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Stanislaus County Obituaries

Transcriobed and submitted by
Burta Herger and Gale D Stroud


The Patterson Cemetery Project was conducted by the Patterson Township Historical Society.  Many members worked tirelessly obtaining images from the local newspaper, PATTERSON IRRIGATOR.  All obituaries (1911-2006) were complied, recorded and published by Burta Herger and Gale D Stroud.

Continued years will be added during or following each new year.

NOTE: All photos and text files are in alphabetical order.

Dates are Recorded YYMMDD. Example: (June 2, 1911) will read: 110602.

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Pace Ronnie Peck Harry Pham Nhan
Pace Tamblyn Peckham Charles N Phelan Oman D
Pace William N Peddy Barbara A Phillips Abbie G
Pacheco A C Pedersen Christina Phillips Bessie M
Pacheco Anna 1966 Pedersen Robert A Phillips Felicia
Pacheco Anna 1981 Pederson Anna Phillips Helen W
Pacheco Joe S Pederson Dorothy Virginia P Phillips John M
Pacheco Jose F Pederson Lars S Phillips Kyle M
Pacheco Manuel B Pedrassi Clement T Phillips Lawrence H
Pacheco Mary C Pedrazze Peter Phillips Manuel J
Pacheco Thelma M Pedrazzi Albert Phillips Margaret
Pacho Minerva F Pedrazzi Clement Mrs Phillips Margaret M
Pack John L Pedrazzi Ermina Phillips Neil Harold Sr
Pack Mabel Pedro John J Phillips Patrick F
Pack Manuel L Pedro Manuel Phillips Paul E
Padel Betty C Pedroni Adolph Phillips Robert H
Padilla Jeriel Pedroni Elisa A Phillips Ruth H
Paes Joseph M Pedroni Esther Picha Everett
Paes Michael J Pedroni George H Pichrell Lloyd K
Page Bird B Pedroni Geraldine B Pickerell Infant
Page Cleo Pedroni Mae Ethel Picone Louis J
Pagel Edward H Pedroni Peter Pierce Nellie R
Pagel Lillie B Pedrotti Ralph Pigott Laverna M
Palacio Anthony M Pedroza Mary L Pike Lucille
Palafox Diana Elizabeth Peichoto Angie M Pike Roy M Ii
Palafox Esperanza V Peichoto Daniel Pike Willis
Pali Kaleo Peichoto Manuel Pils Nadine
Palistine Clara Peichoto Tony J Pimental Dennis A
Palk Efie Peikert Thomas Pimentel Manuel
Pallizzari Steven A Peinado Margarito Pimentel Melissa A
Palmer Della E Pellizzari Lillian Irene Pina Ruben D
Palmer John W Peluso Santina Pineda Gloria
Palmer Mack C Pena Albert Pinedo Maria D
Palmgren Augusta Pena Joaquin Pinkert Alfred
Palmgren Charles A Pena John O Pinkerton Peter B
Pammel L H Pena Juan P Pinkerton Wanda M
Panarra Robert Penland Infant Pinnig Charles F
Pantosa Felizano Penland Lydia Pinones Maria A
Paradela Madeline B Penland Sarah E Pints Paul
Paradis Alvin E Penland Thomas J Pires Antonio C
Paratia Josephine Pennell William T Pires Jospeh
Pardes Fidela Susan Penney Jacob R Pires Mabel
Parenti Americo Penney Lucille V Pires Marianna E
Park A E Penwell H E Pires Wilma J
Parker Clara Pepioni Clemente Pirrone Rose
Parker Cline J Pepple June Pittenger Kathryn M
Parker Cline James Jr Pepple Marilyn Pitti Morris
Parker Dorothy L Pepple Melba L Pitzer Alice M
Parker Elizabeth Peralta Miguel L 2 images Pitzer David
Parker Erve M 1 Peralta Trinidad V Pitzer Dwight
Parker Espie Perata Elena Pitzer Emma L
Parker George M Perdue L C Pitzer Helen R
Parker Gladys M Pereira Anna A Pitzer James E
Parker Gregory H Pereira Anthony Pitzer James G
Parker Hazel E Pereira Francisca N Pitzer Paul
Parker Homer L Pereira John D Pizzerri Ulysse E
Parker Infant Perez Alfredo Munoz Pizzo Christopher
Parker J D Perez Carlota Plachek Letha
Parker Jack T Perez Eva L Plascecia Ruben A
Parker James E Perez Gregory Plascencia Gabriel
Parker Jean Perez Jerry Plascencia Rafael S
Parker Jess F Perez Juan M Plaza Anthony C
Parker John J Perez Lucio Plaza Lawrence P
Parker Leland H Perez Manuela Meza (no image) Pleasant Dennis C
Parker Lige A Perez Maria A Plessinger Joseph
Parker Lillian 1965 Perez Mary L Plumlee Alice M
Parker Lillian 1979 Periera Virgil Pluth Edward J
Parker Lillian I Perine Gladys L Pluth Jessie I
Parker Lois Perine Wilburn Jr Podesto Marlene E D
Parker Mary F Perkins Grover W Poe Leonard
Parker Mary M Perkins Rosie W Poe Robert
Parker Milburn C Perotti Rudolph Edward Poling Nellie
Parker Robert E Perreira Frank L Sr Poling Reuben
Parker William R Perrett Richard Lee Polk Cecil
Parkerson Raymond D Perri Carol A Polk Danny (no image)
Parkin Nichole M Perry Antonio T Polk Helen
Parks Gary L Perry Edmund Polk Maple
Parks Joyce M Perry Ernest Polk Taylor
Parlier Clark Perry Frank Polk Willie
Parlier Clark W Mrs Perry Helen Pollack John
Parlier Edith Perry John Pomelo Clifford Robert
Parnell Emerald Perry John F Ponce Patsy Jean
Parnell John Perry Lorraine Ponce Pauline S
Parr Alice L Perry Manuel Poncedeleon Rodolfo
Parr Betty L Perry Manuel 1942 Poncia Guiseppe
Parr James H Perry Mary Pontier Wayne
Parris Joseph C Perry Mary S Poole Esther C
Parros Effie Persson Alice Popejoy Patricia S
Parros Myron A Peterman Betty J Popp Eleanor C
Parros Nancy Melissa Peters Eugene G Popp Ned Dillman
Parson Harley B Peters Gertrude Poretti Mary B
Parsons Elizabeth K Peters Iris B Porras Carlos F
Parsons George W Peters James H Porras Jesus T
Pascoe Ronald L Peters Julia Porter Dorothy M
Pasillas Jose R Peters Lena Porter Grover A
Pasillas Petra C Peters Leroy J Porter James D
Pastoris Paul D Peters Manuel Porter John F
Patchett Franklin A Peters Margaret Porto Allison R
Patchett Laura D Peters Melvin Porto Joseph
Patchett Rhoda Peters Warren L Powell Charles S
Pate Nelle Petersen Edwin M Powell Clint A
Patello Leonard Petersen Frode Powell Earnest P
Patello Rose M Petersen Howard H Powell Lucile M
Patino Alicia Peterson Alfred Powell Thomas
Patino Philip Peterson Anna Powell William
Patino Susana Peterson Anna B Power Clifton H
Patrick Dennis E Peterson Benard M Power Leonie M
Patrick John E Peterson Betty Powers Ethel P
Patterson Arthur Jr Peterson C P Powers Harold H
Patterson Billy J Peterson Carl C Powers John C
Patterson Charlotte M Peterson Carl R Prada Leonard S
Patterson Dorothy J Peterson Fred Prall John
Patterson Earnest H Peterson George E Prater Fred
Patterson Ernie Jr Peterson Gustav H Prater Margarette J
Patterson George F Peterson Hazel Prater Marie R
Patterson Jane Peterson Hildur O Prater Robert H
Patterson John C Peterson Hulda M Prather Alvie
Patterson John D Peterson Jens J Prather Edith
Patterson John D 2 images Peterson John J Prather Fernanz J
Patterson Margaret Peterson L Prather Jacob I
Patterson Margaret F B Peterson Lynn Preddy Agustus C
Patterson Minnis Peterson Marie Preddy Austin C
Patterson Shirley J Peterson Martin C Preddy Florence A
Patterson Thomas W Peterson Mathilda Prenter Samuel M
Patterson W W Peterson Megan Prescot Ornie L
Patton Arthur Peterson Minnie Prevostini Clyde M
Patton Russell Peterson Mona J Prevostini Elizabeth
Patzer Judy K Peterson O Stanley Prevostini Pauletta
Paul Delett G Peterson Olaf Price Elizabeth
Paulsen Carl P Peterson Oscar A Price Ted R
Paulsen Carl P Mrs Peterson Otto Prickett William M
Paulson Julie Peterson Otto F Pridmore Elisa C
Pawlowski Michael J Peterson Sanfrid Pridmore Harry R
Payne Alfred T Peterson Walter P Pridmore Kathryn M
Payne Marie K Petrov Bill Pridmore Rey
Payne Walter F Petrucelli D Pridmore Reynolds W
Peall William Mrs Petrucelli M Pridmore Ronald L
Pearce Dorothy Petterson Anna Priesker William H
Pearce Henry C Petterson Arthur Prieto Lorenzo Quarrell
Pearson Alice K Petterson Wendell G Pringle Hershel G
Pearson Bessie L Pettijohn Fredrick Prinze Mary
Pearson Billy Ray Petty John M Priola Cindy Lea
Pearson Carrie A Petty Rhonda L Prior C E
Pearson Christopher M Petz Dave I Prior Charles E
Pearson Elmer V Petz Malin H Probert Eric
Pearson Ettie V Petz Marcia L Prock Earline J
Pearson Eura Petz Nolan E Proctor William
Pearson Fannie M Pezzoni Alvina Profito Genevieve L
Pearson Ingrid Pezzoni Anastasia Prouty Harold
Pearson James B Pezzoni Dell E Prouty William
Pearson James O Pezzoni Delmo M Provencio Angela S
Pearson Joseph Pezzoni Grace E Puckett Effie
Pearson Joseph R Pezzoni Lanette Barbara Pulido Lena Mary
Pearson Lee Pezzoni Leo A Puls Floyd J
Pearson Pete M Pezzoni Patrizio Puls Harold L
Pearson Rosalye Verline Pfitser John Punte Gregorio Jr
Pearson Therman R Pfitzer Eachus Puyo Juanita
Puyo Ysidro