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Stanislaus County Obituaries

Transcriobed and submitted by
Burta Herger and Gale D Stroud


The Patterson Cemetery Project was conducted by the Patterson Township Historical Society.  Many members worked tirelessly obtaining images from the local newspaper, PATTERSON IRRIGATOR.  All obituaries (1911-2006) were complied, recorded and published by Burta Herger and Gale D Stroud.

Continued years will be added during or following each new year.

NOTE: All photos and text files are in alphabetical order.

Dates are Recorded YYMMDD. Example: (June 2, 1911) will read: 110602.

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Fabbri Edward J Filippini Charles A Frame Harold
Fabbri Mary J Filippini Chastie N Frame Jackson
Fagerlund Mrs Filippini Josephine M Frame Myra J
Failoni Armelinda Filippini Lloyd Frances Emilia
Failoni Tullio Filippini Lucile M Franceschini Myra
Fain James I Filippini Velma Francis Florence Virginia
Fairless James Filippini Walter Francisco Maria
Falco Peggy A Filippini William A Francisco Tony Mrs
Fant Arlene J Filippini William Donald Frank Arthur E
Fant Dulcie J Fimiamino Marcilo Frank Blanche M
Fant Kenneth Finch John H Frank Clarence Edward Jr 2 Images
Fant Sam Fink Donald L Frank George F
Fant Vivian J Fink Dorothy M Frank Muriel A
Fantazia Delbert Fink Elmer L Frank Sara F
Fantozzi Alfred C Fink Esther R Frank Walter R
Fantozzi Margaret C Fink Eva D Franke Alice
Faria Candace Fink George W Franke Arthur W
Faria Edward George Fink Gladys A Franke Frieda R
Faria Joe Fink Ida Franke Herman
Faria John Fink Infant Franke Wesley R
Faria Manuel J Fink Jacob Mr Mrs Franzen Georgena G
Faria Mary N Fink Josephine O Franzen James J
Faria Patrick D Fink Laura A Fraser Harry S
Farinah Jeanne L Fink Leora H Fraser Malcolm P
Farinha Domingos A Fink Mervin L Frecrickson Eunice
Farinha Domingos A Jr Fink Minnie B Frederiksomese Ainar J
Farinha Frank Fink Vada A Fredrickson Carl J
Farinha Jennifer A Fink Wayland S Fredrickson Wayne L
Farinha Joaquin Fink William F Freeburg Charlotte
Farinha John A 1936 Fiorentino Victor Freeman Cornelia
Farinha John A 1996 Fippins C A Freeman Holice
Farinha Joseph F Fippins Larry Freidel Edward H
Farinha Lois L Fippins Marie Freidel Mabel A
Farinha Manuel A Fiscus Irene P Freisen John H
Farinha Mary A Fisher Bernyce A Freitas Alezandria R
Farinha Stanley J Fisk Amelia Freitas Anthony
Farinha Virginia Fiske Elizabeth C Freitas Antonio S
Farley Thomas E Fiske James S Freitas Carl G
Farrell Margaret B Fithian Ricky B Freitas Joaquin Tosta
Farrier Marthella Fitzgerald Sue J D Freitas Joe
Faul John J Fitzsimmons Gary Freitas Joseph
Faul Walter W Fitzsimmons Leroy Freitas Manuel A
Faulkner John F Fitzsimmons Lula Freitas Manuel S
Faulkner Marzee D Flanagan Hattie E Freitas Maria V
Faulkner Tommy D Flanagan Lloyd D Freitas Michelle Pauline
Faunce Mary T Flanagan Sam A Freitas Minnie E
Fay Cecelia Flanagan Willie O French Nellie
Fay Fergus D Fleharty Alva Frias Angela R
Fay John J Fleharty Ethel S Frias Anthony
Fay Leo A Fleharty George Frias Blanche Alina
Fay Mary E Fleharty Rolland C Friddle Glenn
Feeney J M Fleharty William S Friedrich Ben
Felex Maria E Fleming David O Friedrich Frances A
Feloi Frank Fleming Frances L Friedrich George M
Feloi Louisa F Flemming Juneta O Friedrich Grace L
Fenical George W Flemming Thomas Friedrich Ignatius F
Fenley James W Fletcher Louie D Friedrich Marian C
Fentem Gladys W Flores Cecilia Friedrich Maurice C
Feramisco James R Flores Dominga R Friedrich Myrtle L
Fernan Myles Vicente Flores Geronimo R Jr Friedrich William G
Fernandes Elaine Flores Josefina R 2 images Friend Ola M
Fernandes John Flores Rafaela Friesen John J
Fernandes Maria C Florez Viola Frisvold Carl T
Fernandez Belia M Foiada Constantino Frisvold Ingeborg Mrs
Fernandez Dolores Foiada Constantino E Frisvold Knud
Fernandez Guadalupe Foiada Elsie Friswold Nels O
Fernandez Guillermo Foiada Federico Fritz Anthony
Fernandez Josephine M Foiada James A Fritz Matthew
Fernandez Manuel Foiada Mary A Fritz William
Fernandez Miguel M Foiada Silvio C Frost Andre Nissen
Fernandez Nash R Foiada Theresa Frunz Carl J
Fernandez Romualdo Foletta Gerald L Frunz Donald
Ferrante Caterina Foley Maxine Frunz Francis
Ferreira Angelina A Folkner John Frunz Frank
Ferreira Joe A Folkner Loney R Frunz John N
Ferreira Rita Folkner William T Frunz Lorraine Ann
Ferry Charles J Follick Cornelius Frunz Marie
Ferry Edward E Follis Rachel M Frunz Nichalus
Fiahlo Mary Fonseca Frank Frunz Pauline T
Fialho Daniel L Fontes Tony Fuertes Josephine P
Fialho Frank Foote Fred H Fugate Sylvester V
Fialho Manuel Foote Fred R Fukuhara Frank
Fialho Manuel V 1947 Foote Lilah B Fukuhara George S
Fialho Manuel V 1993 Footman Fred Fukuhara Himeko O
Fialho Mary E Ford Edgar L Fukuhara Misao
Fialho Rosa D Ford Frank E Fulkerth L W
Fialho Ruth M Ford George H Fuller Leslie A
Fickel I H Mrs Ford Lester C Fulton Cara F
Field A M Ford Linda Fulton Charles M
Field Arthur R Ford Melinda Fulton John C
Field Audrey Ford Nettie M Fulton Margaret M
Field Howard A Ford Roe O Fulton Mary J
Field Hubert B Ford Ross M Fultz Deloice D
Field Leo Edna Ford William A Fumberger George
Fields Clarence S Forgette Charles R Funk Margaret
Fields Clinton Fornell John P Furtado Anna G
Fields Eva L Forrest Frances J Furtado Antone R
Fields George W Forrest Wesley J Furtado Christopher M
Fields Joe Forry Estelle Furtado Gregory Michael
Fields Ruby M Forry Henry and Virginia Furtado Guilherme A
Fields S A Mrs Forry Henry B Furtado Joe R
Figueiredo Antone Foss Bjarne Furtado Louise
Figueiredo Mary I Foss Margit J Furtado Marian D
Figueiro Joe Foster Arthur C Furtado Marie B
Figueroa Inez Foster Joseph Furtado Mary E
Figueroa Karen A Fournier Jacques Furtado Ruth E
Figueroa Roxanne B 2 images Fourt T E Mrs Furtado Serafim A
Filbin Margaret A Fovinc Maria Furtney Marie
Filho Estanislau P Fovinci Fred J Fuson Arliss D
Filice Frank Fovinci Mario Futado Edna F
Filice Teresa Fovinci Marjorie L Earley Futrell Isabel M
Filippini Ann E Fox Edward Futrell Vernon
Fylling Thea