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Stanislaus County Obituaries

Transcriobed and submitted by
Burta Herger and Gale D Stroud


The Patterson Cemetery Project was conducted by the Patterson Township Historical Society.  Many members worked tirelessly obtaining images from the local newspaper, PATTERSON IRRIGATOR.  All obituaries (1911-2006) were complied, recorded and published by Burta Herger and Gale D Stroud.

Continued years will be added during or following each new year.

NOTE: All photos and text files are in alphabetical order.

Dates are Recorded YYMMDD. Example: (June 2, 1911) will read: 110602.

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Naal Javier F C Nichols Gwen A
Nahl Ernesto Nichols Thomas R
Nally Arthur Sr Nickel J Leroy Sr
Nauman Sharon L Nickerson Constance
Nava Maria Elena Nickerson Girl
Navalles Juan S Nickert Albert
Navarra Pete Nickert Eva
Navarrete Jose Guadalupe Nickert Lucy B
Navarro Christine Nickle Herbert
Navarro Cookie Nicolaysen Frank
Navarro Helen Nicolds Bessie A
Navarro Pauline M Nicolds Green B
Navarro Raquel Nicolds John R
Navarro Roberto S Nicolds Pearl K
Navarro Rose Nicolds Richard F
Navarro Sebastian T Nicoles Florence
Naylor Ricky L Nicoles Tustin
Neal Beatrice S Nieves Jessiyah Julies
Neal Gladys L Nino Maria I
Neal Norma J Nixon Edna E
Neary John Nixon James
Needham C H Nixon James L
Needham Dora E Noah Charles L
Needham Edna P Noble Phillip
Needham Palestine Noblitt Mary L
Needham Ray A Noblitt Russell
Needham Roy E Noddin Annemarie
Neeguard William Noeding T E
Neely Elizabeth T Noland Virgil
Neely Gene Nolet Marcia
Neely Thomas S Nolet Patrick D
Neill Bonnie B Noltensmeier Delbert
Nelson A E Norby Corey
Nelson Alvin E Nordstrom Karl
Nelson August Norelius Albert
Nelson Bunyon B Norelius Catherine
Nelson Cecil Norell John E
Nelson Donald Norell Josephine
Nelson Ellen M Norell Oscar
Nelson Ethel Nori Abel J
Nelson Eva C Norris Cecil V
Nelson Gladys M North Ida
Nelson Hannah Norton Clarence F
Nelson Jack S Norton Densel L
Nelson Jennie Norton Euna M
Nelson Julia A Norton Helen
Nelson Loretta E Norton J E
Nelson Martha L Norton Keith M
Nelson Ortho C Norton Lily D
Nelson Peter M Norton Sanford
Nelson Ray E Nourse Alfred J
Nelson Reuben S Novack Any E
Nelson Ruth G Noya Frank
Nelson Steward B Noya Joe M
Nelson William S Nuce David
Nelson William S Jr Nunes Alice N
Nelson Woodrow W Nunes Alyssa
Nemetz John Nunes Antonio F
Neto Adriano M Nunes Catherine B
Neto Louis G Nunes Charlotte P
Neuman Ruben Nunes Frank M
Neves Dennis Myron Nunes George J
Newbert Charles Nunes John F
Newbert Margaret J Nunes John F Sr
Newcomb Dorothy D Nunes John S
Newcomb Robert A Nunes Joyce M
Newman Mildred H Nunes Manuel F
Newman Naomi M Nunes Manuel S
Newman Simon Nunes Mary A
Newrick Ruby R Nunes Mary J
Newsome J E Nunez Jessica R
Newsome Kathryn M Nunez Tony
Newton Annabelle M Nuno Yvonna
Newton Elizabeth Nuse Herbert C
Newton Eugene Nygren Gust
Newton James Mrs Nylund C Adolph
Newton Seymour E Nylund Carl A
Nguyan Lillie Nylund Charles A