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Stanislaus County Obituaries

Transcriobed and submitted by
Burta Herger and Gale D Stroud


The Patterson Cemetery Project was conducted by the Patterson Township Historical Society.  Many members worked tirelessly obtaining images from the local newspaper, PATTERSON IRRIGATOR.  All obituaries (1911-2006) were complied, recorded and published by Burta Herger and Gale D Stroud.

Continued years will be added during or following each new year.

NOTE: All photos and text files are in alphabetical order.

Dates are Recorded YYMMDD. Example: (June 2, 1911) will read: 110602.

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Lacava Angelo Lema Dolores M Lopes Frank M
Lacetti Linda Lema Edward Lopes George S
Lackey Lula E Lemaster John L Lopes Harry
LaFountain Elizabeth T Lemaux Marie L Lopes Helen V
Lafranchi Alfredo Lemaux William G Lopes Isabel A
Lairson Leland S Lemcke Evelyn Grace Lopes Joe F
Lamack Frances Lemcke Howard Lopes John
Lamack Michael M Lemieux Joseph G Lopes John Jr
Lamas Timateo Lemke Jean Marie Lopes Lillian
Lamatina Daniel Lemmon J W Lopes Lloyd Louis
Lamb Barbara Lemos Donald R Lopes Mary
Lamb Mary C Lenna Minnie M Lopes Roland
Lamb Robert Lennert Heloise Lopes Victoria
Lambert Katherine Leon David G Lopez Adan
Lancaster Wendell Leon Manuel Lopez Alicia
Landeros Asuncion Leon Nancy Lopez Andrea C
Lane Brunett Leonard Lane Lopez Anicetto M
Lane John Leonard Veda G Lopez Clemente J
Lane Johnie F Lerand Jorge Sr Lopez Cruz Herrera Sr
Lanfranki John Leroux Louis J Lopez Donato M
Langbert Viggo Leroy Grace Lopez Eladio P
Langenbeck Bonnie Leroy Malcolm L Lopez Eulalia C
Lanning Siegrid Lesko Olivia Marie Lopez Eva
Lantznester Charles E Leslie Lucille K Lopez Francisco Gallardo
Laptalo Frances A Lester George W Lopez Francisco H
Laptalo Steve G Lester Vira Lopez Francisco Mora
Lara Francis C Lester W Scott Lopez Ireth R
Lara Fred Sr Leverton John B Lopez Joaquin G
Lara Jose N Leverton P O Lopez Jose
Lara Judith L S Lewis Carol M Lopez Julian S
Lara Mercedes Lewis Ernest L Lopez Manuel
Lara Theresa Marie Lewis Fern Lopez Marcus M
Larabee Carl E Lewis Jack E Lopez Margarita H
Larez Pedro Jr Lewis Joe Sr Lopez Margarita Heredia (no image)
Larijani Bahman Lewis M A Lopez Mary C
Larison Myrtle Lewis Margaret Lopez Pete G
Larrison David P Lewis Mary Lopez Rene De J
Larsen Ed Lewis Mitchell C Lopez Sebastian
Larsen Gustave L Lewis R C Lopez Vicente S
Larsen Ivan Lewis Robert Andrew Lopina Anthony
Larson Anna Lewis William Lopina Janice F
Larson Anna 1917 Lewis William R Loranger Hugh H 2 images
Larson Carl Lial Joseph S Lorentz Carol F
Larson Carl 1918 Libert Joseph Lorentz Florence C
Larson Carrie Lichliter Jane Lorimer Helen
Larson Charles G Lichty Reginald R Lorranger Anne
Larson Ed Mrs Liebhart John Losano Louis
Larson Elmer C Lien Fred O Lott Roy L
Larson Elsie G Liera Carmon T Loughmiller Richard
Larson John F Lifungula Jean L Loumena Alfred
Larson Paul S Liles Dellia Loumena Henri
Larson Terry Lilledahl Annie V Loumena Marie L
Larson Vendla Lilly Infant Loumena Mary D
Lasano Juanita Y Lilly Rose Loumena Paul Henry 2 Images
Latorre Peter P Sr Lima Amelia Lovato William A
Latorre Violet C Linan Joseph Martin Love Frederick C
Latronica Antoinette D Lincoln Charles E Lovelace Richard
Latta Elma L Lindberg Robert Lovell Pauline Rose
Latta Jeanette M Lindgren Carl Lowell Myrtle
Latter Idella M Lindner Charles A Lowell Sterling J
Lattner Tlitha I Lindner Charles A Jr Lowry Mary G
Laubacher John A Lindquist John A Loya Jose O
Laubacker Florence O Lindsay Mary C Lozano Albertina G
Lauderdale Hazel F Link Charles Lozano Fernando
Lauderdale L C Link Stanley E Lozano Hector D
Lauderdale Ola G Linton Leonard M Lozano Luis Jr
Lauesen Neils Linville Kathleen M Lozano Ramero
Lauritsen Martha B Lippie Anna Lubker Donald F
Lauterbach William Lisaraga Edgar Lucas Annabelle T
Law Glenn F Lisota Edward Lucas Clarence
Law Ina F Lisota Genevieve Lucas Eugene H
Lawley Alice E Lisota Thomas Lucas Fred G
Lawrence Mamie B Liston Don Lucas Jennie
Lawrence Pamela L Litten M L Mrs Lucas Lawrence R
Lawrence Patty J Little Dorothy E Lucas Mamie
Lawrence Ray Little Edith Lucas Wayne
Lawrence Richard C Little Frank C Luce Arthur
Lawrey James Little Jerome Luce Ralph L
Lawson Avice B Little Lenora Lucero Mary E
Lawson Harold L Little Louise J Lucich Steven W
Lawson Thomas H Little Ray C Luck Patricia D
Lay Larry R Littlejohn Ralph Jr Ludlum Fern
Leach Arthur H Locarnini Alice M Ludlum Gerald
Leach Mabel C Locarnini Ralph Luis Joe Pereira
Leaf Alex Mrs Locken Lars H Luis Maria Amelia
Leaf Alex T Locken Matilda Luiz Jane L
Leaf Arthur Locken Violet Luiz Manuel C
Leaf David Lockridge Marvin Luiz Mary V
Leaf Heln E Loewen George R Luiz Merceline
Leaf Myrtle E Loftis Jerry N Luiz Rose A
Leal Deolinda S Logan Edith Lumsden Mildred E
Leal John A Logan Michael D Luna Alejandro
Leal Tony Logan Susan E Luna Alex
Leamons Joseph R Logan William 1973 Luna Bennie R
Lecertua Rosita Sarasqueta Logan William 1980 Luna Elva
Lecroy Barbara R Logan William A Luna Genoveva E
Leday Alberta Logue Grant Luna Gertrude L
Leday Ernest J Lokka Gunhild Luna Lydia O
Ledezma Jesus Lokka Olaf Luna Roberto H
Lee Albert I Lokka Olaf S Luprecio Margarito
Lee Amanda Lokka Ruth C Luther Constance Clarice Foiada
Lee Charles A Lomeli Francisco Luther Herbert D
Lee Charles S Lomeli Jesus Luttrell Annabell
Lee Duck Mrs Lomeli Maria G Lux Ardelle B
Lee Ebba H Long Clarence Lyles Rufus
Lee Florence T K Long Frank Lynam James
Lee Gye Y Long James P Lynam Thomas J
Lee Noah Long Larry D Lynch Darrell N
Lee Walter Long Minnie A Lynch Dessie M
Leedom Mildred A Long Norene L Lynch Silias
Leedom Verble Long Veda M Lyng Sarah
Leedy Nancy J Long Wally Lyon Armond D
Leeson C N Long Walter Lyons Alice M
Lefforge Dale E Mrs Long Walter H Lyons Alma J
Lefforge E Everett Long William S Lyons John E
Lehman Bradley Jay 2 Images Longo Julia C Lyons Roy G
Leija Atanacio Rodriguez Longo Salvatore J Lyons William E
Leija Luis R Longwell Edna Lytle Dora
Leija Refugia E Looney Madeline Silva Lytle George E
Leisy Helen V Lopes Ambrosina Lytle Wanda M
Lejarz Rina A Lopes Domingos V
Lelieur Denise M Lopes Florinda S