Crouch Terry B
Carter Genie V Condell Lyle A Crow Ada T
Carter Mari J Condos Chris Crow B F
Carter Mary L Conklin Irene C Crow Beverly W
Carter Samuel Conley Barbara Crow Edward W
Carter Shanda L Conley William Crow Gertrude M
Carter Wilburn C Connelly John E Crow Hazel P
Carthwright James D Connelly Pat F Crow Helen B
Cartwright Ivia E Connelly Willa M Crow Henrietta C
Caruso Kathrine Conner Elbert J Crow Isaac
Carvalho Crystal Conner Harry W Crow John B
Carvalho Freda M Conner Robert L Crow John B Mrs
Carvalho John C Conner Sallie M Crow Laura
Carver John H Connors James Crow Leland A
Case Arthur D Cook Altus O Crow Mary D
Case Michael T Cook Charles W Crow Mary O
Caseri Robert 1951 Cook Evelyn Crow Mervyn III
Caseri Robert 1982 Cook Gary L 2 images Crow Mervyn K Sr
Casey William A Cook Kenneth O Crow Patty B
Casian Manuel B Cook Lillian H Crow Ralph L
Casseri Robert Mrs Cook Ray E Crow Rose M
Cassity Eleanor A Cook Teresa A Crow Roy F
Castaneda Hector E Cookson George Crow Ruth M
Castillo Casiano P Coon Harry Crow Sheldon B
Castillo Crescencio Cooper Joseph Crow Steven G
Castillo Lillian O Copeland Jon Mauris Crow Walter
Castillo Maria Judith Copeman Lillie M Crow Walter C
Castillo Nellie Copeman Wayne Crow William L
Castillo Rogelio Arredondo Corbin Leonard Crowford Evalee
Castro Calzada Doris Corbin Pearl E Crowley Joseph
Castro Edward G Corcoran Martha Cruneleton Charles
Castro Ezaltina Bernadine Corcorran Herman W Cruz Jose M
Castro Henry F Cordeiro Antonio M Cryer Amanda R
Castro Henry Joseph Cordell Joseph E Cryer Helen L
Castro Joseph Richard Cordero Alfonso Cryer Luke R
Castro Lena H Cordova Albert L Cryer Ralph H
Castro Leslie Cordova Alice Cryer William T
Castro Rigibarto Cordova Angelina Cuellar Eusebio
Caswell Wilburn L Cordova Arthur Cuellar Francisca T
Catalano Frank T Cordova Edward Cuellar Jose A
Catalano Walter J Cordova Susan Cuellar Manuel V
Catrina Manuel S Cordova Ubaldo G Cueva Angel G
Catunto Antonio M Jr Coreia Mary M Cummings James
Caudell Bob G Corella Jesus C Cummings Ruby E A
Caughern Dorothy A Corgiat Olga Cunningham Harold J
Cavanaugh R J Corigliano Doris G Cunningham William R
Cavazos Daniel D Corliss Polly L Cupp Tnader
Cavender Elmer R Cornett Ruby M Curiel Aurelia L
Cawthon Irene L Corral Annie Marslino Curiel Jesus M
Cearley Martin E Corral Berenice Mora Curiel Jose
Cearley Mildred L Corral Carmen Curran Mary J
Cearley Odell O Corral Ismael F Currier David Hamilton
Cearly Jesse C Corral Tomothy Currier Samuel
Cecchi Richard V Corralejo Francisco G Curtis Glen
Cecil Floey M Corralejo Maria L Curtis Glen Allen
Cecil Foney W Corralejo Zenon Curtis Guardsman G
Cecil William E Correa Joe M 2 images Curtis Jonothan B
Ceja Jose J Correia Alice J Cusenza Joseph F